Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty-Two


There were ten angry Sirens in front of Webb Manor. Freya’s parents were not happy to see us. I saw Minnie peeping at us from a crack in the door. That’s when I knew she had done this.

“How did you find me?” Freya asked.

Freya’s dad frowned at her. “You texted us. Told us how to find this place. To take you home.”

“Texted...? No, I sent you an email but you never replied.”

“What?” He pulled out his phone and showed her.

“I didn’t send any of this.” She turned a worried gaze on us.

I shrugged, even though I knew.

Freya waved us closer. “Come meet my family.”

“Meet them?” her mother asked, incredulously. “Freya, we’re taking you with us.”

That got my attention. “No!”

Her mom growled at me. My wolf’s fur bristled. She was a powerful alpha, but he was more than ready to fight to keep our mate.

“With all due respect, ma’am. No,” I stated more calmly.

Freya’s dad pushed forward and glared at me. “We’ll fight you to the death to protect our daughter.”

Riley put up his hands in supplication. “We’re not holding her hostage, Sir. She’s free to come and go as she pleases.”

That did not help calm my wolf. The idea of Freya going. No!

“I’m not leaving, Ma! Pa! They’re my mates. My true mates!”

The eldest sister grabbed her shoulders. “Freya! You’re out of your mind. We’re Sirens, we don’t get true mates. It’s not the way of the Siren. You even said so in your texts.”

Freya pulled back. “I didn’t send them! What’s going on?”

“What’s going on,” one of Freya’s brothers cut in, ” is that these two have a witch working for them. They had her cast a spell on you and now you think you’re mates. Which. You’re. Not.”

Freya was not listening. Her eyes had zoned out, gone unfocused.

I glanced at Ethan and he had the same the same look. Same with Everest. I shared a concerned look with Riley.

A beat passed then Freya’s eyes cleared. “Okay. Let’s go inside. I can’t leave now. Okay? I can’t leave them.”

In the house Freya and her family settled into a room upstairs where I could hear raised voices every now and then.

The rest of us settled in the sitting room where I had a good view of the staircase just in case the Sirens decided to leave with my mate. I regretted not completing the mate bond. Not just to be able to hear everything going on and communicate with Freya, though that would have been nice.

No, I needed it to have a firmer claim on her. No one would have been able to take her away from me.

Everest was on the phone with Valeriya’s people. I wanted to snap at him for worrying about the Siren pack. It made me feel guilty.

The Siren pack was mine too. It was our responsibility. I had to trust Freya to talk to her family and sort everything out with the Siren pack in her absence.

Nanny Marie walked in. She had bags of groceries in each hand. Ethan rushed to her side and took them.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when she took in our somber faces.

Riley looked sad not worried. I knew without a doubt that he was thinking about the Omega we left behind. He trusted that Freya would stay with us more than I did. I did not know whether to be angry or proud.

I sighed. “Freya’s family showed up. They think we got you to cast a spell on her.”

Her expression darkened. “I would never.”

“I know that,” Freya said.

She came down the stairs. “The younger ones were tired. Needed a nap. My parents are unconvinced. I tried to call the number that sent the texts, but it’s switched off.”

“Follow me," I said.

They looked confused but they followed me anyway.

I led them upstairs and knocked on the second door.

Minnie opened her door with a grin. An evil grin. A happy evil


“You!” Freya growled and shot forward, grabbing Minnie’s hair. They landed with Minnie at the bottom.

Freya pulled back her arm and punched her in the face. “You could have gotten them killed! They’re Sirens, you bitch!”

It all happened so fast, we barely got Freya off of Minnie before she ruined her face entirely.

Riley was strong enough to pull her off without any help.

Marie faced her daughter. “When did you find out.”

Minnie glared at us. He nose was bloodied, her lip split.

In a twisted way my wolf was proud of his mate.

“Your spell? The one that locks away my powers? The one my dearest brother didn’t get cursed with? Yeah, it was defective.” She sniggered. “Must be getting old. Or I’m just a little more powerful than you are.”

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