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No Ordinary Love Songs

By AnjSmykynyze WP All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

1. Miracle

"It's a new day Tiffany Benson, time to wake up!" the sound of her voice in her alarm repeatedly sounded. Tiffany opened her eyes and smiled. It is not just a new day for her. She remembered when her father was called to make a speech for their company's anniversary last night. Her father squeezed her hand before he headed to the stage.

"Tonight, the Grand Beatrice Company celebrates its fiftieth year of serving the people, bringing to them a home away from home, and celebrating with them special occasions. The hotels and restaurants managed and owned by the Grand Beatrice Company not only bring satisfaction to the people, but it has changed the way hotels and restaurants treated costumers. This company which was started by my grandfather will continue to grow and will soon be passed on to my daughter," Tiffany's father looked at her proudly.

"And in order for us to reach more people, the Grand Beatrice Company has decided to strengthen its partnership with the Aim First Advertising Company," Tiffany's father stretched his arms to introduce the President of the Aim First Advertising Company.

Tiffany turned to look and saw the most beautiful creature in the world. He was gorgeous in his well-fitted black suit. And his smile, it was so magical that Tiffany dropped her mouth open. She went back to her senses when his eyes meet hers. It was not very romantic because his look was teasing her, as if he was saying, "Hey, I caught you watching me."

"Before I continue, I would like to request my daughter to join me on stage" Tiffany's father continued. Tiffany obliged herself and gracefully stood and marched towards the stage. "I would also like to request the Fulton's to be on stage also," Tiffany's father looked at the president of the Aim First Company and his family.

Did she hear her father right? Is she going to be on the same stage as Mike Fulton? Tiffany's heart beats faster, faster than the one when Mike first entered her class back in seventh grade. Tiffany tried to keep calm as she smiled at the crowd while she saw at the side of her eyes that Mike and his parents have already climbed the stairs.

"Ladies and gentlemen," her father continued, "signing the contract for the partnership is just the icing of the whole thing because as parents, we are proud to announce that our children are officially engaged."

What?! Tiffany could not believe what she had heard. She looked at Mike who casually smiled at the crowd. Her father moved to the other side giving Mike room to be near her for the picture taking.

The crowd requested for the couple to kiss but Mike was quick to answer, "We prefer to show our public kiss on the day of our wedding," he said as he wrapped his right arm on Tiffany's waist.

Tiffany sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. What happened last night was so enthralling; she could not even identify which is reality from fantasy. She finished her makeup and smiled at her reflection saying, "Good morning future Mrs. Fulton."

*** ------***

"I thought you'll never come, your coach has been looking for you," Sasha was a bit annoyed while looking at her watch.

"I am sorry," Tiffany approached and kissed her on her cheeks.

"Did you wake up late because you can't sleep after what happened last night?" Sasha followed her.

"Of course not," Tiffany smiled dreamingly, "I just do not know what to wear that's all."

"Why bother?" Sasha mumbled.

"Didn't you realize, Sasha? Today is the first day when Mike will march in the campus with me as his fiancé!" Tiffany became excited.

"Oh that?" Sasha walked blatantly.

"Aren't you happy?" Tiffany walked after her, "I am finally engaged to Mike."

"Oh really," Sasha stopped and faced her, "So why are you here and Mike was out there taking Rish to her class?"

Tiffany's smile faded. She remembered what happened three months ago.

Tiffany was upset that Rish gets Mike's attention because she was new in the campus and as a student council officer, Mike was given the task to show her around in the university. In order to get rid of Rish, she researched about her and found out that the reason why she transferred school is because was rumored to have a relationship with her married professor. She wrote about this story and published it in their school publication.

Though the article did not specifically wrote Rish's name since it was written as a blind item, people in the university somehow have an idea that Tiffany was referring to Rish. Some students believed the story but there were some who thought that Tiffany was just jealous.

"Are you that desperate to write lies about me?" Rish confronted Tiffany.

"Oh, I am sorry. Were you affected - because I believed I did not mention names in the article?" Tiffany answered mockingly.

"You bitch! You were just jealous that Mike's attention was on me," Rish was about to grab Tiffany but Mike stood in the middle.

"Tiffany what did you do?" Mike blurted .

"I did not do anything. Didn't you see? She was the one who is about to hurt me," Tiffany reasoned.

"I read your article. That was too much! You are so pathetic," Mike said irately.

"C'mon Mike, you are the one who is pathetic. You thought you were with an innocent girl when she was actually a bitch!" Tiffany frantically defended herself.

"You skip three days of classes just to dig this useless information? Is that how hopeless you are?" Mike said with sarcasm.

"Stop fooling around Mike. Rish is not the innocent girl you always thought she was. She's a slut. There is no sane and respectable man who would ever fall for her," Tiffany sounded desperate.

"You're wrong Tiff. What you have just revealed made me realize that I do not only like Rish. I realized that I love her and that I don't care who she was before I met her. Thank you for making me realize that love is about accepting a person despite her imperfection," Mike said and surprised everyone in the place.

That was how their relationship started. Tiffany could still feel the pain she felt after witnessing Mike's proposal to Rish. "I should be in her place", she thought, but things turned out not the way she wanted it to be.

Learning that Mike is with Rish when he is supposed to be with her, brought too much pain it cannot be consumed by her heart. Tiffany rushed to see Mike and she saw him at the student council office seated on his table, talking to his friends. When she saw that Rish was not there, she was a little relieved but Mike saw her so she had to say something for being there.

"Uhm - Mike, can we talk?" she blurted.

"Sure," Mike shifted his position to face her.

"I mean, can we talk somewhere else? I just want to ask you something," Tiffany felt her face heating.

"Why don't you ask me here?" Mike shrugged.

"Well - I do not think it is appropriate," she bashfully answered while looking at everyone in the room.

"Well everything is already inappropriate," Mike stood and strode towards his left, "Don't you think a man should propose to a woman first before he became engaged to her?" Mike gave out a small, sarcastic laugh and moved one step closer to her, "You were not even my girlfriend," he continued.

"Our engagement was announced last night," Tiffany thought it was just her mind speaking, she did not realize that she actually said it.

"And you believe that? You are a hopeless!" Mike gave a full-hearted sardonic laugh.

"What is wrong with me? If you think Rish is fashionable, pretty and sexy; well I proved that I am way too better because when we both joined the Campus Icon pageant, I won first, she did not even get into the top five. And if you think she is witty, well she did not even made it to the dean's list where my name was consistently listed," Tiffany could not believe she said any of those.

Mike gave a mischievous smile, "That is the point Tiff," he said, "RISH IS EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT!"

Ouch! That hurt, big time. Tiffany's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She wanted say something but nothing popped out from her mind. Mike and his friends walked pass her and left her in the office.

"I may not be everything that Rish is, but there is one thing for sure. I am way too better than her!" she finally thought of saying this but when she turned around, she could no longer find Mike and his friends.

"Hello drama queen," Jason showed at the doorway, "May I just remind you that we have a meeting with our coach today," he continued.

"Yeah - I will be there," Tiffany dropped her shoulders.

"Get spirited dearest," Jason said, "I heard that there were changes in the Latin ballroom competition this year. I am heading there, are you coming?"

Tiffany and Sasha followed Jason. Sasha decided to wait for them in the lobby while Jason and Tiffany entered the office. They saw the president of the university when they entered the office and they were told to sit while they wait for someone else.

"There are changes in this year's Latin Ballroom competition, so we need to wait for the next person in order to arrive to a decision," the coach told them.

"Good morning," Tiffany could hear her heart pumped louder when she heard the familiar voice.

"Please sit down, Mike," the president said and signaled the coach to start talking.

"We have received the new guidelines for this year's Latin Ballroom Competition and we found two problems," the coach paused to look at the president.

"This year's guidelines said male performers should not be gay," she paused again to stop Jason from reacting, "and that pairs who won champion in the previous competitions could no longer compete," she continued.

Jason sighed in disappointment as the president started to talk. "This is the reason why we have called the three of you. You see, since Jason and Tiffany won as champion for three straight years, we cannot afford not to win this year because it will be a grand slam for the university. So we would like to send Tiffany again but with a new partner, Mike," the president explained.

"Are you kidding me? I have never danced ballroom before," Mike stood in surprise.

"Mike, you are a good dancer. We could not find any other guy who could do this," the coach insisted.

"I don't do ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is for gays and for hopeless romantic dreamers!" Mike refused.

"Watch your word!" Jason said.

"I am sorry, but I say no. I won't dance ballroom" Mike quickly said.

"Mike, you are the president of the student council. You promised to uplift the name of the university. This is one of the ways you can do that," the president played guilt trip on Mike.

"How sure are you that if I dance with Tiffany, we will win in this year's competition?" Mike questioned.

"Jason will be around to teach you the basics," the president quickly answered.

"And I have already prepared the routines for the dances," the coach added.

Mike felt trap that he dropped on his seat and looked down. The president looked at Tiffany for affirmation. Tiffany did not know how to react but said, "If it is okay with him, then it is okay with me."

The coach and the president looked at Mike who thought he had no escape so he said yes. The coach and the president rejoiced and dismissed the three telling them that the first practice will be on the next day. Mike walked fast leaving Jason and Tiffany behind.

"Well there's only two things that might happen," Jason stopped Tiffany while his eyes is still on Mike, "this situation may either bring you closer to Mike or will make Mike despise you more," he continued.

"I'll take the first choice," Tiffany said also looking at Mike.

"In your dreams girl," Jason teased her.

Tiffany walked away putting on her earphones. She listened to Cascada's song, "Miracle."

The music goes on...

I need a miracle, I wanna be your girl... Give me a chance to see that you are made for me. I need a miracle, please let me be your girl... One day you'll see it can happen to me...

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1. 1. Miracle
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