Siren Alpha

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Chapter Twenty-Seven


“Her name is Maya.

“She found her true-mate really late. She had waited for him her whole life. She was thirty at the time and, well, he already had a mate bond with another woman. They had children. He could not leave his family, so he told mom to leave and never show her face again. So she returns home, sad and depressed, only to find her eldest sister dead.

“So umm, my mom's dead sister....

“She met her true mate at some alpha meeting while my mom was off somewhere getting her heart broken. Another alpha had her eyes set on him though, so they clashed, fought, and my aunt got killed. Not so common an occurrence at the time, but it happened occasionally enough that that evil woman was not banished or anything.

“Those days Sirens were kept in “Siren Camps”. Alphas would show up, bid, and walk away with a Siren mate. That’s where the "fight" broke out.

“That alpha though, did not count on my aunt’s sister, who was also an alpha and had a tonne of emotions to work through. Mom went on a rampage, hunted that woman down, fought her, won and claimed my dad as her own.

“All for her sister. My sister Zisa was named in memory of her; my dad’s true-mate and my mother’s only sister.”

“That’s tragic,” Riley exclaimed.

“Agreed,” Dustin said.

I shrugged. “Welcome to the shifter world.”

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