The Never Forgotten Love

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Yes. I did say I loved him. I tried not to make it obvious through all of the years. You are probably thinking ' childhood friends, childhood love'. Well yes I can't disagree with that. I don't know why but the fact that I new him made me feel so safe. I love how he teased me about my fire red hair. Hm...

*Before when he wasn't gone...

" This girl is on FIREEEEEEEEEE!" he sang while delicately grabbing my hair and 'trying' to make it look like fire.

"David come on stop teasing me" I said while laughing.

" What come on, you are laughing so THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEE!" he started all over again.

"Well ok then, he careful or you will burn your self." I said and sassy hair flipped him.

"Oh no my hand it burns... why cruel world why me," he fell on the ground and looked at me." Save me take away my sins...." he would then stop stick his tongue out and we both would start laughing.

Then we would sit and wait. For something but we never new what.

" Hmmmmmm, Alice?"


" Want to play football?"

"Oh yesssssss ... the last on the field is a rotten egg!" I would shout while running, he was really fast anyway fast so he was usually chaching up with me." I loved them day. So much.

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