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Bean... Alexer bean.. Yeah thats my name. Weird right? Exactly!! My parents gave me that name and it is my major problem in school. Thank God I have two popular friends and Mike Hartin Dive in to find out the story of their lost love..

Romance / Children
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Hi, I am bean. Yeah, bean!!. One of my major problems at school was name. Sometimes I wish I could swap names. For instance, Alexer Bean, why can't my name be Alexer!!!!!. I don't know why my Parents wanted to punish me for my whole life by giving me that name. Well, mom and dad are my heroes. We share a lovely bond. Mom has always loved me because I was a girl, she tried having another girl but got caught by my dad who was fine with two kids 🙂. FLASHBACK

John, my brother had gone out with his friends. Earlier on we noticed that our mum, Alice was smiling here to here, which on a normal morning isn't supposed to be so. Since my brother was coming home late he said I should find out what is going on and keep him updated. Mom was going to the mall and had instructed me to make sure Billy, my dad was in a good mood before she comes back from the mall. Groaning, I said. "But mom.. Today isn't dad's birthday so why should I make him happy?". My mum planted her hands on her hips, a habit she does whenever she feels she is losing in a conversation or plan.

"But bean, there is going to be another baby. Don't you want that?". I rolled my eyes and marched to my room. I sat on my bed and brought out my phone from my purse and texted my brother.

"Hi, Johnnie". I thought he wouldn't reply so I went on Facebook so I could see what's trending online. Then I heard my message tone signaling a new message. I quickly checked and saw it was John. "Hey, bean. Whatcha doing? Missing me already?". I rolled my eyes and texted him back "You bet! Mum just left the house to the mall and told me to make dad happy because we are having a baby!!". I was not as excited at all in case you thought I was. New babies=New problems.

John sent me a Laughing emoji 😂. "Alice! Alice! Alice!, what's wrong with that woman. You are already giving me problems, I can't imagine another one". I laughed. "Anyway sis, gotta go! Keep me updated". Boys and games. Argh. I heard the front door open so I took my phone and was following mum until she started opening a box and dad came down the stairs and was watching her intensely. She brought out some black pants and pink bikinis and I started laughing. Dad cleared his throat at the sight of this and said "Honey.. We are not having another kid. I want only two. Thanks to God, you're 42 years old and I am 48 years old and we already have two lovely kids, so what else are you looking for". My mum moved closer to him and dad frowned knowing she wasn't going to give up this one. "Stop that now Billy, do you really need to mention our ages in front of our kid. Besides, I know am 42 years old and that is the reason we should try and have another kid before I enter menopause stage". I rolled my eyes.

"Bean?". "Yes mom". "You can stop recording now, you know". I laughed and sent the recording to my brother so he can listen and laugh with me ".

" Alexer!! ". Mercy called snapping me out of my thoughts but putting me in another.

Since my name was one major problem in my social life, I didn't think I could have friends. But luck was definitely on my side because my two friends, Mercy and Lorry were so popular in school and I mixed in with the fun of being a popular kid in school. Sometimes I wish I was popular like them since I feared they will leave me one day for people with their status.

"Bean? Are you okay?". Lorry cried from opposite me, we were in the dining hall in school. I shrugged "Yeah. You were saying?". Sucking on my long - leg drink I learnt how to make on YouTube. "What were you thinking of earlier". Mercy asked. I eyed her suspiciously and said "Nothing much, Just my mum trying to get my dad to try and have another child". Lorry laughed and I joined leaving the 'serious' Mercy looking at us both. She rolled her eyes and said "Alice!, that woman gat me tripping hard". Then she bursted out laughing. The only three people who called my mum by her name were Mercy, Lorry and John. John was never really mummy's boy. He spent most of his time with dad. Mum and John had always picked up a fight since when John was 8 years old and started calling her by her name. "So.." Lorry said and Mercy interrupted her with a growing smirk. "Just spill it out Loy, we know what you want to say". Lorry groaned at the nickname Mercy was always calling her. She didn't like it since it sounded like toy. Lorry and Mercy were not that close and again Mercy was not close to anyone and we were lucky to even know her house since she didn't entertain anyone to that extent of entering her house. "Can you just leave me for once Mercy? So... Beanie how is John?". Yeah, I forgot to mention it. Lorry was crushing on my brother and always wanted him to like her back which I don't think was possible since I had that conversation with him; after I thought he was crushing on her back and he told me that she wasn't his type. I looked at her with pity and said "He is good, Lorry... He doesn't like you back. I asked him and he said he does not feel that way towards you". She nodded and said "That's why I like you beanie. You will always tell me to my face". I rolled my eyes at her sarcasm tone. Mercy finally looked up from her phone and yawned "Lorry, let's play IDENTIFY THE OPPOSITE!". "Okay. I'm in". I smiled and said "Guess I am the spectator". "Shutup Bean". They both echoed and I laughed. Mercy started first "I am Tall". Lorry-"I am short". I laughed. "I didn't like parties that much". Lorry-"I love parties sooo much". I interrupted "Okay Lorry start first". "You don't care". Mercy opened her mouth to speak but I beat her to it.

"She cares. But... You never can tell if she cares about you sometimes. And that is worrying". She laughed "Wow! I feel honored. That speech for me? Wow!!". Lorry stood up and said "Bye guys, I wish I had a free class like you guys. But... It appears not everyone is as lucky as you are". I waved and she left. Mercy stood up and grabbed my hand not even waiting for me to pack up.

"What is going on Alexer? ". She hissed and pushed me lightly towards a locker so she could stand in front of me. I shaked my head and said "Nothing Mercy, Just that your behavior is giving me concern..... Again". I groaned. Her next step baffled me, she started crying "Poor bean~bin, Pity Alexer, I hate hearing those. I took you as a friend, I knew what made you sad and insecure and I always try my best to make you feel welcomed to the popular world which does not happen often". She paused and gave me a death stare with tears filled in them, then continued "What on earth did I do wrong??!!". I shaked my head and tilted my head to the side trying to think of what to say to not make matters worse. Nobody wants to annoy Mercy. She is a time bomb and when she goes off, that's the end of the story. "You see.. There is nothing you can say. See... I think you don't think about the fact that I don't call you by your name instead I call you Alexer, your second name. I don't do all the emotional shit! But... I see you when you run from classes through the hallways to the toilet with your bushy brown curled hair covering your bright face. I know how you feel when insulted by those disgusting and annoying creatures called boys!!". I started laughing lightly and she continued" Do not ever.. Ever! Think I am going to leave. We're good? ". I smiled and she took my hands and we started strolling down. Everyone was staring at us -Mostly boys. So I adjusted my hair and smoothened my face; an attempt to look good. Then again, they were looking at Mercy. Like she was like an angel to some people not until she shunned them. Mercy is the assistant captain of her chearleading squad. She had the features. Tall, model-figured, cute eyes, strong face, black-brown half-length hair, with pierced ear and strong fashion sense. The bell was jingled and my next class was my favourite💩💃.

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