High School Boys

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“I hate you!” Blaze shouted.

Silence. Complete and utter silence. I felt a dull throb of pain from where he had pushed me into the wall, but somehow the way he spoke hurt more.

“Oh yeah? Well I hate you more!”

I sounded like a fucking five-year-old, but whatever.

“And for the record.” Blaze said glaring at everyone in the room, “I have something to say.”

He pushed all the lunch trays onto the floor of a nearby table and jumped up onto the top. I looked at Wild who seemed both confused and awake at the same time.

“A lot of you think I’m a slut.” He said, “but guess what? I’m a virgin.”

Well, that wasn’t how I was expecting this to go. Seriously I had thought up five possible scenarios in the last thirty seconds and none of them included Blaze getting on a table and declaring that he was a virgin.

“And so are like fucking most of you. So stop pretending you’re all fucking cool because you’re not.”

Yeah, not in a million years would the thought of this happening occur in my head. Actually, even if I cracked the code to immortality and lived past a million years, I still wouldn’t have imagined this could happen.

“I also have something to say.” Wild said joining him on the table like a true supportive best friend, “I’m not a virgin, but that doesn’t make me a slut. So to all the bitches who called me a whore, go choke on a dick and die.”

Now, Wild saying that was something I knew was inevitable.

“And do you know what Chase?” Blaze snapped turning to me.

He jumped off the table, standing a couple of feet away from me, venom blazing through his eyes.

“Fuck you.”

Being the mature person I was, I calmly composed myself and apologised to Blaze for hurting his feelings. Who am I kidding? That was not how that went down.

“Fuck you Blaze.”

“Fuck you even more.”

“Fuck you harder.”

“Fuck you the hardest.”

“Fuck you to death.”

“Fuck you to hell.”

Honestly, at this point, I had kind of forgotten what we were fighting about.

“What did I ever do to make you hate me?” I snapped.

It was easy for me to forgot how fucking beautiful Blaze was when he was angry, or sad even, and when he was happy. Sometimes I think I just forgot in general how good-looking he was.

“Everything.” Blaze snarled.

I was about to say something before we were interrupted you a teacher. But not by Mr Owens like last time, but by Headmaster Walker. Shit. Not good.

“Chase, Blaze, both of you in my office now.” He shouted colour springing to his cheeks.

We both glared at each other, this was in no way my fault, Blaze was the one with the problems, not me. I don’t know why he was acting so weird, we had been fine until he’d gotten suspended, and I did try and text him. I didn’t even hate him, honestly, it was probably the exact opposite of hate at this point.

“I’ve tried everything boys.” Headmaster Walker fumed, “Suspension, forcing you to work together, threatening to call your parents.”

Why did he even care? If two people didn’t get along, you couldn’t just force them to, that didn’t make sense.

“Do you know what?” Blaze snarled standing up, “Fuck you Headmaster Walker, I don’t even have to listen to you, you’re not my Headmaster, you’re Chase’s.”

This day was full of surprises, what was going on? And yes, Blaze was technically correct, the headmistress of Blackthorn was rarely seen, she was kind of a mystery to the Ravenwood kids as she was always at the reconstruction of the school, overseeing everything.

“Well, you’re in luck Blaze, because Miss Amherst happens to be in school today, and seeing as you’re so keen to see her, why don’t I call her?”

If Blaze had tried to hide the surprise on his face, he didn’t do it very well. Suddenly, he wasn’t so cocky anymore, I straightened in my seat, I couldn’t even remember what Miss Amherst looked like, so meeting her was kind of exciting.

Headmaster Walker called her from his office phone and there were about 2 minutes of complete silence before she knocked on the door, it was a sharp knock, kind of intimidating. What was wrong with me? Why was I getting intimidated by a knock?

“You needed me Mr Walker?” She said striding in.

She was pretty, not like Wild-level pretty, but sophisticated pretty, elegant and graceful pretty. Blaze seemed to shrink into his letterman jacket and lowered himself on his chair as though hiding himself at the sight of her. Miss Amherst saw Blaze and I swear a small part of my soul died as she glared at him.

“Lyric, what have you done?” She snapped.

Lyric? That was Blaze’s real name? No way and he teased be over being Caylex Hazel-Legacy Lopez, his name was Lyric. Lyric Nightshade. I stifled a laugh and Headmaster Walker gave me a warning look.

“Nothing.” Blaze mumbled.

“Speak up.”


“Lie to me again and I’ll castrate you.”

Were teachers allowed to say that? Was anyone allowed to say that?

“I didn’t do anything. We were just joking around.”

“Alright then, the whole year has Saturday Night detention, and you two will have Saturday night and Sunday morning detention.”

Blaze groaned. I was more confused than anything else, so was Headmaster Walker by the looks of it, two days’ detention wasn’t a big deal, compared to a two-week suspension, this was nothing.

“Dismissed.” She said waving us away with a flick of her hand.

As we were walking out, Blaze huffed and started jumping up and down in frustration- the resemblance between him and Phoenix at that moment was scary.

“What’s the big deal?”

“Saturday night detention with the whole year is basically a massive party.”

What? That was so cool, best punishment ever, why was Blaze acting so dramatic about it then?

“Why are you upset then?”

“Because then we have detention the next morning.”

Ohhhhhhhhh. That meant we’d have to clean everything up, hungover, the day before school started, the whole school. But still, it couldn’t be that bad, there were only around 250 of us.

“It won’t be that hard, how bad could it get?”

Blaze looked at me and a look of realisation crossed his face.

“I just remembered,” He said, “You’ve never been to a Blackthorn party before.”


“Imagine Wild drunk.”

Oh no.

“Now imagine drunk Wild with glass bottles.”

No, no, no.

“Ready? Now imagine drunk Wild, glass bottles, 128 other drunk Blackthorn kids, glass windows, no teachers/chaperones and unlimited access to anywhere in the school.”

Literal anarchy.

“Honestly speaking, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” I asked.

“The last party we had went terribly.”

“How so?”

“Let’s just say that party is the reason the Blackthorns had to move here.”

Wait, what?


“Don’t worry, we’ll take the fire extinguishers off of safety mode.”

That wasn’t as comforting as Blaze might have thought. He laughed, I loved his laugh, I really did. And I don’t know how, but somehow his blue-grey eyes seemed to twinkle under the fluorescent school lights.

“It’s going to suck, trust me.” He sighed, “We’re going to have to cancel all our plans for the weekend, I’m going to need to find a sitter for Phoenix and Storm…”

He just carried on listing everything that was going to suck but all I could think about was the way his eyes flickered from right to left as he spoke and the way his fingers uncurled as he listed things.

“You really don’t know what we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

Honestly, all I could think about was the way his lips moved when he spoke and how a small loose strand of black hair was constantly swinging in front of Blaze’s face. And the small indents near his neck where his collarbones were. And the slight crookedness of his smile.


“Yes, Lyric?”

He stopped walking and shoved me into the closest empty classroom, annoyingly enough it was an English classroom and all I could see was students’ love sonnets up on the wall with paper red hearts as the borders.

“Don’t tell anyone my real name is Lyric.”

“Why not? It’s a nice name.”

“It sucks and you know it. As soon as I’m 18, I’m changing it.”


“Because, it sounds all innocent and the kind of name you’d give to someone who behaves well, and who everyone likes. I’m not that type…”

“Literally everyone likes you.”

“But I’m not a good person.”

“Yeah right.”

“Chase, I’m not…” Blaze started, but I didn’t let him finish.

I was going to interrupt him with something like ‘no you’re not’, but I didn’t instead, I did something stupid, really, really stupid.

I kissed him.

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