Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty


The story tumbled out of Loki.

“I'll start from the beginning. About three hundred years ago, Sirens lived in packs. Exclusive Siren packs. We were safe there. We watched out for each other. To the outside world we were powerful beasts capable of great destruction--”

“Which is true,” Freya interrupted.

He nodded. “Yes. We are stronger and faster than the ordinary wolf-shifter. Even an alpha. But back then we were nothing special. Only our white coats made us different. Which is why they feared us. They demanded we form alliances with them, that way we wouldn’t be able to attack.

“Our alphas were foolish. Wanting peace, they agreed. Our Sirens were taken as mates for a false unity between wolf-shifters. They were tortured, mistreated, out of jealousy, and hate. So much hate that the fates intervened.

“After decades passed, the Sirens taken as mates to outsider packs started to develop special abilities. It was a time of war and strife. The cats were attacking and had formed an alliance with the vampires. These mated Sirens, they could foretell the future, they could read the intentions of others, they could do all sorts of invaluable feats. They were a great asset to the war, and the wolves triumphed.

“But the alphas weren’t satisfied. They fought over us. Took us by force. Stole us from our packs, away from our families. We became no more than means to an end. They dared to call us Sirens. Accused us of tearing their packs apart. The fates intervened again. They made us stronger. No wolf could mate us by force anymore.

“But he wolves rebelled. They used iron to tame us. They chained us. Even then they weren’t strong enough. They weakened us further by poisoning us until finally, only their alphas could force us to submit.

“The fates realizing their mistake in underestimating the greed of the alphas, dwindled our numbers and stripped us of our own alphas. Sirens became packless wanderers, it was easier to hide that way until such a time that a worthy Siren Alpha could come to lead us. Until you Freya. You are special. You can protect us. You’re a powerful wolf-shifer, a powerful Siren. You are our Alpha.

You must rule over us.”

Freya blinked mutely.

“We should.....” She pointed to the forest behind her. “Get back. Are you guys okay on your own?”

Loki nodded. “I understand it’s a lot to take in. We’ll give you the time you need. We’ll be here.”

Freya laughed nervously. “Of course you will.”

His next words caused us all to pause in our tracks.

“I hope that in time you’ll pick a mate from among your own people.”

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