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She is a uncertain, disrespected nerd. A nerd who only wanted to be considered by her crush, a devilishly handsome jock. What happens when his twin sees her through her glasses. Will the handsome jock fight his brother to get her. Or... Will they both share her instead. Romance - 18+ kids!! *wink wink*

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All my life I have been living with my father, a father who gambled the money he earned, the money I saved to eat for a week. Due to his gambling addiction, I stayed hungry for days, weeks even months and survived just eating the remains from a hotel. How embarrassing is that?. I started working in a cafΓ© when I was 15. My back hurts like hell even thinking about it.

I don't even know how many hours I spent reading at night just to get out of this hellhole. But my hardworks had never gone waste. I got a lot of A+. In all the subjects. It paid off. I gradually turned 18. I don't even know how years passed. But my grades are perfect. I was so happy but my drunkard of a father ruined everything in a second.

He... He forced me to join the strip club. As if him, being a drunkard and a gambler is not embarrassing enough. Can't I just say 'no' and do whatever I please? No. I can't. He was abusing me from a very young age. Till now. He beats me up to pulp if I disagree to give him my savings. He gambles it away. Even if he is in a winning streak, he used to spend the money buying alcohol or drugs

Yes, I joined a strip club. I did it because he forced me to. I am not used to attention.Those pervert's look, the way they touch me, spank me and the manager could do nothing about it... Its hell.

We are poor. My father is a single dad and he was forced by the government to take care of me. My mother ran away after giving birth. From that incident, my father despised me. He abused me physically and mentally. His words... It stings, hurts and kills me. He said I am a mistake. In a sense, yes I am. No denying it. Everything would have been just fine if that slut of a mother stayed instead of running away and whoring around. Instead she fucked him and left. She makes even the pond scum look a whole lot nicer. She is disgusting. She left me alone with this abuser. I even doubted that I am his daughter or not. I very well know the answer because I inherited my father's red hair. My blue, crystalline eyes seems to be that pathetic excuse of a mother's.

I am so ashamed of myself.

My closet... Even I would throw up if I open it. I literally have nothing. A pair of jeans and shirts, A slutty strip club outfit and a pair of worn out lingerie, more like underwear which grown out of my breast size and a sports wear and a pair of ripped shoes.

My sports records were perfect. I am on our school's track team, well.. I am the leader of the track team. I do cheer leading too. I am perfect academically. I graduated my high school with a record of highest grades scored. But later that night... Something happend that I will never forget.

My own father... That night, he raped me.

That night, he was drunk and I helped him to bed but he pinned me instead.

I still remember that night. The way he deflowered me cruelty. "Please, I am your daughter, its my first. Don't do this". I begged him. But he didn't care. Its my first and... It wasn't a happy memory. How many happy memory do I have though?

He did it continuously for months from now, three fucking months.


I heard a knock at the door, probably one of the money lenders. I opened the door and pleased to see my government advocate who was handling my case, Mr. Watson at my door. He helped me with my studies, my fees and a lot of stuff. He even suggested me to apply in Yale university. He beamed a bright smile and said "Came bearing a happy news. Congratulations! You are entering Yale university. They are so pleased to have you. They even said you are the perfect student they could ever get." My heart filled with joy. My father entered ruining my happiness again "She aren't going anywhere". Yeah yeah. Why would he allow me? Cause for months, I was his fuck-toy.

The government always had an eye on us. They wanted to send me to a foster care and they got no chance to. Mr. Watson has been working on my case. It's clear that he is abusive and they want to save me. But proof? They got nothing on him. And he is a single parent too. They need to consider that as well.

Mr. Watson has tried to talk me through but I knew better. It takes time to take action but God knows what he is gonna do to me while I wait. He may beat me up or worse kill me. Mr. Watson and I became friends over years. He is a passionate man and wanted to save others life. He is my role model. All my life I only talked to him. No one else. But I am so guilty for not telling him what exactly happened.

Mr. Watson said " Yes Mr. Mc Alister, she is going to America in a week. Her college funds she applied were indeed successful and reached my account. She is leaving in a week." My father's eyes turned red. He tried to attack Mr. Watson but unfortunately for him, he dodged his punches. He said, rage fuming "You have been living with this monster all your life and as for me Roxanne, I am so glad to put you out of your misery. Go pack your bags love, we are leaving to my house. You will be staying at my home for a week. I will take care good care of you till you reach the airport." I smiled thankfully at him and started packing my bags.

A mini handbag is enough for my clothes. I came out of my room. Mr. Watson looked my handbag pitifully as he yelped "Roxanne! Don't be a slow poke. Come fast. We have a lot of things to do." I smirked at my father satisfyingly before entering Mr.Watson's car. That pathetic excuse of my father was fuming. But his helplessness was transparently visible.

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