The Never Forgotten Love

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How we met ~

Me and David, we were friends for so may years. We were together all the time. But this needed a place to start from:

I was standing there on the beach. The sand under my feet, the sky above me and the sapphire blue sea in front off me. Splashing as if it was a song. I watched every wave, I listened to every splash.

Ilisted to it as if it was a song. A beautiful song, that no one could here, but I could.

Then I found a shell . And another one, thousands of shells. I wanted some so I can give them as presents to my family. I grabbed a bucket and started collecting them. Thankfully there were no crabs in them. I was picking them up until I fell into someone. my bucket went flying and all the shells fell into the sea, with my bucket. I was thanking my self that I didn't take my favourite bucket, that would have been a disaster. The person that I fell in to was a boy. He was the same age as me . We looked at each other for a bit. Then he stood up gently helped me stand up and gave me his bucket with his shells . I was holding the bucket with shinning eyes and my mouth had the shape O. The shells were amazing, so beautiful. I looked at them and then thought.

What if this boy wanted to give them to his family.

Why is he giving them to me ?

If I don't take them what will I give to my family ?

How will he feel if I don't take them?

How will he feel if I take them ?

Who is he?

I polity asked for his name.

"My name is David" he answered with a grin.

I didn't know what to do. We just sood there until I said " My name is A-Alice " for some strange reason I felt shy. Anyway I was trying to think of something that wont hurt him. I wanted the shells but I knew he wanted them too.

Before I could do anything he suddenly disappeared. Vanished. I could not see him. But then I realized that someone was behind me . He was there making a sand castle, he also found my bucket. He asked me if I wanted to play, I wasn't sure but I thought why not?

We played and played , until we had to go. But we knew were to meet up to play together again.

Of course I told my parents I made a friend, so did he. They were actually quite pleased as I never really had proper friends yet.

We played everday until the end of the holiday. But guess what we actually lived closer to each other than I thought.

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