High School Boys

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Three Seconds Part 1

Chase POV

“Where are you going?” Ryan barked as I tugged my shoes on.

Well, it was 7:43am on a Wednesday morning in September, so school. I glanced up at my father and realised he was drunk. Who got drunk at 7:43 on a Wednesday morning on September?

“School. Why? Did you want something?” I asked. Ryan paused, he stumbled over towards me and placed a large hand on my face. He took my jaw in one hand and pushed a chunk of hair from my forehead.

“I always wanted a son.” He commented, “Had four girls, then you, then another girl.”

Yes, I was aware of my sibling situation. Besides, it was his sperm who decided the gender, so if he was annoyed about that, Ryan really only had himself to blame.

“It just kills me, that the only boy I had turned out to be such a disappointment.”

I had heard that one before. Normally, I didn’t cate but for some reason, I did today.

“I mean, you’re a pretty boy, I’ll give you that son. All that hair, your mother’s features, bright hazel eyes, you’ll get yourself a decent wife. But I got plenty of daughters to be pretty, figured a son would be something more.”

Right, because I was dumb but pretty. Was he unaware that I was on an academic/sport scholarship? Or that I was taking my A-levels a year early?

“Disappointing.” Ryan sighed shaking his head as he let me go.

Here he was, bloodshot eyes l, slurred words, in yesterday’s clothes calling me a disappointment.

“What do you want from me Ryan?”


I clenched my fists.

“I said, what the fuck do you want from me?”

Ryan whipped around and cracked the muscles in his neck.

“What did you say to me?” He bellowed kicking the sofa so it shifted a few inches.

Evelyn came running down flustered.

“He didn’t meant anything Ryan.” She soothed looking at me warningly.

“No, I did, I’m done with all this shit.” I swore slamming my school bag on the floor and dripping my blazer.

“Chase, stop it.” Evelyn said quietly.

“Stop what?” I asked, “I’m sick of this.”

“I’m going to give you three seconds to get out before I beat you till nobody can tell you’re Spanish.” Ryan snarled.

Three seconds. Three seconds. I could run, I could run and stay at Ryder’s again tonight, but I didn’t want to. Not now, not ever again.


I looked at Evelyn who was shouting at me to run.


Ryan smiled a little, I smiled back even thought I knew I should have started running at least four seconds ago.

“Two and a half…”

“Don’t you mean one and a half?” I smirked.

Ryan didn’t wait to get to one, he lunged at me and I stepped away letting him half crash into the wall. This was a lot easier than I thought. After fighting with Blaze who was literally the fastest thing in the world, Ryan was like a giant slug.

“You’re getting old father.” I said.

Ryan lurched towards me, grabbing my shoulders and bringing us both crashing to the ground. He raised a meaty fist to punch me. Using all he strength in my core, I twisted to get on top of him.

My fist dig into the soft flesh of his face and blood spurted from his nose. Roaring like a wild beast, Ryan pressed a hand to my neck and shoved me against the wall.

He held me high by the neck and shoulders as if trying to mould my body to the plaster. I couldn’t help but smile at the situation.

“What are you smirking about boy?” Ryan grinned.

“You did not think this through, did you?” I laughed.

Using his confusion to my advantage, I placed my foot into the wall and in a quick but strong move, plunged my knee in between his legs.

Ryan let me go and doubled over in pain.

“I’ll kill you Caylex.” He growled.

“You’ll have to catch me first.” I said running upstairs not sure what my plan was exactly.

I ran into mine and Isabella’s room. Yes, I was a 16-year-old boy sharing a room with his 4-year-old sister seeing as we were the youngest two.

“Ryan, he’s just a kid.” Evelyn screamed running up the stairs.

I hadn’t heard her scream before, not like that. I soon realised why she was so hysterical.

Ryan came charging up with a knife, one of the biggest ones we owned.

“Can’t fight me like a real man, can you?” I said viciously.

But my heart was racing and I could almost feel tears in my eyes.

“I’m twice the man you are Caylex, always will be.” He said.

“You’re nothing Ryan Lopez, nothing.”

I knew he was going to kill me, I knew he was. I didn’t want to die. Not because I thought I had a great life ahead of me, not because my sisters would be sad. It was because of Evelyn.

She had been with Ryan since she was 17, he had never treated her right even then. It may be too late for her, but I wasn’t letting history repeat itself. Blaze. There was no way I was dying whilst he was still with that motherfucker Taylor, no way.

“Ryan! No! That’s my baby!” Evelyn shrieked running up to him and latching onto his arm desperately.

“I don’t give a fuck Evelyn. Someone’s got to teach him a lesson.”

He took another step towards me shoving Evelyn hard into the corner.

“I love you Chase.” She whimpered.

No she didn’t. Nobody did, I had nobody, except Ryder. But he wouldn’t love me if he knew how pathetic I really was. If he saw me right now he’d regret ever being friends.

“I gave you three seconds, and you still thought you could test me.” Ryan snarled.

He took another step forwards, my back hit the window as I stepped away from him.

Three seconds, I had one choice.


Ryan gripped the handle of the knife.


Evelyn sobbed and cried out as though she were in pain.


I drove my elbow through the glass window, as it shattered open, Ryan swore and tried to grab my collar.

I jumped.

I fell.


To be continued...

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