High School Boys

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The Party

Blaze POV

Chase Lopez kissed me. Chase Lopez kissed me. I repeat, Chase Lopez kissed me.

He just kissed me and then as suddenly as he had pressed his lips to mine, he pulled away. He had looked startled and then backed away from me as though I’d bitten him. Then he’d just ran off, either scared or horrified because I was a bad kisser which I knew I wasn’t so, he had to have been scared.

I knew I should have been mad at him for kissing me and then just taking off but it was evening and I was still getting over what had just happened. I had only ever had one boyfriend and that was Taylor, we’d made out before, for hours on end, but that didn’t even compare to The Kiss. Which is what I was calling it now- The Kiss- with capital letters because it seemed like a capital letters thing.

Saturday: The day of the party...

“I’m going to murder him.” Wild said as her brother drove us to the school.

She was wearing a black shoulder-less top and ripped jeans which I’m pretty sure were her brother’s that she still managed to look good in. I had just picked up the first hoodie I could find and paired it with yesterday’s trousers because with two kids under 5, I didn’t have half the day to pick an outfit, unlike Wild.

“Who are you murdering now?” Flash sighed.

Wild had seven older brothers, all of them had weird names like her: Wild, Flash, Scorpion, Jackal, Champion, Diesel, and the twins- Hawk and Falcon. It seemed that out of Chase, Ryder Wild and I, Ryder was the only one with a normal, first, middle and last name.

Flash was a medical student, most of Wild’s brothers were either at medical or law school, except Scorpion who dropped out of school at 16 and was currently (3 years later) playing football for England. All the Jackson kids were successes, even Wild was a millionaire, although her money hadn’t been from anything good.

“Chase.” Wild replied.

“I thought you were all friends now.”

“Well, he kissed Blaze, and now he’d avoiding him. Seriously, at least my boyfriend didn’t kiss me and leave.”

Again, I still had no idea who Wild’s mystery boyfriend was. If he was fake, her parents were playing along with it as well as her brothers.

“Okay we’re here. Wild don’t kill anyone, Blaze don’t get pregnant, you make cute babies, but no more.”

Phoenix had thrown a tantrum at Wild’s house the other day and attacked Flash with half a kilo of glitter, he was still finding tiny pieces of sparkle in his hair according to Mrs Jackson.

“How are you going to be a doctor?” Wild teased as she stepped out of the car.

“Love you too.” Flash sighed.

Wild turned to me and I could tell from the look in her that she seemed to have either a really good or really bad idea.

“Okay, so what you have to do is make Chase want what he can’t have.” She said, “Avoid him as much as possible.”

How was that supposed to help? I had watched those movies where two people liked each other but because they never said anything, it took them the whole 2-hour movie for one final mediocre kissing scene. At least Chase had done things in the wrong order.

“You with me?” Wild asked as we walked in.

Most of the Ravenwoods were already there, it was only 10, so the Blackthorns would all be here by around midnight. Chase was running around with Holly laughing, I didn’t think much of it until she stopped running and kissed him. He didn’t pull away, nothing. Wild saw and curled her fists up.

“I’m going to kill him.” She said getting ready to attack.

“Don’t, it’s not worth it.”

Ryder saw us and came over as if to explain, he glanced at Wild who looked as though she was going to murder someone in the next minute, we both took a step away from her just in case.

“Can I talk to you please?” Wild hissed pulling Ryder’s sleeve.

What? No, she couldn’t leave me, I didn’t want to just stand here alone, awkwardly with a bunch of Ravenwoods who hated me.

“Wait Wild, we need to deal with this first. Hey, Chase! Blaze is here.” Ryder said to Chase.

No, no, no, that was even worse. Forget it, I would rather stand awkwardly alone rather than awkwardly with Chase.

“Oh, hey Blaze.” Chase said trying to sound casual as Ryder dragged him over.

‘Hey Blaze’? Did he really just say ‘Hey Blaze’? He had no right to ‘hey Blaze’ me, I was going to ‘hey Chase’ him. He would see how it feels.

“Hey Chase.” I said.

Nothing, he didn’t look distraught or anything, I need to make him feel bad, really, really bad, like how Wild felt the day after she’d finished a jar of Nutella.

“How’s your girlfriend?” I asked.

He glanced at Holly and then nervously back to me. Wild and Ryder looked at each other, I wasn’t sure what Chase had told Ryder, but he seemed to know what was going on roughly.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Whatever.” I said I didn’t want to deal with this right now.

The speakers needed setting up, so I busied myself with that, Wild had a playlist of some sort, she seemed to know which songs were right at the right time- so I started it at around 11 when the Blackthorns started trickling in.

Two hours later- 01:32am:

Eight broken windows, every corridor had either spilt drinks or throw up and the entire school was a mess. A complete mess. And things weren’t looking to calm down either, if anything, it was only getting worse.

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do tomorrow, but Wild seemed to know as she gathered everyone into the hall and stood on two tables stacked up precariously.

“Everyone shut up!” She shouted, “Get in a circle and sit down.”

It took everyone else a few seconds to realise she wasn’t joking, and more out of amusement than anything else, they complied.

“We’re going to play spin the bottle.” She said.

Immediate groans of protest. What were we 12? Although I personally had never played that game before, most people had and it was more weird and awkward than fun and sexy like in the movies.

“Blackthorn and Ravenwood edition,” Wild continued, “So we’re going to have Ravenwood Girl, Blackthorn Girl, Ravenwood Boy, Blackthorn Boy.”

How was this helping anything? Maybe it was the fact that everyone was a little drunk including myself and Chase, but somehow, we all ended up sitting in a circle like primary-school kids. Ryder placed a glass bottle in the centre and stood off to the side with Wild, nobody asked why they weren’t playing.

We played a few rounds and after a while, people started getting really into it. All the Ravenwood girls started screaming their heads off on their goes as though kissing a Blackthorn boy was any different from kissing any other boy.

“Okay, Chase, your turn.” Wild said.

He rolled his eyes and spun the bottle it spun round and round even changing direction at one point which was very strange, but because I was tipsy I didn’t think much of it. Until it landed on me.

Silence, well kind of silence, nobody could seem to keep still so besides the shuffling around- silence.

“Maybe you should spin it again.” I said trying to appear uninterested.

“No way, I did not just make out with a Ravenwood Boy just so you two could bend the rules.” One random Blackthorn boy snapped.

“Come on guys, just kiss.” Wild urged impatiently.

But I didn’t want to, not like this. Not in front of everyone, including Holly who’d been two kisses short of resuscitating Chase earlier, I mean seriously, how fucking big was her mouth?

“Fuck this.” I said standing up and walking from the group.

Wild said something about everyone carrying on without her for a second so I thought she was the one who had followed me out but when I turned around, Chase was there. Now we were completely alone, in the school reception and all I could feel was the burning kind of betrayal inside.

“What the fuck Chase.”


“No don’t say anything, you haven’t said anything to me all week so I’m sure you can manage the next two fucking minutes.”

Shit, now I had to talk for two minutes as if I was angry. Which I was, but I was less angry and more helplessly in love. Helplessly in love? Did I really just say helplessly in love? This boy was fucking up my brain as well.

“First you nearly kiss me in the kitchen, then you joined all your friends who all thought I was a slut, then you go and make out with Holly, then you fucking kiss me, then you avoid me all fucking week and now you’re fucking Holly again.”

“Blaze I’m…”

“No, I’m still talking.”

No, I wasn’t, I clearly had finished, but suddenly I had more to say.

“And you might think it’s not a big deal to you, but it is to me. So don’t fuck with my emotions anymore.”


“And maybe you might not like me, but guess what? You’ve gone and made me fall for you, so even if you don’t like me like that, then at least say it to my face and don’t…” I started except this time Chase didn’t let me finish.

He put one hand on my face and pressed his lips against mine. He tasted like a sort of drunk candy-like sugary tequila, his lips lingered for a second on mine, moving slightly as he kissed me again, and again and then I was kissing him back. Fuck, he knew how to kiss.

I pulled away. Why the fuck did I pull away? Why was I trying to act all sensible now?

“We should probably get back.” Chase said after a few moments of kind of awkward silence.

He started walking away and after a couple of seconds, I realised there was no way in Hell that I was letting this happen again. I ran out of the reception and back to where everyone else was, catching up to Chase in the doorway, he turned around and suddenly I was aware that everyone could see us. It took me a moment to realise I didn’t care how many people saw.

“You don’t get to kiss me like that and walk away again.” I snapped pushing Chase against the wall.

“Is that so?” He murmured.

Chase put both hands on my waist pulling me closer to him so I could feel the sculpted muscle of his abdomen press against me.

“Fuck you.” I mumbled.

And then we were kissing, and Chase’s hands were in my hair and my legs were around his waist and I was drowning in the feeling of his mouth on mine.

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