High School Boys

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Bonus Chapter 2:

Ryder POV

Christmas Day

“Open m-mine uncle Ryder, o-open mine.” Phoenix said thrusting a half-wrapped present into my hands.

Uncle Ryder, it sounded so strange hearing that. I wasn’t even 17 yet, then again Wild already had like 200 nieces and nephews and she was two months younger than I was.

“They’re car s-stickers that you can put on your w-wall and in the night they glow i-in the dark.” He said jumping up and down.

“Wow, thanks Phoenix, they’re super cool.” I replied.

Phoenix has picked out his win presents for all of us. Mrs Jackson had taken him shopping and he’d bought Wild a charm bracelet, Chase a shark tooth pendant, me loads of glow in the dark stickers and Storm a bubble bath soap thing.

But Blaze’s present was the best, after seeing Blaze in that cropped hoodie in Chase’s Birthday, he’d wanted to buy him something similar. So he’d bought a crop-top with the word Daddy spelt out in capital letters. I don’t know where Wild’s Mum has taken him shopping, but it hadn’t been to any normal clothing store, because there were only certain places you could buy adult-size clothing with the word Daddy.

“Storm, look at the camera.” I said trying to get a picture of her in a Christmas Cracker paper crown later that day.

She looked at me for a second and giggled stretching her arms out to be carried.

I picked her up and she grabbed my hair.

“I will end up kidnapping you Storm, if you keep being so cute, I will kidnap you.” I murmured to her.

“Please do.” Blaze added.

“I seriously might.”

“Hey.” Wild said walking in.

She was nervous, which was weird. Kind of awkward as she spoke.

“Where were you all this time?” Blaze asked.


“I was just saying that I’m going to kidnap Storm.” I said.

“She’s cute now, but trust me, babies are like two-faced demons.” Blaze said gravely.

I couldn’t wait to have kids someday. Especially kids with Wild, maybe, hopefully, if she stayed with me. I hadn’t even thought about my future, like getting married or having children until I’d gone and fallen in love with Wild.

“An amazing outlook on parenting by Blaze Nightshade.” Chase grinned.

“Yes, I am amazing.” Blaze said.

“No way, babies are awesome, look at this face.” I said looking at Storm’s rosy cheeks and wide curious eyes.

“You really think that?” Wild asked.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to have my own one of these.” I said.

“Wait, seriously? You want kids?”

“I mean yeah, why? Do you not want them?”

Blaze and Chase looked at each other, exchanging glances.

“No it’s just…” she started before Phoenix walked in.

“Daddy, I f-found a thermomometer in the bin upstairs.” He said holding something up to Blaze.

Hang on, that wasn’t a thermometer, that was a, no, wait it couldn't be. What? How?

“Ryder I’m pregnant.” Wild said finally.

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