Siren Alpha

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Chapter Twenty-Five


"Riles, wait up!"

I froze, grinding my teeth. Why couldn't I hit her, again? "I told you not to call me that. Only Dustin calls me that," I ground out.

Minnie came up from behind me to stand in front of me. She had a devious grin o her face. "Really? No one else? Not even your precious princess?"

I refused to respond. Minnie was best left to tire herself out.

"Funny, I've been meaning to ask you. Weren't you gay? What changed? Did Dustin finally put you in your place?"

I bit my tongue till it drew blood.

"You deny it? That you were totally gay for him?"

"Grow up, Minnie. We aren't in high school anymore." I tried to side-step her, but she grabbed my arms and held me in place. I could have moved her-- easily, at that-- but to do so I would have had to hurt her.

"Gentle little thing, aren't you," she jeered, when I let her drag me around.

"I don't want to waste my strength on you. You aren't worth it."

"You were so desperate following him into college like you did!"

And there it was. The single moment in time where Minnie began to hate me. She stopped seeing me as her friend.

We were the same age, had been in the same class, but when Dustin had finished with his last year of school and left for college, I had followed him.

Minnie stayed back and finished highschool.

"Bitterness does not suit you, Minnie. If you want him so bad why not tell him." I lowered my voice so only she could hear me. "Then he can reject you properly instead of the rest of us having to do it for him." I pried her fingers from my arms and literally lifted her to the side. "Excuse me."

I burst into our room-- mine, Dustin's and Freya's. "Get dressed. We're eating out today."

"Bump into Minnie again?" Freya guessed.


"Sorry, cutie."

I sighed. "Freya that nickname is never going to stick."

She pouted at me. "I like it. It describes you perfectly."

I frowned at her, grateful when she did not flinch in fear. I never wanted to scare her. "Freya. No."

She rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"Where's Dustin?"

Since Freya had began working with Dustin during the day, we had decided to take some days off during the week from the club. Jessica could handle those days, but I was in the process of interviewing a new bartender to help out. So Sundays and Mondays we did not step a foot into the club. I only tolerated them because I had Freya to keep me company through most of it.

"Next bedroom. Conference call. Company stuff."

I watched as she shimmied out her blue jeans, miles and miles of leg getting exposed. When I looked up I found her eyes on me, eyebrow cocked. "See something you like, cutie?"

I smirked and walked up to her. I placed my hands on her hips, grazing her behind with my fingers. Her body shivered against mine and she pressed closer. "Now see, that time it worked."

"What worked?" she asked.


She gave me a toothy salacious grin. "You don't say."

"I do."

"Do I have to beg you to kiss me."

I groaned and pressed my lips against hers. I pulled her even closer, and pressed my growing erection against her stomach.

She writhed against me and I groaned even louder, pushing my tongue into her mouth for a deeper kiss. She tasted like mangoes and melons from the fruit juice Marie was insisting she take. Vitamins and all that...

The door shut. "Damn, if i had known there was a show, I would have come sooner."


I ignored him and continued to suck on Freya's juicy lower lip.
I heard Dustin walk up to us and stand behind Freya, pressing into her and wrapping his arms around her till his hands gripped my waist.

I opened my eyes when Freya moaned.
Dustin was sucking and nibbling on her neck.
"More," she breathed.
I made eye contact with Dustin, then took one of his hands from around my waist and squeezed it in between me and Freya. I moaned when it grazed my length, but I knew where I was taking it.

Freya's warm moist heat.

"Oh shit!" Dustin swore when he touched her there and she cried out, arching her back.

I turned my attention back to kissing Freya as she went wild in my arms from Dustin's fingers.
I could feel his fingers moving in between us. Slipping into her panties, rubbing masterfully, sinfully.

Freya whimpered against my lips. I swallowed all her desperate moans, and she swallowed mine when Dustin adjusted his hand to rub against my hard shaft as it moved.

I moved against it, increasing the friction.

Their combined heat was intoxicating.

Their combined scents were dizzying.
Sweat and flowers in spring.
My mates.

I knew we were nearing their climaxes when Freya's grinding became more frantic. She was sweet in the way she moved with abandon. Our beautiful muse.

It made Dustin's hand against me feel like torture. The good erotic kind.

We abandoned the kiss and buried our faces in our necks.
Rugged heavy breaths against skin.

And then, we each fell apart.
I moaned low and deep.
And Freya? The sound she made was something else. I had never heard her climax, and that first sound is burned into my mind.
A cross between a whine and a sob.

So, so loud, it shook the house.
It shook me to my core.

We fell to the floor. The three of us. Barely breathing.

"Fuck!" I cried. "Why don't we do that more often?"

Freya simply whined and pushed closer to me.

I somehow knew what she needed me to do. Dustin seemed to know too.

She needed us to hold her.
I pulled her into my arms and hugged her as Dustin snuggled in behind her, whispering sweet soothing words.

We stayed like that for a while, just breathing, relaxing our muscles. The reason I was fuming a while ago completely forgotten.

"Dustin's still hard," Freya said, eventually.

I laughed and Dustin groaned.

"Let's go eat first. We'll take care of him when we come back. Okay?"

"Sounds like a plan," Dustin said.
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