Siren Alpha

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Chapter Twenty-One


"Guess what?" I asked as I entered Feral and shut the heavy door behind me.

Dustin looked up from his laptop, Riley came out of his office. It was 4pm and the club was thankfully empty.

"What?" Riley asked. He narrowed his eyes at the head sock and hoodie(extra protection) covering my head.

"What did you do?" he drawled suspiciously.

Dustin closed his computer and rose from his chair. "Freya?"

"Where did Tristan take you?" Riley asked slowly.

"To his hairdresser."

Dustin cursed. Riley fought so hard to wipe any expression from his face, but failed miserably.

"Did you...uhhh--" he took a deep heavy breath, "--please, Freya, just tell us if you cut it," he rushed out.

The past three weeks I had been dropping hints here and there about my dissatisfaction with my hair. My father had made sure it stayed long-- as with all my siblings, brothers and sisters, alike. The whole my-hair-is-not-my-own thing had weighed heavily on my shoulders my whole life.

Now though, I was a claimed female-- sort of-- and my mates were not douches. Therefore, it stood to reason that I could change my hair and no one would not get mad.

It was my hair, was it not?

But standing there facing them, I started to wonder: Should I have asked first? What if they hated it? What if they got mad? Would they lash out? Send me away? I really doubted they would hit me, but what if? I had not known them for very long.

We were still learning each other. Two months was a short time to claim to know someone.

My panic must have shown on my face because Riley sighed and said, "Breathe, Freya. We don't mind, as long as you're happy."

"Yeah," said Dustin. "He's right. Just show us. I'm sure we'll love it. You're so beautiful, you'll look good even if you had a mo-hawk on your head."

I smiled at that.

They were now standing right in front of me.

Riley felt my head through the thick fabric and grinned at Dustin. "Hey, she's not bald."

I laughed, leaning into Dustin.

"No I'm not bald, handsome." I mumbled, raking my hands down his chest.

He leaned down and kissed me, softly at first, then not so soft, but hard and fast. I lost myself and found that I forgot everything. Where I was. How I had gotten there. And most importantly, why.

I forgot everything, but I could not forget Riley. Simply because it was Riley.

I was always aware of both my mates. I could feel their presences in my bones. A constant fire I allowed engulf me. Pretty soon I would be able to sense their feelings and emotions as clearly as night and day.

And after that, probably after years, I will be able to hear their thoughts.

But that could only happen after we mated for real, and they put their marks on me, and I put mine on them, but Dustin was not ready yet.

He pulled back from the kiss leaving me dazed and light-headed.

"Are you gonna show us?" Dustin asked.

I nodded.

Riley chuckled when I stayed disoriented and did nothing except stand there and stare.

"Should I remove this?" he asked, his finger at the edge of the hood and headsock.

I nodded again.

"Hold your breath, Dustin. This should be good," Riley joked.

They both made a show of taking deep gulps of air and holding them. I set them glares which I hoped conveyed how silly I found them.

Riley pulled off the coverings in one swoop of his hands. My hair spilled over my shoulders.

They both exhaled at the same time.

"Fuck!" hissed Dustin.

I chewed on my lower lip. It was a good "fuck".

Riley combed his fingers through the tresses, his touch reverent. "I don't know what I was expecting, but I love this."

Dustin looked at me with so much awe in his eyes that my legs threatened to fall under me.

"It suits her," he said.

By then, I was preening like a peacock. "You really like it?"

"Uhuh," Dustin said, grabbing a handful.

"You both seemed to like the length, so I didn't cut it. I just wanted a little change, you know?"

Riley turned me to face him and held my face in his hands. "I hope you didn't decide not to cut it because of us." I had told them why I had not been allowed to cut it growing up. It sickened them. Made them feel guilty for liking it long. "Because we're not psychotic alphas."

"No, we're not," said Dustin.

"We want you to choose stuff for yourself and be independent. It's your body, your hair."

I knew all this, but it was still warm and comforting to hear it.

"I know. I know. That's why I coloured it. I do love the length. I will admit, it makes me happy that you like it. I do feel an insane need to please you. But this--" I pointed at my hair,"-- this is all my idea, my decision. My choice."

I did not tell them that it was hot like hell and it had always been a fantasy of mine to see what I looked like with short hair.

It was twisted, but I loved that they liked something on me. They were my mates, my true mates. I kept it long just for them.

It was my decision. And even if I made it for the happiness of someone-- or in this case, someones-- else who was not me, it was still a decision. That is what they insisted I make.

"I really want a picture of this," said Riley, taking his phone out of his pocket.

We got really close together, with me in the middle. Hands were draped around me, Dustin smirked at the camera, and Riley
pressed a wet sloppy kiss on my cheek.

Flash. We were immortalised in megapixels.

Freya and her mates.
Riley and his mates.
Dustin and his mates.

The three of us so happy.

Riley with his snowy blond hair and sparkly light-blue eyes.

Me, with my deep pink hair, bordering on maroon, but not so quite. Brown eyes and goofy grin.

Dustin with his dark hair, emerald green eyes, red lips pulled into a ridiculously sexy smirk(seriously, that thing should be illegal).

Two months. Barely enough. I wanted forever with them.

Something strange happened the next day. Ivanov's men showed up. Two of them.

It was a Thursday, around the time before the other employees showed up at Feral, I was restocking the bar, drying glasses.

Riley and Dustin were working at a far off table on their laptops, out of the way of me and any other employee that might have showed up needing to clean the floor.

It was a habit of theirs: sitting in the club instead of Riley's office and keeping me "company".

That's what they called it. But I knew they were watching over me. They had failed to grasp how strong Sirens were.

Understandable, I admit, considering we were a hunted species.

That was the homey scene the two gangly guys walked in on. They smelled acrid, like that common smell of lemons.

One of them had short spiky brown hair and huge eyes. The other was taller, leaner with long wavy hair.

They were handsome, to say the least, like famous pop-stars. They were dressed in skin tight jeans and leather jackets over white vests. Definitely, popstar-like.

"Hey, little lady," huge-eyes said.
I frowned at them. 5'7! I was not small.

"We're closed," I said.

We now had Riley and Dustin's full attention.

"Really," long-hair said. They sat down on bar stools.

Their smell. It was not human. Different, like Riley was from other wolf-shifters.

"Okay. Cut the bull. What are you?" I said.

Their eyes widened slightly at my brash tone, or was it at my question. I didn't care.

"We're looking for someone," huge-eyes said, ignoring my question. They were brothers, that much I could make out from their scents.

"Who are you?" I asked again. I saw Riley and Dustin approach the bar. They walked stealthily and in a deadly fashion. One wrong move from these two idiots and my mates would have their heads. Which was comforting, but still funny because I was stronger than both Riley and Dustin.

Plus even though I was not yet mated, my powers were kicking in. I would get all tingly in my arms and legs and almost every inch of skin. Especially in the shower. It was not the aroused kind of tingle. Just tingles. Strange intrusive tingles.

"You two ain't from around here," Dustin said, his country-boy drawl kicking in. It did that when he got all bossy.

"Who sent you?" Riley demanded.

That's when it hit me. I was still being hunted by Alpha Cole.

"You're shifters," I snarled.

Dustin growled angrily. Bones were about to break.

I jumped over the bar top; ready to defend my mates.

Huge-eyes raised his hands.
"Look, we're not looking for any trouble."

His brother nodded frantically. "And yeah, we're shifters. Leopard-shifters. We're just passing through and we smelled you guys all over the territory. Thought we would show up, make our presence known, so you wouldn't attack us while we had our backs turned."

Riley and Dustin looked confused at this shifter custom, and so I spoke for them. "Are you alone?"

"Yeah," long-hair answered. A lie I foolishly believed.

"Okay. Take two or three days and then leave. This is SwanLake Pack territory and strangers are not welcome."

"Alright, alright. Thank you..." he prompted for my name.

"Her name is none of your business. The only name you need to know is Dustin Webb, as in, Alpha Dustin. Now get out of my club," Riley roared.

When they left, Dustin chuckled.

His eyes were twinkly. I loved it when they got like that. They were mischievous and he only got that way around the two of us. "Our feisty little coyote."

Riley leaned in and run his tongue over Dustin's lips, side to side. "You know it, Dust."

They were breathtakingly beautiful.

I wanted forever with them.
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