“Enzo’s girl” {18+} (Book2 - Mafia in Love)

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My name is Eveline. Eveline Tate. I am the daughter of Lucas and Rebecca Tate. Yup, THE Lucas and Becca Tate. Don't ask me why, but I grew up knowing that they are someone important. Uncle Mike was still working for dad, as his bodyguard. I used to have one, a bodyguard, that is, when I was in high school. Mike said he was his best. Well, I don't know how best he was but he was an asshole to me. I didn't like him a bit and I was happy when he was dismissed. I am nineteen and I am a very easy going girl, not too picky, not too demanding but still very selective on people I let in my life. Boyfriends? Yeah, I had two. First was my high school sweetheart, Ben, or at least I thought he was because I found him smooching the Queen at my prom saying he had been always in love with her. Well, trust me, it took all my power, my charm and sweetness to make my father stay away and not make him kiss the ground as he promised, but I didn't manage the same thing with Mike. I didn't see Ben for the next two weeks and when he finally came back to school you could swear he never knew me. And now it was Jason, my college sweetheart. He was nice, cute, ... I'm bluffing, he was damn attractive and I really liked him but something was missing and I couldn't put my finger on it. Until I met him, my love, my passion, my home, my strength, my hell and my heaven.

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