Siren Alpha

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Chapter Thirty-Four


A few days after Freya adopted the E twins I was forced to go "space hunting". I had Marie and the E twins in the car with us. Riley was at Feral, working, and also not at all interested in hanging out with us.

Everest sat at the front with me with the rest in the back, Freya in the middle. She mostly chatted with Ethan, and Marie jumped in whenever she wanted.

Freya and Ethan. Now that was surprising, to say the least.

Three days, and already they had this weird bond going on.

Laughing and joking together. The one male Freya did not flirt with, and the one person Ethan did not sneer at. I mean, he was his usual sarcastic moody self, but Freya took it in stride, like she actually...liked him.

I shivered.

Everest caught me staring at them in the rear view mirror and chuckled. “Yeah. Same here” was all he said.

“You should meet my friend Tristan,” Freya said, when she

learned that Ethan was bi.

“He’s gay?” Ethan asked, frowning at her.

Freya opened her mouth and squinted. “Well... I have no idea

what he is. Bu-uut...he’s cute.”

I growled at that.

“Now, Dustin,” Marie chided. “Being in a relationship does not mean that one becomes blind to their surroundings.” She smirked at me.

I sighed. “Yes, nanny Marie.”

She smiled satisfied with her life lesson.

We stopped at a few places, with the owners really optimistic about the crowds a cafe would attract in their location. Nothing was definite. The prices were good though. The E twins had their own money from managing Cole’s businesses, and Marie had a lot saved from working at Webb manor.

We dropped nanny off at the house and the four of us continued to Feral.



“That is so so weird,” I declared.

It was 4am, almost closing on a Friday night. I stood behind the bar with Dustin and Freya, Everest sitting on the other side of the counter.

We all watched in growing incredulity as Ethan...flirted? With Tristan.

Who flirted back!

I had no idea the guy was gay. I mean he liked color and shit, but plenty of straight guys did. I'd always rejected stereotypes; I never thought one would walk into my lap like this.

“I think it’s cute,” Everest said.

“You really think they’re true mates?” Dustin asked.

“Uhuh,” Everest replied. "I can feel it. Plus he’s closed off our mind link. He never does that.”

“Mind link?”

“Twin-bond. Feelings, thoughts...I sense everything. That’s whywe’re such efficient betas,” he drawled.

I grinned. “Well. We’re glad to have you.”

Ethan leaned in to whisper in Tristan’s ear and we all groaned in horrified disgust when we heard what he said. Tristan, the poor soul, went beet-red.

“Nope. We did not need to hear that,” Dustin declared. He got his car keys and handed them to Freya. “We’re leaving. Give those to Ethan so he can get his dirty-minded ass home on his own.”

We all piled into my car and left after Freya got back from giving Ethan his way home.

It was silent. Everyone trying to forget what Ethan had said.

Then out of the blue, Freya started to giggle hysterically. “Ethan. Is such. A perv,” she gasped out between laughs.

We all joined in, laughing hysterically. Our ears needed to be burned off, but otherwise, it had been a good day. I had gotten to know Everest really well, and Ethan too, somewhat. They were nice fun-loving people. I really liked them.

I found myself wanting them to stay. We could form a really good pack.

Dustin laughed so hard he had to pull over. “He had to know we were listening, that asshole!” he said.

Everest snorted. “Of course he knew. He wanted us out of there so he could do unholy things to poor Tristan. They’re probably groping and grinding against a wall right now.”

Another round of horrified groans of disgust followed by car-shaking hysterics.

“I can’t breath,” I wheezed.

Dustin wiped at his eyes, and Everest shook so hard he manged to get tangled up in Freya’s hair.

“This is the part where the axe murderer finds us,” I giggled, noting our car parked next to a creepy dark forest.

Freya mimicked Everest’s snort, but it came out funny, and we all laughed again.

“We are adults,” Everest said in mock sternness. Making us laugh even stupider.

Dustin drove us to his mother’s house. I thought absently that we needed our own house. We needed to leave the nest.

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