Lisa's revenge

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Lisa is a popular teenage girl who falls for the new kid but when it turns out he likes her best friend instead what should she do?

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<baby girl๐Ÿ’–>Yeah am just outside the class.dont freak out,moron๐Ÿ˜

Lisa Carl pressed send and smiled as she entered the class and her eyes automatically fell on her best friend, Marianne.
Lisa was a natural blonde with her hair cut just below the neck,a proud owner of deep blue eyes and a strong nose.Her face was shaped like a heart.At 64.0" ,the captain of the cheerleading squad and sixteen years old,she was just the ideal girl for the schools baddest boy,Sean Matthews.
Sean was a the school football team captain and the most popular boy in the entire school, seventeen,a handsome,tall and shamelessly fit guy with dirt brown hair and a killer smile.
"I was worried you were going to skip class while making up in the boys' locker room with you know who,"Marianne rolled her eyes as Lisa took the seat beside her ," you look good by the way."
"Oh really, you think I would let Sean keep me away from a class am in with you and risk my best friend running to my mom and reporting I missed class?no way.Thanks for the compliment though,"Lisa chuckled as Marianne punched her lightly on the shoulder.
"Ok,by the way look who sat behind us today,"Marianne whispered, leaning closer to Lisa to avoid being overheard.
"Just look, you idiot."
"Okay,"Lisa turned in her chair and met his eyes.Apparently, Marianne had whispered a bit too loudly.
"Hi Lisa,"he smiled and raised his left brow,his deep voice melodious and warm.
"Uh...hi,Ian,"Lisa smiled and blushed as Marianne tried to stiffle her giggles

I'll get you back for this Marie,"uh..nice shirt?"
"Gee thanks,"he chuckled,"but it's older than most people,it belonged to my dad."
"Kk.nice dress by the way,"he smiled again and a single dimple appeared on his left cheek.
Lisa studied her tiny black skater dress and heels then blushed again,"well, thanks."
"Anytime.Here comes the Arithmetics teacher."
Lisa exhaled and inwardly thanked the teacher for showing up or else she would have gone on making a total fool of herself.

Oh my gosh,why was I even blushing while talking to him? he's just a regular guy and besides,I belong to Sean,she smiled at the thought of Sean and her mind wandered to him as the teacher started talking.

Marianne glanced at her friend and knew at once that her mind was officially with Sean.She frowned and decided to just let her be,then smiled as she recalled the incident that had taken place just a moment ago.

Am sure she'll try to get back at me, better be careful for the rest of the was hilarious though.

Then as if on cue,her mind wandered to Ian,of all people.Ian Lincoln was tall guy at 69.1",had smooth dark hair, seventeen years old and the new kid in their class.The school never admitted new kids at senior year but they didn't know why the administration had made an exception in Ian's case.Truth be told,nobody really knew him well as he had only been there for a few weeks,yet in those few weeks he had done alot of stuff:he joined the football club and was a great player,if she could trust Lisa not to exaggerate too much,he was a close friend of Sean's,he had a number of girls running after him already and he had made a good number of friends.

Maybe he's just the popular by nature type of guys, Marianne mused and smirked at the thought.

What worried her though was the effect he had on Lisa.It was known to everyone that since lower grade the only guy Lisa had been interested in was Sean and they were also a popular couple,yet Lisa seemed to be shy around Ian.Why? Maybe she was falling for him.

Nuh, that's next to impossible.i mean, yeah he looks great but he can't have Lisa fall for him.It just can't happen.Guess I'll have to talk to her about it though.

"Yes Marianne?"

Marianne was aroused from her thoughts by the sound of the teacher calling her name,"Huh?"

"What's the answer to the question?"

Marianne was about to ask which question the teacher was talking about when she suddenly remembered,oh,I was supposed to be paying attention..oh gosh what do I do now???

She bowed her head and was about to say she didn't know what question he was talking about when a piece of paper fell onto her laps.She turned her head slightly and was shocked when Ian smiled at her and nodded once then smiled.Her heartbeat quickened as she hurriedly unfolded the piece of paper and read as fast as she could,then blurted the answer out without even thinking of the possibility that it was wrong and Ian was trying to make a fool of her.

"Correct answer,"the teacher said and smiled.

Marianne released the breath she had been holding and smiled sweetly at Ian then frowned at Lisa who was smiling like an idiot.She folded the paper and mouthed a thanks to Ian as she handed it back but instead he shook his head and handed it back to her.Confused,she unfolded it once again and reread it.In her hurry she had not noticed an extra sentence at the bottom,
You're welcome,,,,
Ps; you owe me one

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