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Diana was a slut, and she wasn't afraid to admit that fact. The term slut was coined for her after she started going under numerous amounts of boys. The reason behind her change of personality was a simple one; she was publicly rejected by the only boy she had ever liked. With every boy, she fucks she becomes more and more upset. Diana wanted to be love, but the only way she knew how to get attention was saying 'Do Me'.

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Chapter One

Enjoy. Hope you like it

Pushed in the hollow wall of a wardrobe, Diana Clark and Nolan Dunn were pressed against one another so tightly, so compressed that a sheet of paper could not fit between them. He had his hand on her ass, grabbing it maybe a little bit too tightly. They were both holding their breaths, however, no matter how quiet they were being, the two of them believed they might as well be screaming from the treetops.

You see at the moment his parents are roaming around the bedroom. The wardrobe doors were thick enough to muffle the conversation, but Diana and Nolan were fucking terrified of those doors opening as they would be caught red-handed if that was to happen. They knew that they should not be in this particular room, but the lust of young people often swayed judgment.

It wasn't that Nolan's parents weren't aware that there eighteen years old was having sex, it just they believed that if you didn't talk about it, then it didn't matter. As long as he didn't bring home a girl pregnant, hurt someone beyond repair, they were prepared to look in the other direction. They just didn't want to see there golden boy having sex. Let's just say Diana had been caught one too many times. So much so that his parents would pretend that she didn't exist, and talk about her while she stood there, often in a demeaning manner. Diana didn't care, she cared very little about two people who clearly had a failing marriage and we're clinging to it for life. Over her year's of casual sex, she was used to the concerned parents, believing that their little boys were being tainted by a witch, who resembled a pretty girl, she had been called a siren by many of them, and she had been called plenty of not so nice things.

A few moments passed, and Nolan gently and quietly pushed open the doors looking through a tiny and minuscule gap to see an empty and still room. He goes to the bedroom window and observes his parents driving off to their weekly date night. Something which they had been doing for the last three years upon Nolan's mother learning that her husband had been a little unfaithful towards her. Something which she learnt from Diana after she walked in as Diana was on her hand and knees in their living room with her mouth around a certain body part.

Nolan waiting just a few moments suddenly pulled Diana out the wardrobe and thrusts her against the wall. She wasn't the delicate flower that she tried so hard to appear in front of her sting of lovers family members. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck. The action of nearly being caught had turned her on a little too much and she would happily have him bent her over the sofa and fuck her like a porn star rather than go through the effort of turning one another on to the stage where they are begging each other.

"I am sure your parent's jacuzzi bath is wonderful, but why don't you just fuck me now, and we will be done in like five.." Nolan didn't listen to anything that she said. He turned her around and pushed her against the wall rather aggressively. His lips dash across the back of her neck. He had no intention of having sex with her against the wall. He had a plan and he wasn't about to abandoned it no matter what she wanted. He couldn't help but marvel over her body and took the opportunity to go on his knees.

His mouth lay level with her arse and slightly moving the string of her thong out the way. He simply traded her as she did her best to keep her self standing. He suddenly pulled away running his lips from the bottom of her legs right to the right side of her neck before whispering the words.

"It's part of the game; the risk of getting caught. You honestly want to have boring sex against a wall; which we have done half a dozen time, or try something a little different." He undid her bra with a flick of his fingers. She lets it plummet to the floor, and she feels him press against her once more. His erection is growing as his hands locate her boobs. He kisses the back of her neck again; dropping one hand, and guiding her to his crotch. She quickly rips her arm away and turned around to let his eyes move down her. Diana went on her tiptoes, and her lips brush him. Diana said.

"Fine, but if we get caught; this never happens again." The boy smiled at her words and led her into his parent's en-suite bathroom. The bath was a third filled; the two of them had made out on the bathroom floor as the water had poured out before hearing his parent's roll-up. Nolan directed her over to the bath and turned on the taps. He pulled off his shirt and sits down on the bathroom tiles. Diana crawled on top of him and had one leg either side of his body. Their lips touched the moment she has position herself. It got hot and steamy incredibly fast. Nolan doesn't marvel at her; he is used to the way Diana feels. They were comfortable with one another. He knew her reputation, but that doesn't take away from the fact that in his opinion the sex was mind-blowing.

Diana pulled away and rests her hands on his chest to keep him at arm's length. She began to move her hips, which caused a shot of lust to run through his body. He leaned into her and ran his tongue over her bare breast. Diana pushed him back still riding him; their underwear is the only thing separating them from the sex.

After a few moments pass; Diana gets up, and leaned over Nolan. She goes to turn off the bath, breathing against his skin. Nolan is now in line with her pants, and he runs his finger across the top of the lace material. He pulled them down sharply. His lips rang across her faded tan line, moving down to the top of her thigh. With every movement, Diana finds herself grab on to his head, pushing him deeper into her. Nolan teased her; Diana was the type of person who always got what she wanted. He circled his tongue around her clit, causing her to suddenly dig her nails into his skull, as she held back the moans. She was bitting on her lip so hard that her teeth pierced the skin causing drops of blood to emerge. She tapped him on the head as she let out her first moan.

Stepping into the bath; the water covered her shoulders as she laid in the bath, and said the words. "You were the one who wanted to use the bath." The bath could easily fit the two of them, and the water lay in line with Diana's nipples. While the water was soapy, the bubbles left very little for the imagination, showcasing her whole body to him.

Nolan soon followed. He removed his shorts and boxers. He sat down next to her and grabbed her face to kiss her. Diana rests her hand upon his chest; letting him kiss her deeper and deeper. Diana moved to sit on his lap as she felt his dick brush against the inside of her leg. Her hand moved across the wall trying to locate the button to the jacuzzi. She pressed it.

"You gonna ride me or not?" Nolan asked. He tried his best to make her accidentally slide onto his dick. She laughed with his comment and muttered against his lips.

"You might have a great tongue, but you need to work a little hard before I take over the reins." While she would love nothing more than for them to become intertwined she wasn't about to admit him a let his ego grow.

Nolan and Diana are covered in the soapy water. Nolan held her gaze, and she innocently bats her eyes. Nolan's hand grabs hold of her cheek, and she ran her hands down his chest to his shaft. Diana pulled it a little, so it popped out the water. Diana held his gaze, as her hand gained in pace. Nolan wanted her; craved her more than anything else, and he pulled her closer making her rise onto her knees. His hand moved under the water and he placed two fingers within her. He wanted her to moan and scream with pleasure.

The pressure of the jets had been slowly turning on Diana. She was wet and was glad the soapy water could cover up that fact. She bit down on Nolan's lip as the blood rose to the surface, but the two of them didn't care; they were too focused on one another. An earthquake could have happened, and they would still be here with one another. Nolan was focused on his fingers; using firm and rapid strokes. The kiss got deeper and swifter with every second. Without an exchange between the two of them, Diana had thrust her hips into him, and let go of his dick. His fingers typically fell out of her, and he moved his hands to her waist. She kissed him for a few more moments, and let herself settle above his shaft. She teased him as she wanted to hear him beg for her the same way she was internally begging for him.

"Are you going to get on me or not?" He said sounding more frustrated than that of the last time. Diana pulled away before sliding right on to his dick. Diana began to move her hips back and forth at a slow pace, holding his gaze for a few moments. She held the back of his head before she leant in and kissed Nolan hungrily. Nolan's tongue entered her mouth just as he pulled her tighter to his body. He seizes up, as she increased her speed and felt the dick twitching inside her. He wasn't the most experienced person she had ever been with, in fact, he was a little sloppy compared to past lovers but his tongue often put his head and shoulders above the rest, no matter what it was doing.

Diana wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pressed her bare body against him. She moved faster and faster, while her moans become louder. She was running out of steam, with every moment that passed. Nolanmoved away from her a little, causing her to hold on to the sides of the jaccazzi as he held on to her waist. He took the opportunity to move her up and down causing her to scream in ways he had never heard her scream before.

Naturall, she moved closer to him, holding onto him tightly so that she could kiss him and cover up the screams that had been emerging from her just moments before.

While he finished shortly; she never did and this made a rush of annoyance run through her body. She got out of the bath and went to pull on her pants and flicked her hair from her eyes. The two of them were painting, and Diana went to open the wash basket pulling out her dress. She turned around with an irritated expression on her face.

"You had to wait thirty more seconds." What Diana had learnt about boys is no matter how close you were, if they cum before you, then that was the end of the sex. It made her mad. Nolan stepped out of the bath, and into his boxer as the water drained. He shrugged his shoulders not caring about Diana's words. He wasn't bothered by how she felt. He had got what he wanted, and she was merely somebody to fuck. "Like, no wonder, your girlfriend broke up with you. You can't even please a girl." This had been the third time in a row that this had happened. Diana knew the sex could be mind-blowing, but often he got too lazy and gave it up. She walked back into the bedroom pulling on her bra and slipping on her dress. She caught her reflection in the mirror and saw that she was soaked from head to toe. It looked as if she had a shower rather than having sex, and she was fine with that.

"Wait you are going? I thought we could get a pizza, and try again later. I have the whole house to myself tonight after all." Diana laughed at his comment and flipped her hair in a rather dramatic way. She looked over to the bathroom door where he stood and said in a very blunt and sharp tone.

"Maybe, you should get good at sex before we try this again. I deserve to have my needs taken care of, so I am going to go out and find someone who could actually do that." She quickly turned around, and going via his room she grabs her purse before leaving the house without another word.

The moment she sat in her car, that was the moment that her emotions completely took over. She started to have a break down as her tears began to run thick and fast down her face. She never knew why she kept finding herself crying after sex. The sex was something she craved, something that she welcomed into her life. Something that made her happy, but at the moment leading up to the sex. However, when it was all over; she wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. She couldn't stop sleeping around; it was the only way to get those to talk about her. She wanted the rumours to flood everywhere she went because that was the only way Joseph would never forget about how he fucked up the chance of being with the girl name Diana Clark. However, her years didn't mean anything because he didn't care if she was falling apart.

So she sat here crying, hoping, praying the world would be better the next time she opened up her eyes, but it wouldn't not yet anyway.

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