Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty-One


I saw red. Anger and more anger. My coyote growled and the

sound vibrated through me as I lunged for Loki’s neck. “You son

of a--”

Strong arms wrapped around my waist, but they were weaker than me, I dragged them along with me. More hands joined in until everyone was holding me back.

“Breathe, Riley,” Dustin whispered in my ear, and it only made me angrier.

“Freya already has two mates,” I snarled at Loki. “I swear I’ll kill the third. I swear it!”

Having gotten our message across, my coyote calmed down.

“Okay?” Everest asked.

I nodded and they released me, but they kept close. Loki simply scowled at me, unconcerned and unbothered.

“Goodbye,” Freya said, and we left the clearing, and made our way to the house.

The way back was quiet for only a while.

“So let’s say the Sirens stay--” Everest said.

“We’d need to convince the mayor--” Ethan continued.

“Give valid reasons--”

“A succubus could convince her--”

“Get them sort-of-legal papers--”



The twins were on a roll. It was quite impressive to witness.

“Hold up,” Freya said.

“Yeah. Slow down,” Dustin agreed.

They turned confused faces at us. “What?” they said in unison.

“This is all going a little fast,” Freya said.

“Well, the circumstances aren’t exactly slow, now are they?” Ethan said. He advanced on her. “We need to sort it out now before people start asking questions. This pack of yours? They don’t seem like the subtle type. My money’s on them inadvertently exposing us in their first week here. We need to get a plan or else we’re all screwed. There’s no time for you to catch up. To come to terms with it. To process it! If word spreads we’re going to have every alpha in the world knocking on our pack borders. We need to move now. Assimilate them into whatever life we can have for them. Okay?”

Freya nodded. “Okay.”

“Dustin?” Everest asked.

“Yeah. Whatever.”

They turned their eyes on me. I wasn’t expecting that. Everest was Dustin’s beta and Ethan was Freya’s beta. I was left out. No beta. I wasn’t even a wolf. What business did I have making decisions for their pack?

Freya must have read my eyes because the question in her gaze faded. Her eyes were soft when she said: “This is your pack as much as mine, as much as Dustin’s. You’re our mate. We’re your mates.”

“Yeah,” Dustin agreed.

“Alpha’s usually lead alone....” Everest said with a small frown.

“But we want you with us every step of the way,” Freya said.

“Equals,” Dustin said.

“Wolf or not.”

I grinned at the sappy idiots, even if I knew I was the one being silly.

All five of us walked back to the mansion laughing and joking and all together the light-hearted we had been in a while.

Suddenly, when we were only half a mile away, Freya broke into a speeding run, and on instinct we chased after her.

There was a huddle of humans. Dark hair, dark eyes...wolves, not humans.....Sirens.

“Mom! Dad!” she screamed when she got to them.

Two adults. Nine kids.

She hugged them.

We slowed our approach when we noticed the way Freya’s mom glared at us.

Her dad was watching us warily like we were a threat. We came to a complete halt when a girl...a woman a little older than Freya, but still very close in resemblance growled at us. She pulled Freya behind her and glowered at us.

The reaction was instantaneous; Ethan and Everest stepped right in front of me and Dustin, growling in return, daring her to come closer.

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