High School Boys

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A Different Kind of Love

2 days later

Blaze hadn’t cried on Saturday, which I hadn’t realised until now, that he hadn’t shouted or broken down. He’d just gone really quiet like he was confused and still trying to process things. I had wanted to call the police but Blaze didn’t want to, not because he was scared of what would happen, he just needed time.

We had school today, Wild’s parents came to pick up Storm in the morning and after dropping Phoenix off at Ravenwood Primary, the two of us had gone to school together. This morning he’d been a lot better, but not completely back to normal.

“Hey, Blaze, since we’re alone now, do you want to talk about what happened?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” He said before quickly adding, “I’m not like in denial about anything, you don’t have to worry. I’m just done, with Taylor, and I never want to be reminded of him again.”

What was I supposed to do with that answer? But if Blaze wasn’t ready to talk, I wasn’t going to push him to. Besides, I couldn’t have said anything more because at that moment Wild came running up to us.

“Blaze, Blaze, we should ditch school today.” She said quickly grabbing his arm.

The look on her face meant this wasn’t a cool ’let’s leave school. She looked stressed out, which was a weird thing to see on Wild considering she was always so put together and calm, well not exactly calm, but sophisticated.

“What? Why? What’s going on?”

Then Ryder came running as well, with the same concerned look in his eyes.

“Blaze, did you have a fight with Oliver?”

Oliver, he was in my Psychology class, Oliver Cohen. Wait, wasn’t he Taylor’s younger brother? He was the one with the ‘confused sexuality’ ruler.

“No, why?” Blaze asked.

Wild was still holding onto Blaze’s arm like how Rose held onto Jack in Titanic, actually wait, that was a bad analogy, she dropped him into the ocean when he died- but you get the picture.

“Ryder what happened?” Blaze asked wrenching his arm from Wild.

Nobody said anything.

“Fine I’ll just go and look.” Blaze said running off into the next corridor.

It was the corridor with all our lockers, it was actually where Blaze and I had had our first fight, locker number 128 was still dented from when Blaze had elbowed the metal of its door. Half the school was crowded around Blaze’s locker, some kids were whispering, others were taking photos as they were crime scene photographers.

Everyone shut up though when Blaze walked in, I couldn’t see at first what the big deal was. Gently manoeuvring my way through the crowd, I made my way to the front, Wild however, shoved past everyone, I’m pretty sure she had broken some boy’s wrist.

“What the fuck?” Blaze mumbled looking at his locker.

The front of his locker door and some of the neighbouring doors as well, had been spray painted with the word ‘SLUT’ in huge red capital letters. There was a white liquid seeping out from inside, my first thought was milk, but it was dripping down slowly.

“Blaze don’t.” Wild said as he touched the lock.

He ignored her and twisted it open. Everything in his locker was soaked in what I think was just icing sugar and water or something like that. It dripped down onto the floor collecting in a puddle, nobody said a word.

Blaze turned around, his eyes were kind of psychotic if I’m being honest, like he had woken up for the first time in 100 years. Everyone, including myself, took a step backwards in nervousness, Oliver pushed forwards.

“Fucking slut.” He snarled.

Blaze didn’t respond, Oliver was tall like Taylor and pretty ripped, if things escalated, which I was sure they would, Blaze didn’t stand a shot.

“Oh yeah, my brother told me all about all the things you like doing. He said you like it rough, really fucking rough.”

How close were Oliver and Taylor? I know I didn’t have a brother, but if I did, I doubt I’d be going into extreme detail about my sex life with him, especially if he was in the same class as my boyfriend.

“He said you did it in the backseat.” Oliver said.

Everybody looked at each other, doing it in the backseat wasn’t scandalous, even if it was true, we weren’t in 1932 were car sex was something completely crazy.

“The backseat of his motorcycle.” Oliver added.

Most of the kids in the younger years started laughing and smiling, nobody in our year did, nobody in our year was stupid enough to piss Blaze off, except from Oliver apparently.

“Oh, I’ve got plenty of stories Blaze. About how you cheated on him, with three guys, at the same time.”

I curled my fists up and was about to move before Wild pulled me back hastily.

“Blaze is…”

“Blaze can handle himself Chase.” She hissed.

Some best friend she was, letting Oliver say all this shit about Blaze.

“He even said you did it in front of the baby.” Oliver laughed, “Fucking slut.”

Then Blaze snapped. It came completely out of nowhere. Within milliseconds, he went from completely emotionless to full on psycho-attack mode. I don’t even remember what Blaze had done, all I knew was that all of a sudden Oliver was on the floor and Blaze was on top of him punching at his face.

Everyone had seen him fight before, but this was different. This wasn’t a ‘playful’ spelling competition, this was an actual fight. Blood spurted out from Oliver’s nose, people started screaming and teachers came running.

“Blaze stop!” I shouted.

“You tell your fucking brother if he comes near me again, I won’t kill him, I’ll kill you.” Blaze snarled standing up and pulling Oliver up by his hair.

None of the teachers were doing anything. But I had to, because Blaze looked murderous in that moment, and I knew if he went too far, then this wouldn’t just be a school problem, it would be a police issue. And then everything would get even more fucked up.

“Blaze stop.” I said shoving him hard enough to make him let go of Oliver.

Oliver stumbled away, crying and covered in blood to a huddle of teachers who bundled him away to the first aid room and then probably to hospital.

“Fuck off Chase.” Blaze shouted shoving me back.

“Blaze, please.”

He unclenched his hands and started down at the bloody mess on his uniform. At the floor of red blood swirling in the white liquid Oliver had put in his locker. At the terrified faces of students and teachers. At me.

“Leave me alone.” He said.

Blaze ran.

“Caylex Lopez, you stay here!” Miss Palmer shouted.

I barely heard her as I ran after Blaze. He was running faster than I could keep up and I had twisted one my ankles but was too focussed on trying to get to Blaze to figure out which one it was. He went out to the school fields and stopped when he reached the fence.

“I’m sorry.” He said frantically turning to me.

“It’s not your fault.” I breathed.

“I’m not a slut.”

“I know you’re not Blaze.”

“Do you?” He stuttered, “Do you? Because everyone in this fucking school does. But I’m not, okay, I’m not. I never even had sex with Taylor because that’s what Mum did, she had sex with every fucking Tom Dick and Harry. So I didn’t, not that it fucking matters, it doesn’t matter what I do, I’m a slut.”

“You’re not a slut Blaze.” I said quietly.

And then I was hugging him. A couple of nights ago, I realised I had a crush on Blaze, the day Taylor came round and we were in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to be close to him without feeling the flutter of butterflies in my stomach, or the rapid quickening of my pulse.

But as Blaze buried his face in my neck, I didn’t feel like kissing him, like I had that day. I felt like just being there, no romance, nothing like there. And honestly, I think that that was what Blaze had been missing out all his life, a different kind of love.

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