Siren Alpha

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Chapter Ten


I lay on Freya's bed as she showered, watching the ceiling-fan, feeling sleep tug at the corners of my brain.

I had not slept a wink these past three days. But now she was awake and I could finally sleep. Free from worry.

I thought casually about what one did when faced with his first, and probably last and only girlfriend. Girlfriend was such a petty word. She was my mate. Though of course when I introduced her to humans, girlfriend was the word I would have to go with.

Freya was attractive, I could not deny that. And I did not want to. She had pretty brown eyes, and long curly blonde hair. Her lips were not puffy and her boobs were not so big that they frightened me.

Yes. Freya was made for me, I could see it then.
I could also see myself loving her.

Now making love with her on the other hand--

There was a soft knock on the door.

"Yeah?" I called out. But I knew it was Dustin. I always knew when it was Dustin.

He walked in carrying a tray. Minnie of course, was trailing after him. I hated the way she looked at him. Just like Diana had. Only I had begrudgingly liked Diana; she had been kind to me.

My eyebrows dipped in disgust when they saw Minnie. They probably hated her too."Minnie, I don't remember telling you you were welcome in Freya's room."

She sneered and regarded me with cold eyes behind Dustin's back. I rolled my eyes, turning my attention to my....To my what?
He placed the tray on the bedside table only to look uneasily at me.

"Thank you?" I tried.

Dustin nodded. But still he stood there. His face betrayed nothing, and neither did his posture. Dark green eyes. His jet-black hair was so straight that it looked like it stuck to his face and his ears. He looked so frigid, my wolf man. Still hot. But nonetheless, frigid.

My Dustin.

"You look comfortable on her bed," he said, the "her" less casual than the rest.

"I am."

"You used to be comfortable on mine."

My heart stopped. I swallowed. "What?" I sputtered. In his eyes was an irrritated fire; not the humour I had hoped to find.

Minnie tried to tag him to the door, but she was only human. He ignored her like a pesky fly and I would have loved to watch more....except I had my own problems at the other end of Dustin’s glare.

He finally turned away. "I brought you food too. You haven't been eating much these past few days."

He noticed. Of course he noticed. When had he ever not? I was important to him, even though he did not love me the way I wanted him to.

I wanted to tell him that he had not been eating either. I did not though. He hated it when I pointed out the obvious.

"Earth to Riley."

I jerked. "Huh?"

Freya stood in the doorway wearing a long bath robe. Wet hair draped along her shoulders to her waist. "You've been staring at that door for hours. I've been calling you."

"Hours?" I teased.

She narrowed her eyes at me. "It could have been," she said, her tone serious.

She climbed onto the bed, smiling. Her honey-blonde hair touched the white comforter. I reached out and stroked it. Cold and so soft. My finger strayed to her cheek. "Cold shower?" I asked; her skin felt wonderful; cold on the surface, yet warming up underneath.

"My brain is a little fuzzy. So much so, that this time my wolf woke up before I did. They dosed me with something different this time I think." She leaned into my touch. "Cold water moves the healing process along faster. I'd like to be in my old mind soon."

I nodded slowly. "I love your hair."

She looked unsure for a second.
I also loved that her face was so easy to read, unlike Dustin's. Though, much like him, she hesitated around her words for a long time until she blurted everything out.
"I hate it! I've always wanted to cut it, but my dad has always said that my alpha might like it long, and I'd be punished for my short hair. So I had to keep it long because that way I can still cut it shorter if he wanted it short."

My heart broke. "That's awful. I can't imagine living like that. What did your mom think?" I asked because mothers were the more sensitive ones. Maybe she sympathized with her daughter.

She frowned at me. "What would she say?" she asked back. "She knows nothing about being a Siren, except having mated one."

Her father was a Siren. Sirens could be male. This was brand new information to me.

Sirens mated with Alphas, did they not? But I was not an Alpha. I was not even a wolf-shifter; but it had to be different because we were fated mates. Come to think of it, even Dustin was not an Alpha.

The only way Freya's Siren father could mate with a non-alpha was if they were fated like us. That made sense. "Your parents are fated mates?" I asked.

She had reached over me and was peeking under the two plates. One plate had two steaks, potatoes, peas and spaghetti. It did not make her happy, judging by the way she wrinkled her nose.

I for one tried to ignore her body heat that was hovering over me. I made fists and held them firmly at my sides.

Touching her would be a little weird, would it not? Even though I really, really wanted to.

"No," she answered. "Why would you think that?" She opened the second plate and it only had four steaks. Nothing else. She smiled in triumph. She took it and sat back down.

"Sirens could only mate with non-alphas if they're true mates. Right? It's the only way it makes sense."

She bit into one steak and chewed thoughtfully. "That is true, I suppose. It would explain you and me." She shrugged. "But what do I know, you could be an alpha in your kind."

"So is your mother not a wolf?"

She raised her eyebrows at me in surprise, as if she had never heard a more ridiculous notion. Then understanding crossed her features. "Ahhh. Of course!" she exclaimed, like she had discovered a long awaited cure. "You've spent all your life surrounded by humans. Very sexist species. Riley, my mother is an alpha wolf. An alpha female."

"Oh." I blushed. "Forgive me. I just assumed...."

She shrugged, turning her attention back to a second steak.

"Have you contacted them?"

She sighed. "I tried to call them back in New York, but their phones were switched off. I have no reason to believe they even have them aymore. It all happened so fast. I don't think they even took the car. We've never been attacked--" Her voice broke.

I reached out and hugged her because, how could I not? She relaxed in my arms and I heard her breathe in my scent.

If mine was as calming to her, as hers was to me, then I was glad to be of help.
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