Siren Alpha

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Chapter Fifteen

"Have you forgotten I can smell you? Hell, Dustin, I can hear you breathing and drinking that damn coke!"

He’d been standing outside my door for the last five minutes, driving me insane with his indecision.

Enter or walk! It wasn’t life or death.

"Can I come in?"

"Are you done avoiding me?" I shot back.

He opened the door. "Okay. That's fair." He closed it behind him, but stayed pinned against it, facing me. His eyes were wary, almost as if he was scared of me.

"I won't bite you," I said.

His eyes cleared and he narrowed them at me. "Of course not." He took a seat in front of me.

I had not spoken to him in days. It felt like months to me and the only thing keeping the mate fevers away was Freya. Even so, I could feel the tiny part of me that had been dying in his absence, heal in his presence.

I grasped for possible conversation. Anything. "Freya tells me you're an Alpha."

He raised his eyebrows.

His voice did things to my body. I bit my lip. Hard. He always made me hard.
"Yeah. Says you’re real powerful. More than her mother."

His eyes widened. "Her mom is an alpha? I didn't know..."

"That females could be Alphas? Don't let Freya hear you say that," I teased.

He nodded slowly, not taking his eyes off of me. Then suddenly he asked, "How powerful?"

"Maybe four out of five," I said, biting back a smirk.

Just like Dustin to want to be the top.

The thought caught me so off guard I choked on air and coughed.

He was at my side immediately, concerned. "Are you okay?" He stood behind me rubbing my shoulder blades.

"I'm good," I gasped.

He handed me his coke. "Here. Drink this."

When I set the coke on the table after taking a sip, Dustin's hands strayed to my neck and stayed there.


Hot, burning tingles everywhere. Dustin had literally set me on fire.

All blood went south until I was painfully hard. From his vantage point, he could easily notice.

I jumped to my feet so that he would not see and freak out.

I ended up pressed against him, with his back against the wall. We were squished together in the tiny space behind my desk. I tried to back up, but there just wasn't any room.

He grabbed my hip when I would have fallen over my desk, pulling me closer than I had ever been. Right where I had always wanted to be.

And that is when I felt it.
He was hard too.

Our erections were pressed together and damn, it felt so good I couldn’t meet his eyes.
I could feel his heart pounding under my fingers.

His breaths were coming out harsh and fast against my cheek.
Dustin took my chin in his hand and tilted my face up to look at him. His eyes were darker. Almost black.

He stared intently at me, searching my face and tracing my lip with his thumb. "You're not my brother."

I sputtered. "What?"

"Shhh." He bent down and brushed his lips softly against mine. "Riley, I think I want to mate you."

His tongue licked its way into my mouth. My first kiss. And oh my, it felt so wonderful.
He staked his claim on my lips, my everything, dragging his tongue across every surface it could find.

Soon I was rubbing my groin against him, moaning my pleasure. He groaned, pulling me closer. He shoved a knee between my legs and growled deep in his throat when I used it just like he wanted.

He nibbled and licked at my lips until they tingled. "Fuck, Riles," he bit out.

I went wild.

I scrambled for our pants, unbuckling belts, opening flies, pushing down underwear, until I had us both of us in each hand.

Dustin kissed me harder, forcing his tongue into my mouth and kissing me with all the force in the universe. I moaned and kissed him back.

I cried out when he pushed my hand away and touched my dick for the first time.

His hand was warm and unwavering. His grip was strong as he stroked me slowly from base to the tip. I dropped my head to his shoulder to watch, whimpering when he swiped the tip with his thumb.
I groaned and pushed myself into his grip, licking and nuzzling his neck.

"Dustin, please," I whimpered.

He pushed away my other hand from his hard shaft. Then with one hand, because damn he had big hands, he took both our lengths and brought them together.

"Ungh!" It was all I could manage.

He used our wetness to ease his stroking. I placed tiny kisses all over his face; not believing what was happening.

Dustin did not take his eyes off me once, and that made me believe.

His gaze set me on fire.
I begged him to fuck me. I begged him to shove it in me. To give me everything he had.

My words set him off and his strokes got harder and faster.

"Dustin. Make me come. Please!"

He did. Over and over again.
All over his hands and our shirts and then he came too.

We stood there for seconds, or hours. I don't know. Our foreheads were pressed together.

I glanced up and his eyes were tightly shut. I just knew he would regret it.

Say it was a mistake and pretend it all away.

I had just made love with Dustin Webb, and I was not going to let anyone ruin it. Not even him.

So I quickly zipped up my pants, closed up my jacket to hide the stains on my t-shirt.

And I ran.

I ran as fast as I could.
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