Torn between Mates

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Megan always thought her life would be simple, living with her childhood love next to the house she grew up in. When she finds herself miles from her home, discovering her feeling for a young Alpha, strange things start to happen and people start to get hurt. Is she going to win the battle some have prepared for before she was born? And is winning really the most important thing?

Romance / Fantasy
Adele Humble
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Unexpected News


I run through the forest and feel the wind in my fur. As I turn around I see my mate catching up to me and I try to speed up.

He gave me one minute before he went chasing after me and I was so sure I would win. Now I still had about 100 meters to get to the end of our territory and he was breathing on my neck. Suddenly he jumps at me and we both fall on the grass.

I giggle and kiss him passionately. Our bodies get tangled.

I split our lips as I look him in the eyes and say, ‘I love you.’

‘I love you, too. But what the hell are you doing here?’

I blink as I don’t understand what is going on. ‘What?’

‘Megan! Wake up!’

I open my eyes and see my brother Ryan standing above me and looking at me as I get up from the sand. I must have fallen to sleep when I was reading a book on the beach of a little lake belonging to our pack. Ryan, which is also the Beta of our pack, starts to pace around, and sometimes he throws a bad look at me. He is waiting for me to get up and uses his status on me. He knows it won’t work since we are siblings and I have a strong will but he tries anyway.

‘Ok, can you tell me what’s wrong?’

He stops and looks at me as if I said something stupid.

‘What’s wrong? How about you have the 18th birthday coming up in two days and there is a party that needs to be planned? I am about to get like a third message this hour from our mom warning me that if I don’t get your ass back to the palace asap she is going to make my life sooo much harder.’

I burst out laughing. My mom can be very demanding when she chooses to and because she knows that there isn’t a way to command me she tries to do so with my brother. It doesn’t matter that he is 21, lives on his own, and practically runs this pack alongside our Alpha. He is still mom’s favorite son to spoil and yell at.

Our pack is not a normal one. On every continent, there is the main royal pack and some other packs. The royal pack is the main of the packs on every continent and all the Alpha's have to listen to the Alpha of the royal pack. We are the Royal Pack of North America and that makes our Alpha an Alpha King, our future Luna Queen Luna, and so on.

That makes my brother the Beta Prince and our family royal. I really enjoy being a part of the royal family. Not that I care about the title. It is just nice to have servants and everything I want.

‘Are you going to make me wait any longer? Everyone is waiting for us.’

Ah, yes. My birthday party is in a few days. The day I turn 18. The day I am supposed to find my destined mate. Don’t get me wrong, I want to find him. I just don’t want to make a big thing of it.

My mom thinks otherwise.

‘Ok Ryan, I am ready. Let’s go.’

He helps me carry my bag and we head off for the palace. Because my dad is a cousin of our former Queen Luna, mother of the Alpha, I am having my party in the royal palace. I am anxious to go back to the palace.

And why is that so?

Shush! My wolf, Accalia, has been with me since the day I was born. She is very free-spirited and doesn’t like it when someone is ordering her anything. She just loves to do what she wants. When I first shifted about a year ago she got so excited that we spent the whole day running in the forest, rolling in the mud, and chasing the birds. Even though she hates to be told what to do, she is eager to get a mate.

She is my closest friend apart from Tuesday, the Alpha’s sister, and I always talk about everything with her before making any huge decisions.

She is also the only one who knows about Will.

William is the Alpha of our pack. He took over the governance after his dad died of cancer two years ago. He was only 17 when that happened. Although he is the official Alpha his mom and sister still help him a lot because he is not as experienced as the Alpha should be. Of course, he has my brother as his Beta to help him, too.

We’ve known each other since the day I was born. Our friendship has grown so much and slowly turned into love. We hide it from everyone but it keeps getting harder and harder not to show any emotions when we see each other.

Maybe he will be our destined mate? Accalia suggests and I smile at that thought. We talked about it a lot with Will and we hope that is exactly what will happen. It is not a problem to mate with someone who is not your destined mate but my mom thinks that I should wait for him no matter what. Also, the Alpha King can only mate to his destined mate. That’s why we hide our relationship with Will from everyone.

And Liam, Accalia howls. That’s Will’s wolf. Accalia had loved him before I even realized my affection for Will.

I followed my brother through the palace door, up the stairs, and into the ballroom. As I was stepping through its entrance, a familiar scent hit me. The scent of sandalwood and aftershave water.

Will turned at me with a smile that I could adore only for a split of a second as my mom got in the way.

‘Megan, there has been some news. As you know the week after your birthday is a mating week. There will be many eligible men trying to wow you. My friend Cecilia called me that one of them will be coming from her pack, the Sky Pack. Their Alpha’s son is turning 18 the day after you. You would be perfect for him.’

‘And?’ I reply, hoping that the whole mating week will be just me and Will since I will be 18 and we will hopefully be mated by then.

‘I planned the whole week for you and him to get to know each other! If you don't mate to anyone else by the start of the mating week you will spend it all together! Aren’t you happy?’

Oh crap, Accalia and I say in unison.

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