New Beginning

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My name is Amanda Rodriguez, yes my father, Jorge Rodriguez is the most dangerous drug dealers in the world. My whole life I've been judge because of my father's actions, since my father got arrested me and my family had to move. We move to start a new beginning and for me and my siblings to go to school. In school, I meet this boy and a girl who later become my best friend. Then a new boy comes to school and makes everything change. Later on, I'm stuck in a love triangle, drama happens, and then I get news, my father is going to be released from jail. Read to find out what happens.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hey, My name is Amanda Rodriguez, yes one of the Rodriguez’s. Everyone has always been so scared of my family, calling us names and telling us were criminals when in reality, we are. My father is Jorge Rodriguez one of the most dangerous drug dealers, my father has been locked up for over 6 years and he has 1 year to go.

Since my father was arrested, I and my family had to move to Boston, Massachusetts. We move there to start a new beginning and for my mom to get a job. We struggled very much, she couldn’t find a job due to the companies knowing that her husband was Jorge Rodriguez.

I have an older brother named, David Rodriguez and a little sister named, Olivia Rodriguez but my family calls her Oliv. Davids is 17 years old, he’s a senior in high school, me and him never really get along well, he’s always saying that it’s my fault that dads in jail. Next my little sister Olivia, she’s 4 years old and she just started kindergarten.

We went 3 weeks without my mom having a job, we had to beg on the streets for money due to when we had money we got it taken away when my dad was arrested. But then one day my mom came home almost exploding out of excitement, I and my little sister were staring at each other oddly.

I GOT A JOB,” I and my little sister were happy as ever, we were all jumping around in circles with joy. “Where do you work at ma?” I said “Don’t get mad but, I’m working as a stripper,” mom said. “A WHAT? MOM? REALLY?,” I said, my little sister, staring not knowing whats going on. “What’s a stripper?” said Oliv “It’s not important Oliv, how about you go get ready for bed, I’ll meet you there ok?”

Oliv leaves, “MOM ARE YOU CRAZY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAD WILL DO IF HE FINDS OUT YOU HAVE THIS JOB?!” I said, “No and I don’t care anymore, he’s not even going to be welcome in this house when he gets out of jail.” Mom said, “Ma I’m sorry I’m acting this way, ill support you with this job but just please promise me that you will be ok.” “I promise Amanda, now go get ready for bed hurry.”

I’m kind of worried for my mom, she might get herself in a situation that we don’t know what we’ll do. I wonder when Davids going to come back from “work” my brother always looked up to my dad ever since my dad went to jail, he’s never been the same. Now David starts to sell drugs to at least get us something to eat, even though we all hate what he’s doing were all grateful that he provides our food.

David always wanted to get revenge on the person who snitched on my dad, David would go on to the streets at 1 in the morning to look for them. The person that snitched on my dad was an old friend of his named, Joaquin Castro. Joaquin was just an ordinary person until he was stopped by the police and then he confessed that my dad was helping him with drug dealing which made them go to prison for 8 years.

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