Siren Alpha

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Chapter Thirty-Three


Dustin found me and Riley in bed. We were showered, comfy and dozing off. Waiting for him because sleeping with only one of our mates was becoming unbearable. It only ended in restless sleep.

We could not sleep without him.

He was quiet. I guessed that Minnie and Marie's relationship had messed with his head.

When he stalked into the bathroom, I exchanged a look with Riley.

We needed to comfort our mate. Take his mind off his troubles.

Even if just for a little while.

We waited for him to come out and then we went to him. His chest was bare and he had a towel draped around his hips.

Riley kissed him deeply stroking his neck until his tense muscles visibly relaxed. He stepped off to the side placing wet kisses onDustin’s cheek.

I kissed Dustin gently. My stomach flurried with a mixture of excitement and nerves at what I was about to do.

“We want to make you feel good, handsome, okay? Breathe for us.”

I kissed down from his lips, to his jaw, to his throat and shoulder. I licked and gently tugged at his nipple, making him moan, then trailed my tongue down his sculpted abs and knelt at his feet.

I tugged at the towel and tossed it.

Intimidating. That was just the word for it.

It is one thing to stroke an erection, and grind against it. It is an entirely different thing for your virgin self to come face to face with it. I was a little terrified.





Dustin Webb’s dick.

I gulped.

I nervously glanced up. Riley was nibbling at Dustin’s ear, making the latter groan and mumble incoherently.

It also made him so much harder.

Riley met my eyes, searching them. I knew he could read me perfectly.

He left Dustin’s side and knelt next to me. He took hold of Dustin’s member in his hand. Stroking slowly; reverently.

“Start with a lick. Then take down as much as you can.” As he said this, his other hand snaked up the oversized T-shirt I wore to bed.

He brushed feather light caresses against my thighs and hips.

I leaned forward and licked it. Once. Twice. It tasted okay. Warm throbbing skin. The tip was a bit salty, but not in a bad way.

Then I sucked it deep into my mouth and Dustin cried out, falling heavily against the door, just as Riley’s wandering fingers slid home into me. My knees wobbled and I braced a hand against the door.

His other hand came up to my chest under my shirt. Gently kneading my breasts, giving attention to both of them. “Good?”he murmured, his breath hot in my ear. I shivered against him.

I increased the suction in my mouth, bobbing my head. Dustin groaned and Riley gave an answering moan, slipping his hands from my chest to stroke himself.

His other fingers rubbed me just right in a way only my mates knew how, in a way I would only ever let my mates. He buried his face in my neck, his breathing harsh and warm against my throat.

I felt his teeth scrape my skin and I whimpered.

Please bite me. Mark me. Claim me.

I struggled to breathe through my nose. The urge to have Riley mark me tearing me apart. My body was on fire. I was so close. And I sensed, through our barely-there bond, that Riley and Dustin were right with me.

Dustin growled, grabbed me by the hair and started thrusting into me at a faster pace. Riley’s fingers began to rub faster too; where he touched me, and also inside his shorts. He perfectly mirrored the pace Dustin had set like they were shared the same mind.

With a a harsh grunt, Dustin came in my mouth and I readily swallowed, just like I had seen Riley do.

Then I came, hard, collapsing against Dustin’s thigh.

We watched hypnotized as Riley stroked himself.

He lay down on his back, on the white fluffy carpet. He shoved his

shorts down to his knees, and pulled his shirt up to his chest.

He was a wanton muse. Without guile as he moaned and writhed.

Face flushed, red lips parted, letting out whimpers and soft little


I reached out and touched his cheek. “You’re so beautiful,” I


“Damn gorgeous,” Dustin said lovingly, his voice thick with passion.

Our words pushed him over the edge. Riley came all over himself.

It was mesmerizing the way his back arched. The way he screamed his completion.

Dustin slid down the door. “Next time, we’re completing our bond.”

We stared at him. Did he mean what we wanted him to mean.

Was he going to mark us? I hoped he was ready to do so, but I also hoped he was sure about it. Shifter marks were serious business and there was no turning back.

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