High School Boys

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Chase POV

I knew Blaze and I were like a thing now. And I knew that that should be the main focus right now, but when the fuck did Ryder and Wild get together?

It had to have been before I came out to Ryder because he already had an imaginary girlfriend then. Only it wasn’t an imaginary girlfriend, it was Wild. Wild as in Wild Jackson. As in the girl he’d been in love with since Year 8. And again, I know what you’re thinking, the Blackthorns only moved here last year when we were in Year 11. But Ryder had known Wild for 4 years, they lived around the same area and their parents were friends, but they’d never really been close or anything. Besides Ryder being in love with her and all.

To be fair, I could hardly say I was surprised, they were kind of perfect for each other in a weird way.

Okay, so now that I’ve acknowledged that my best friend managed to score the girl of his dreams without kidnapping her (he had briefly considered it- I was the one who talked him out of it), we can now talk about Blaze.

He was all that I could think about, and I didn’t care about the pile of abandoned homework on my desk that was due today, all I could think about was the way his legs had fitted around my waist and the softness of his lips and smoothness of his skin and brightness in his eyes.

In case you were wondering about how our cleaning up the school went, Wild and Ryder had taken care of that. During all the partying, They had snuck into the office and sent a mass email to all the parents of the kids in our year about the mess they were making. This meant that everyone’s Mums and Dads had forced them to stay behind and clean up, so everything was done within a couple hours.

“Chase?” Caitlin called waving a hand in front of me my face.

“He’s thinking about his boyfriend.” Ryder teased, elongating the word ’boyfriend.

It was 7:24am on a Monday morning and for once I actually got out of bed without trying to murder my best friend.

“I’m still very confused by the way, is Blaze still mad at you?” Liam asked taking the sugar bowl away from Ryder who was trying to turn his Cheerios into diabetics.

Liam and Caitlin were Ryder’s parents and most people in the town were scared of them. Liam was a captain in the police and Caitlin was an esteemed lawyer- she had taken down a big pharmaceuticals company due to an animal rights issue in lab testing. Ryder was their only child although they all said I was their son as well, I had my own room at their place as well and had called them ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ accidentally more time than I could count.

“No Dad, Blaze is in love with Chase.” Ryder sighed glancing morosely at the sugar.

“Blaze isn’t in love with me, we just kissed Ry.” I said.

Ryder dropped his spoon on the table dramatically and looked at me. Wild really was teaching him to be such a drama queen.

“Just kissed?” He said incredulously, “You were basically fucking in the doorway.”

Caitlin rolled up the magazine in her hand and whacked it across the top of Ryder’s head semi-playfully.

“Ryder, don’t use words like that in front of me.” She hissed.

“Or ever.” Liam added.

“Yes Ryder, be the only 16-year-old boy who doesn’t swear.” Caitlin said looking at Liam as though he had said something stupid.

“Okay fine, you two were basically having sex in the doorway, better?”

Somehow that was worse.

“We were not doing that.” I said firmly, “It was just a kiss.”

“Blaze was literally on top of you.”

Liam and Caitlin looked at each other, I glared at Ryder and he sighed, we both knew what was coming.

“You know that if you are having sex then it’s important you both feel ready and comfortable around each other.” Liam said.

And that was my cue to leave the conversation and go to school. I considered leaving Ryder to the sex talk, but it was best to not leave him alone in case he said something stupid. So we both ran out of the house as quickly as possible.

“So, the whole school knows about you and Blaze.” Wild said as we walked in.

“Yeah, I kinda figured.”

Yesterday after the party, everyone had been talking about. My phone had been going crazy which had been really annoying because all I wanted to do was text and call Blaze in peace.

“Where even is Blaze?” Ryder asked slipping his arm around Wild’s waist- they too had gone public as a couple.

“Talking to Headmistress Amherst in Headmaster Walker’s office.” Wild replied, “Ryder, why don’t we go study for maths?”

They both ran off, the irony of the situation was, neither of them even had maths today, or tomorrow. Ryder’s maths book was still at home holding up the tower of bottles we’d made last night.

I walked over to Headmaster Walker’s office and waited outside the door. I wondered for a second if I should plan what I was going to say to Blaze when I saw him but didn’t have time because, after a minute or so of waiting, he came out.

Bluey grey eyes sparkling. Hair messy. Smiling mischievously.

“Hey.” I said.

Wait, was I supposed to say hey? I said hey back when we were friends, was hey too casual now? What was I supposed to say ‘good day lover’?

Blaze interrupted my thoughts by standing on his tiptoes and pressing his lips to mine. And just like that I stopped panicking and kissed him back, my hand on the back of his head and his looped around my neck. Blaze pulled away.

“Hey.” He said.

Well, he definitely beat me in terms of morning greetings.

“You know we have Mr Owens first period.” I said walking to class with Blaze.

“Headmaster Walker did say we were going to fall in love in his class, remember?”

Oh yeah, he did. When Blaze and I had the spelling fight, not that I would have believed that back then.

“I take it you’re in love with me then?” I said purposefully in a way that made Blaze stop smiling for a second.

“I-I didn’t mean it like, I’m obsessed with you or anything.” He stammered

“Blaze it’s fine, nobody’s going to blame you for falling in love with me, I am basically perfect, and you’re only human.” I said.

He elbowed me and rolled his eyes before something occurred to him.

“Didn’t you kiss me first?” He said.

I didn’t have to answer that because we had arrived at the classroom and Mr Owens was already inside so we both quietly went to our seats as if we’d been there the whole time.

The lesson had been pretty boring today, stuff about drug safety but it had still felt really short because thanks to the new timetable where Blackthorns and Ravenwoods were in different classes, this was my only class with Blaze.

“Chase, Blaze, a word please?” Mr Owens said as class ended.

“He’s going to tell you off because the sexual tension was so high.” Wild said walking out in a fit of giggles.

At least we hadn’t been searching for food in each other’s mouths which is what Ryder and Wild seemed to have been doing all lesson.

“Well, I take it you two are dating at the moment?” Mr Owens said once we were alone.

Blaze seemed kind of awkward around him, in fact, he’d been like that for the last few weeks, since the day Holly and Wild got into it at lunch.

“Yeah, we are.” Blaze mumbled.

He was nervous, I didn’t know why, but I knew now wasn’t the right time to ask about it. So I softly took Blaze’s hand in mine, just to let him know I was there.

“So I take it you’re both being safe?”

“Um, yes?” I said, I really didn’t know what to say, we hadn’t had sex or anything but I didn’t feel that was a necessary detail to disclose.

“Forgive me, as your Sex Ed teacher, I must ask.” He said relaxing a little, “Anyways, I just wanted to show you this.”

He turned computer screen to show us a petition done by the students here, started by some anonymous user who I didn’t doubt for a second was Wild. All the students wanted to go back to mixed classes. Apparently after Blaze and I kissed, a lot of other Blackwood/Ravenwood couples had felt comfortable going public with their relationship and now nobody wanted to have separate classes.

“I don’t get it, what does this have to do with us?” Blaze asked.

“You two hated each other, essentially you were the main root of tension between the two schools. Now that tension is no longer there, nobody feels the need to fight. We finally have unity.”

Okay, but I really doubted that the whole time, Blaze and I were the only problem. We weren’t even the oldest year, and I really doubted that the kids in the year above us cared about what a bunch of 16-year-olds were fighting about- they were nearly or already adults.

“How was it solely revolving around us?” I asked.

“Well, I suppose it’s to do with respect and loyalty. You both have your peers respect and as a result, their loyalty.”

“So, what happens if we break up or something?” Blaze asked before quickly turning to me, “Not that we will, but what happens then?”

Mr Owens shrugged.

“I’m not sure, and even if I thought the world would collapse, I wouldn’t force you two to stay together or anything.”

We nodded and were about to walk out before he stood up quickly.

“However, for the record,” Mr Owens said, “I’m team Chase and Blaze.”

And as we walked to break later that day, it seemed like everyone was team Chase and Blaze. It was like the end of any high-school romance when the inevitable couple (usually the jock boy and the nerdy girl who had a glow-up) walked in and everyone started cheering. Except in our case, they weren’t exactly cheering, more asking us to kiss in front of them like the mature teenagers they were.

“We’re not just going to kiss like that.” Blaze said rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, you’re all objectifying us...” I started, but I couldn’t finish that sentence.

Instead, I put my arm around Blaze’s waist and bent my head down a little to kiss him. And in that moment, everything felt right, kissing the boy of my dreams in front of everyone not caring about what people would say or how Ryan would be so mad at me right now. It just felt right, like all the fractured pieces of my soul had been united again.

Author Note: Hey guys, so rather than Team Chase and Blaze, do any of you have ideas for ship names?

So far, I've had:

Blase, Chaze and Chalaze

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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