Siren Alpha

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Chapter Thirty-Seven


I watched in awe as the most imposing man I had ever seen in my life sauntered into our house. Unashamedly using the front door, his sort of confidence implied that he not only lived here but that he also owned the very earth.

His confidence said a lot of things. And his good looks more than boosted his imposing presence.

He was large and taller than anyone in the room with wide strong shoulders. Everything about him screamed dominant.

“We didn’t hear you approach the house,” Riley asked.

The man smiled and shrugged. It was obvious what he was.

“Dear....sweet Riley. I am not someone you can sense unless I want you to,” he said pleasantly. He sneered menacingly, the arrogant ass! “And I most certainly did not want you to.”

“Level five,” I whispered. I could not get my voice to work any louder than that.

Dustin visibly tensed near me. He was a four. I realized belated that maybe I should not have said it out loud as it only dampened Dustin and Riley’s spirits. But, of course alphas could sense fellow alphas, so really, I had only hastened the inevitable.

Dustin had to have known that Cole Frontis was stronger than

him. His own cousin, and they had met before.

Riley moved forward to stand between Dustin and Cole, but

Dustin held on to his arm, forcing him to stay by his side.

This was a fight for the entire pack.

“You can’t have her, Cole,” Valeriya said, stepping right in the level five Alpha’s face. “She has true-mates.”

“And also because she does not want you to. That’s a very important thing to note, Fortis,” Riley said.

Cole sighed. He sunk into the leather couch. Dustin's aunt was a cold stoic woman and so naturally her chairs were bright pink. Cole looked so....

He just didn’t....


Ethan snickered, but his twin was the one who spoke. “Cole, pink really isn’t your colour.”

Dustin glared at Everest. “This is really not the--”

“Cole?” Fortis echoed. “I’m 'Cole' now?”

Everest stood tall and proud behind his new Alpha. “I’m not

your Beta anymore.”

Cole cocked his head to the side, looking curious. “Were you ever?” he asked softly.

Everest faltered at the show of emotion from Cole.

Even I became unsure.

“Are you really here for me?” I asked.

It was easier to speak to him while he sat. I thought idly that maybe he sat for just that reason.

“I can’t mark you now, can I? What with your true-mtaes still living. The only way would be to kill them, but...” He shrugged.

“You’re not a murderer like your father?” Dustin hissed.

I cursed in my head. Please don’t start anything. He was just. About. To leave!

Cole shot to his feet. “Shut it, Webb. My father won a duel. Yours lost.”

“So he had to die?” Dustin demanded.

The cousins faced off, toe to toe, nose to nose. Inner wolves growling angrily.

“Mistress!” a panicked voice yelled. The voice was familiar. I looked to the door and the leopards from the club were standing in our doorway.

Apparently everyone had been invited over. Wonderful!

“What is it?” Valeriya asked.

“There are wolves at the forest border. White wolves.”

My ears sharpened at that.

White wolves. Those could only be Sirens.

My family.

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