Siren Alpha

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Chapter Thirty-Five


“How did you guys figure out how to use Palm root for the mate fevers?” Everest asked.

“How did you figure out they were mate fevers to begin with?” Ethan followed up.

Wheels were turning in their heads. It was fascinating. They were clearly intelligent in a cunning sort of way. “Street smarts”. That’s the word.

It was just after 5pm, the five of us were hanging out in Feral.

Dustin’s eyebrows were scrunched up in thought. He looked to Riley.

“Don’t look at me,” he said holding his hands out. “I was passed out for most of it.”

“Lucky guess?” Everest hedged.

Dustin’s face froze for a second. He was going real deep into his memory. “Nanny Marie,” he finally said. “She gave me the palm root. She swore it would help and it did.”

“Wait. What?” I said. “I thought she got the idea from you guys. But now that I think about it, it makes no sense. You only met pack once, and it was only Cole.”

“And that was after the fevers started,” Riley supplied.

We were quiet for five seconds.

“Lucky guess,” I repeated, hopefully.

“She’s a witch,” Everest said quietly.

Dustin shoved his chair back angrily. “Shut up.”

“We’ve met a few witches in our lifetime. They smell completely human......except when they don’t,” Ethan said.

“Stop calling her that!”

“It’s not a bad word, Dustin. At least not in our world,” I said.

“She smells like sage, and all sorts of other witch stuff,” Ethan continued, unfazed.

“But the sage is the most key factor,” Everest said.

“Purification herb. They value it. Keeps their magic light.”

“Light? So she’s a good witch?” Riley asked.

Dustin glared at him.

Everest smiled. “Marie? She can never be anything but good.”

“So why tell us?” Dustin asked. In that moment I wondered if he’d make us take Marie with us to our new house. He loved that woman something fierce.

“We’re going to confront her. Tell her we know. She obviously knows about us so....”

Everest stood and Ethan followed. Ethan took Dustin’s car keys off the table.

“Plus Feral is boring before 9pm,” Ethan goaded.

Riley growled.

“We’re leaving. We’re leaving,” Everest said, ushering his menace of a brother out.

“Show us some of that Siren magic,” Riley said when they had left.

I laughed at his enthusiasm. He was beautiful in everything that he did.

Dustin insisted we do it in the office at the back because anyone could have passed by and seen through the windows.

Riley’s eyes, damn, they nearly glowed when my fingers sparkled in blue electricity.

My heart stopped when he reached out suddenly and grabbed my hands.

Dustin screeched and jerked him back forcefully. “Do you have a death wish?” he yelled.

Riley fixed his clothes. “Relax. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You can’t hurt your true mate.” He showed us his hands. “It tickled, nothing else. She can’t hurt us. Her powers come from a deeper part of her, along with her wolf. Can’t hurt us,” he stressed.

I was still reeling from him taking my powers head on like that. I could have electrocuted him to death. Then a thought crossed my mind. “What if my powers are non lethal. What if they can’t hurt anything?”

“True. We’ll buy you a plant on the way home,” Riley said.

“I’m not shocking a plant, omega...”

“We have to find out somehow, and I’m sure Ethan would kill us if we asked him to be our guinea pig. And if we asked Everest well...Ethan would kill us.”

Well wasn't that the understatement of the year.

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