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From a home which is on the verge of dying to a broken friendship and a broken relationship, how will Keren sort things out and which pillar of hers will give her the joy she yearns for?

Romance / Drama
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As the sun rises, l feel my agony rise as well. The pain of hearing my Mom and Dad argue gives me so much pain. As l raise myself up from bed, tears drop out of my eyes. I just know it's not my fault. Just before l could get up, I see my Mom at the door. I felt terrified a bit not knowing how she came in.

" Good morning Mom",as l wipe the tears off my eyes. "

"Keren, just get ready okay, it's your first day at highschool". Pretending not to have seen me in tears.

"Okay, I'll get ready."

After making that statement she leaves my room with sympathy being written on her face.

After dressing up, I head downstairs, grab my breakfast and eat.

Few minutes later, I hear my Dad's voice.

"Good morning Keren, are you ready?"

"Yes l am", as I answer him.

My school is just an hour drive from the house. After getting out of the car, I hear my Dad call out my name.

"Keren, try to have fun."

"Emm... Tha... Thanks Dad."

Now I'm walking down the path leading to the hall when two girls approach me. A brown skin girl and a Spanish queen... I guess.

"Hey there, I'm Tasha and what's your name?" Says the brown skin girl.

"Holla, I'm Melissa but you can call me Mel. Can we be your friends?"

" Huh... Argnn... Ahh well... I'm Keren and I'll thi...think about it." Deep within me, I try to think about something else.

Gradually returning back to my senses, I notice that Tasha and Mel were staring at me.

" Keren, you have all the time in the world okay. We'll see later. Byeee", says Tasha as she and her partner depart from me.

My first class was History. I love this subject with all my heart. I sat at the center of the class and l had a feeling that someone was looking at me. It turns out that, Tasha and Mel are in the same class with me.

I spotted one guy; his cuteness marveled me. I heard he's called Collins. Few minutes later l heard the siren being blown and l knew my favorite class was over; but just for the day.

The other periods were good though. At least l understood something. It was time for lunch and I headed to the cafeteria for lunch. I had this notion that high school movies were a fake, but it turned out to be true.

The rich, poor, ugly, attractive and the nerds were seated separately. As l made my way trying to find a seat, l got spotted by Tasha and Mel as they were waving at me. With no objection, l moved to their table.

" Can l sit here?" I asked.

"Yeah grab a sit", says Mel.

After thinking about their request, I decided that it wouldn't be a bad decision though.

" So about your requests... you two can be my friends." Immediately after l said that, they both hugged me.

" You'll never regret this", as Mel says this with excitement.

Lunch went on well and the food tasted great. Apart from me, food is the second thing I love the most. I decided to take a stroll around the school. On my way to only who knows, l bumped into someone.

" OMG... I'm soo sorry." As l try to help this stranger out.

" No problem okay", He says while picking up the last book on the floor. It then dawns on me that he looks familiar

" I guess you are new here. I'm Collins and you?" With a bewildered face l respond,

"I'm Keren." I'm feeling exultant.

" That's a rare name, nice to meet you though. I might catch up with you later.


It's been another hour of studies. Maths is not my thing but I'm not bad at it either. Its closing and before l could get up from my seat, Tasha and Mel approach me.

" Hey Keren", says Tasha." See you tomorrow."

" Okay bye" with a little bit of enthusiasm.

Mom is here to pick me and I'm happy about that.

"How was your day Keren" as she gives me a smile.

" Well it was okay. I just love the place. It's so serene and it has a friendly environment." saying with a bit of sincerity.

" Are you hungry? " My mom asks me.

"Yes l am" as l answer her.

"What would you like?"

" Maybe some french fries and beef burgers would do". My suggestion seems funny so we end up laughing.

After grabbing our food, my Mom leaves to pay the bills and l spot someone familiar again.

" Collins?" muttering his name under my lips

" Keren? what a coincidence" says Collins.

"Yes it is" still bewildered

" I was just passing by so we'll talk later. See you tomorrow."

"Bye" as l wave him back.

On our arrival at home. I feel a pang running through my body.

My Mom has issues and the same applies to my Dad. As l get out of the car, l head right inside the house, walk upstairs, take a shower, dress, take a nap and have my usual me time. Yes, a time where l can embrace everything around me.

Subsequently, l grab my take away and do justice to it. I can hear Dad's voice and it irritates me alot. You would ask why but he's the reason why there's going to be a divorce. Yes a divorce!

All l wanted as a teenager was to have a perfect family. Being the only child seems too much for me to bear. Mom is sometimes off and on with me. She isn't always there when l need her but it ain't her fault. If Dad had been only gentle with her.

At first he used to love her but it ended after l was born.

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