His Weakness

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Jenny was for lack of better words, a good girl. She listened to her parents, got good grades and never made a bad choice in her life yet so far, until she met Bently. Bently used to be a good boy, time hardened his heart and made him learn to live for himself. What will happen when the two meet...do opposites really attract?

Romance / Erotica
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New Girl

Jenny was beyond nervous. New school, new year. Senior year to be exact. She had begged and pleaded so hard with her parents to let her stay with her best friend Lizzie to finish senior year with her, but they didn't budge. Didn't even entertain the idea. Now here she was, pacing restlessly in her new room, trying to decide what to wear the next day. She decided, even though it was nearly midnight, she had to call Lizzie.
The phone rang and rang. No answer. Of course. Jenny threw herself down on the bed with a groan into her pillows. Jenny figured she would just throw something on in the morning when it came time to get up. She snuggled deep into her covers and turned out her lights. Try as she did, sleep didn't come to her for at least another hour.
As she slammed her hand on her alarm clock the next morning she felt horribly groggy. All she wanted was to curl right back up in bed and sleep forever.
"Hon, time to get up, I'm going to drop you off at school this morning." Her mother's soft voice called from her doorway. Jenny groaned before tossing her cover to the side and swinging her legs over the side.
Jenny made her way slowly to her connected bathroom and washed her face, brushed her teeth and hair. Jenny groaned again at herself in the mirror in front of her before going to her closet.
She felt like she had nothing at all to wear. Finally after tossing half her wardrobe on her floor, she settled on a dark wash pair of skinny jeans, a red and black long sleeve flannel button down shirt over a black tank top. She tied the shirt tails in the front in a knot before sliding on her favorite tan ankle boots. Returning to her bathroom, she pulled her thick dirty blonde hair up in messy bun on top of her head. She grabbed her book bag from the floor in front of her bed and slipped her glasses on her face.
"There she is." Her dad said as she drug herself into the kitchen to find her mom.
"Thought we would have to drag you out of that bed this morning." Her mom joked as Jenny picked up a chocolate chip muffin. Taking a big bite before waving them off.
Jenny loved her parents. Sure they fought over this move, but they were amazing in the end, always. She smiled and gave her dad a half hug before turning to make her way to her mom's car in the driveway.
Jenny felt it again. That anxious nervous ball building in her stomach. It made her feel sick. She finished her muffin just as her mom got in the drivers seat.
They drove in silence, Jenny didn't even want to think about what she was about to do. It made her feel way better to think she was going to meet up with Lizzie. Jenny sighed deeply as they pulled up in front of the new school. Kids were everywhere. Most already grouped up and talking excitedly about their summers.
"Do I really have to? Can't I just homeschool?" Jenny groaned as a couple kids noticed her sitting there still, sending her confused glances since they didn't recognize her.
"Jennifer Marie. We have talked about this, it's only one school year. One hundred eighty days. You will be fine. You are beautiful, smart and funny. Get you butt in there and make some friends, pay attention in class and have a good day. I will see you at three to pick you up, I love you." Her mom told her with a little shove. Jenny smiled at her mom. She really was great.
"Fine, I'll go in, but I can't promise anything will happen except me paying attention." Jenny slowly opened the door and swung her legs out to the ground.
"That's my girl. Have a good day sweetie." Her mom said before she closed the door.
Jenny could feel all eyes on her as she walked to the school. You would think they never saw someone new in their lives before, the way they stared at her. Jenny was just glad it wasn't the middle of the year. Imagine the stares she would get then. She tightened the grip on her backpack straps and took a deep breath as she entered the opened front doors to the school.
She found her locker with ease, it was almost right at the entrance. As she undid her lock and filled it with everything she didn't need right away, she heard someone clear their throat behind her.
Jenny turned around to confront the throat clearer. It was a girl. Short pixie cut black hair. She wore a anime shirt and black jeans. She also had a big grin on her face.
"Hey, you must be new, I'm Allie." Allie stuck her hand out for Jenny to shake and Jenny obliged. Jenny smiled at her then.
"I'm Jenny." She said as Allie opened the locker next to hers.
"If you want I can show you around, let me see your schedule." Allie spoke very animatedly. Jenny decided then she liked the girl. She was sure they were going to be friends, easily. After Allie unloaded her things, she grabbed Jenny's schedule from her and grinned. "We have just about every class together!" Allie exclaimed. She sure was full of energy. Jenny loved it. She reminded her of Lizzie.
"Lead the way then." Jenny said as she got her schedule back and began following Allie threw the halls. The stares didn't stop as they walked threw the halls together. Jenny tried her best to ignore them.
"Ignore them, they will get over it soon enough, we don't get to many new people around here." Allie said as she sent a few glares at a couple of people who blatantly stared.
Jenny followed and listened to Allie as they made their way to first period, which happened to be her least favorite subject, history.
The two took open seats in the middle of the class next to each other.
"Don't worry, everyone here is pretty nice, once they get over your newness, I'm sure you will love it here." Allie said as the rest of the students entered the class followed by the teacher. Jenny pulled her notebook and a pencil out and sighed.
"OK guys, summers over, time to learn. I'm Ms. Applewood, welcome to history class." Ms. Applewood seemed to drone on and on and Jenny lost attention very quickly. They went threw roll call. After class was well started, he walked in. The teacher shook her head and pointed to the only empty desk in the room.
"I don't accept tardiness, Mr. Bently I presume?" Ms. Applewood asked him.
He nodded his head at her and sat down. Jenny was mesmerized. He was gorgeous. He had on some loose fitting jeans with a plain white t and leather jacket. He was tall, broad shoulders and muscular. His hair was black, thick and curly, cut short. Jenny's heart thudded in her chest when he turned to her. Of course the only empty seat was next to her.
"Hey got a pencil?" He asked her. She stupidly just stared at him. His green eyes just staring back. He shook his head and sighed. Jenny tapped his shoulder after he had turned away and handed him her pencil. He took it from her and whispered a thanks.
Jenny was awestruck, she couldn't remember any guy at her old school that looked like him. She felt herself swoon a little when their fingers grazed when he grabbed the pencil from her.
Jenny pulled another pencil from her bag and tried her hardest to pay attention. It was a lost cause as long as Bently was next to her though.

Good morning you guys ! First chapter of a new story. :) These are my favorite to write. First and last chapters :) Let me know what you think :) I'm excited to start this one! Drop a comment :D
As always....
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