High School Boys

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Spelling Bee: Rematch

Bonus Chapter 1

Wild POV

4 days before Christmas holidays

“Hey Lopez, think you can beat my perfect score?” Blaze shouted walking into the school canteen waving around his spelling quiz.

He was the most immature person on this planet.

“Did your teacher draw a smiley face next to your score?” Chase said standing up and walking towards us.

“No, she gave me a sticker.”

Correction: Blaze had manipulated her into giving him a sticker. I wasn’t sure how he’d done it but he had.

“Spelling Bee rematch!” Holly declared standing on the table.

The fight lasted all of thirty seconds, which was inevitable given the circumstances:

“Aren’t you too in love with me to fight me?” Chase grinned looking at Blaze adoringly.

“Consider this payback for trying to use Holly to make me jealous.” Blaze grinned back.

“I don’t think Blaze and Chase understand what couples are supposed to spend time doing.” Ryder sighed sitting next to me.

“Ryder, we spent a whole weekend walking around with blankets on our heads to see who would crash into a wall first.”

“Exactly, relationship goals.”

He kissed me, Ryder had surprisingly been my first kiss, and my first time. He’d kissed a couple of girls before in Primary school, but had told me several times that they me at nothing to him. I’d never been to primary school, I’d grown up homeless from the age of 5, never knew my real parents, got mixed up with some bad people. I was 11 when I was arrested for drug possession and put into the foster system where I was told multiple times meant, I would spend the rest of my childhood bouncing around from place to place. But then my parents had adopted me and things stopped sucking.

“You’re so dead Nightshade.” Chase said.

I wasn’t sure if now that they were dating they were allowed to try and beat each other up. But I didn’t say anything knowing that they rarely actually hurt each other that bad.

Blaze pushed Chase against the wall violently, and that was pretty much all the fighting they actually did. After that, it was kinda like watching the foreplay of a porn video.

“What is going on?” Headmaster Walker shouted walking into the hall, “Chase, Blaze, if you two are fighting…”

He stopped suddenly upon realising that Chase and Blaze were literally two kisses away from being characters in Fifty Shades of Gay and colour sprung to his cheeks.

“Ah, I see,” He stammered, “Well, uh, get to class everyone.”

We had fifteen minutes till our next period started.

“Wild are you okay?” Ryder asked putting his hand on top of mine.

I nodded, I just felt a little off today, it had been going on for a while actually, it was probably Christmas stress. Usually I spent Christmas with my parents and brothers but this year was different, this year, Ryder, Chase and I were all going to Blaze’s house and it was going to be amazing. Although Blaze had banned Ryder and I from having sex whilst we were there after Chase’s birthday when the two of them insisted that they could hear us from the other hotel room.

“Yep, just thinking.” I replied.

“You sure? You seem a bit tired.”

“It’s because you keep me awake all night.”

“It was your idea to watch Annabelle at 2am.” He protested.

“No it was definitely yours.” I said kissing him.

“Okay fine it was mine.” He said kissing me again.

I winced and pressed my hand to my stomach.

“Period cramps?” He asked.

“Feels like it.” I groaned.

And with that, he unzipped his bag and pulled out a smaller bag labelled ‘Period Survival Kit’ and handed it to me.

“Chase and I are competing to see who can be a better boyfriend.” He said.

“If there’s a Nutella bar in here, you have won that.” I said.

Not only did I find a Nutella bar, I found a load of scented creams and all that fancy stuff I saw in Boots and Superdrug but never actually bought.

“I’m going to marry you.” I said looking at him, “Seriously, after this, you’re stuck with me.”

“You know I love you, right?” Ryder said seriously.

“I mean, I would hope so because I love you too.”

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