High School Boys

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All the Way?

Chase POV

“I think we’re doing setting up.” Ryder huffed.

“I’m exhausted.” Wild groaned.

Blaze, Ryder and I all fixed her with an icy glare. Blaming her ridiculously high shoes, Wild had refused to partake in any of the physics work and had spent the entire time bossing us around.

“You’re not taking your jacket off Blaze?” I asked.

“No.” He said frowning in the exact same way Phoenix did when he was annoyed, “Wild wouldn’t let me bring a spare change of clothes.”

“What’s wrong with what you have underneath?”

“Everything is wrong with it, and if I take my jacket off, I’ll have nothing to change into when Ryder and Wild do the cake.”

The cake? What was happening with the cake?

12:03pm November 17th

Well, it was now my birthday and I was 17 years and 3 minutes old- no longer a child but not an adult either, the most exasperating but amazing time of life according to most people.

Wild and Ryder had been in charge of the party this time and instead of a cake, they’d ordered hundreds of cupcakes and launched a full in cupcake battle between Ravenwood and Blackthorn. Now it made sense why Ryder had brought him and me a spare change of clothes. And why Blaze had kept his jacket on for the first half of the party.

“Wild, stop, I told you I don’t want to.” Blaze hissed.

“You can’t walk around wearing a jacked covered in icing.” She replied, “Chase what do you think?”

I turned around ready to laugh at whatever Wild had forced Blaze to wear this time. Last week she’s stolen Liam’s (Ryder’s Dad) police uniform and made Blaze try it on to see if he could make a fake police officer if she ever needed him to.

“I look ridiculous.” Blaze sighed.

What the actual fuck? What the fuck. He looked hot, like seriously hot, like I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds kind of hot. Fucking hell.

“You look nice.” I said.

Nice? What? Why would I sag he looks nice? I may as well have just shrugged my shoulders and murmured something vague.

“See, Chase likes it.” Wild said.

“No, Chase thinks I look like I’m playing dress up with one of your crop tops.”

“No, no, you look really good.” I said quickly, too quickly.

Play it cool Chase, you’re blowing this I said encouragingly in my head.

“Told you so.” Wild beamed.

I hadn’t seen Blaze in any clothes besides his school uniform and a few t-shirts he wore over and over again. Of course, I’d seen his modelling photos, everyone in the country had seen those. But none of them even came close to now.

“It’s so stupid.” Blaze groaned.

“It really isn’t, you look cute.”

Cute? Really Chase? Cute? Ducklings were cute. Puppies were cute. Those stuffed toys with huge glittery eyes were cute. Blaze was beyond cute.

Blaze seemed to notice my nervousness and being the amazingly kind and sensitive person he was, he decided to use that to his advantage.

“You think I’m cute?”

“I think you’re cute when you have icing in your hair.”

He didn’t actually have icing on his hair, Wild must have washed it off in the bathroom, and by that I mean, she must have half-drowned him in the sink like a ruthless war interrogator.

“Nice try, Wild broke the sink in the bathroom getting it all out. And I’m pretty sure my neck as well.” He shuddered.

Why was he so fucking hot right now? My 17-year-old self was way more concupiscent than I thought he would be.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Chase, we literally spoke an hour ago.”

Right we had. That was a stupid thing to ask. Why was I so nervous? This was Blaze, I was usually fine around him.

“Chase, Chase, Dad said we could stay at a hotel tonight.” Ryder said running up to me and Blaze saving me from saying something stupid.

“Wait what? Seriously?”

“Yeah, he booked us two rooms at La Belle Sejour, something like that. Only problem is, one of us needs to check in like soon, something about us being minors and needing to sign a form.”

I wasn’t sure what form was required to be signed at midnight, but Ryder didn’t look like he was joking.

“I would go, but Wild’s throwing up in the bathroom.”

“What? She is? She never throws up, even when she’s really drunk.” Blaze said, panic rising in his voice.

“Yeah, she’s fine, she didn’t actually drink anything it might be food poisoning don’t worry.”

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m fact, Blaze you should go with Chase, in case he you know, drops dead.”

I think Blaze and I had figured out by now that Ryder and Wild had clearly been trying to get us back together. But it wasn’t going to work. We’d agreed to take some time off until we were both ready. And some hotel wasn’t going to change that. We were going to take things nice and slow.

1 hour later:

His legs were wrapped around my waist as he kissed me, I pressed his body into the wall, hands trailing over his bare torso. Blaze grabbed at the hem of my t-shirt pulling it upwards in sharp rushed movements. I pulled my lips away from his for a second to take it off.

“Chase.” Blaze murmured, the vibrations of his lips moving against mine sent chills down my spine, “I wanna go all the way.”

“Wait, you do?” I asked.

I stopped kissing him as my eyes met his, searchingly looking for any signs of hesitation.

He nodded.

“Baby are you sure? Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean…”

“Caylex, I’m sure.” He said.

I didn’t get to say anything else because then he was kissing me again. As his fingers fumbled at my belt frantically, I smirked taking his wrists with my hands and pinning them above his head on the wall.

“You ever done this before?” Blaze breathed.

“Not with a boy.”

Blaze pulled away, suddenly panicked.

“Hang on, what? You haven’t done this before?”

“No, I haven’t even dated a boy before.”

“So neither of us know what we’re doing?”

And then he was pacing around the room shirtless like half his world was collapsing.

“Blaze, are you okay?”

“Chase, I’ve never done this before, I thought you would know what to do. Should I call Wild? Would she know? I’m going to call her. Where’s my phone? Did I drop it somewhere? Chase why are you just standing there? I need to find my phone.”

I had a feeling that none of this was to do with Wild or his phone.

“Blaze.” I said taking his hand gently, “We really don’t have to do this. I don’t want to if you’re not comfortable.”

“No, Chase, I’m fine.” Blaze said.

I think it was impossible for me to have lived with Blaze for weeks and not know when he wasn’t ‘fine’.


“Chase, I said I’m fine. I’m over Taylor, okay?”

“This isn’t about Taylor.”

“Can we just forget the last two minutes please?”


He shoved me onto the bed, pressing his mouth to mine roughly. Hands running over my body, it was taking some superhuman strength to just forget about Blaze’s hesitations and just run with what was happening.

“Lyric. Stop, what’s going on?” I asked gently, sitting up.

“Nothing, it’s fine.”

“No it’s not nothing. Come on, you can talk to me.”

He huffed and ran a hand through his mess of black hair only to let it fall in front of his face again in a way that was impossibly adorable.

“Wild and Ryder have sex, why can’t we?”

“We’re not Wild and Ryder. And that’s okay. Sex is only fun if both of us actually want to do it.”

I knew that I would hate myself forever if I’d ruined not just mine, but Blaze’s first time. Besides, I wasn’t like Ryder, I wasn’t addicted to sex.


“Not buts. We went from being on a break to making out in a hotel room at midnight within an hour. And, I love you, you’re worth waiting for.”

Blaze looked at me suddenly.

“What did you just say?”

“I mean, I thought we weren’t on a break anymore, are we still on a break?”

“Not that.” Blaze said, “After, you said ‘I love you’.”

I had? Well this was either about to get really awkward or really, really, really amazing. Blaze saved me from whatever stupid thing I was seconds away from saying.

“I love you too.” He murmured.

Best birthday ever.

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