Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty-Seven


There was something about the air that night.

My eyes met Riley’s. He raised his brows in the same question mine held: Have you noticed the change in Dustin?

We sat at the dinner table, in the small kitchen in Marie’s small section of the house. It was me, Riley, Dustin, Marie and the Omega. The girl did not speak much, mostly staring off into space and barely tolerating anyone other than Riley hovering over her.

He watched her like a mother hen. It was sweet. But mostly, it made me proud and set me at ease that someone I trusted was helping watch over her.

The E-twins were upstairs with my family. Everest was of course there to crowd Meili and pretend that he didn’t care that my dearest liar of a brother was leaving in a few days-- Meili hadn’t told anyone that he planned to stay in the Siren pack.

And then Ethan was that side because...

“Riley,” I said in warning. The coward had not apologized to my Beta!

He sighed. “I know. I know. I was strung up...stressed, worried, the words just left my mouth. I didn’t mean them. I swear!”

“You should tell Ethan that.”

Riley scrunched his nose up. “Can’t you use your mind thing,” he said pointing at his head. “If I apologized to his face, he’d probably punch me.”

Dustin nodded solemnly. “Probably.” Riley groaned. “You’d deserve it,” Dustin continued.

“I can do it for you if you’d like.” The soft voice came out of nowhere. Almost as unexpected as it was unfamiliar.

It hit me that I had never heard her speak.

She watched Riley silently.

Her eyes. A light-- so light, they were almost transparent-- purple blue. They held the unwavering devotion of an Omega. She’d do it for him-- she’d do anything for him-- and she meant it.

“I can apologize on your behalf,” she repeated, when no one responded.

“Vee...I don't know what to say. Ethan...” Riley took a deep fortifying breath. “I’ll handle him. Apologizing to him is my duty.”

At her solemn nod, he visibly relaxed.

Dustin and I exchanged a look. Vee needed more than close monitoring.



I think I knew before Freya did. She couldn’t read him like I could.

Dustin was ready to take the next step in or relationship. At least I hoped he was. At times Dustin could do things to please me. To please Freya. Putting us first.

Nanny Marie and his mother were two of the most important people in his life, and yet he was prepared to leave the nest only because he sensed how much me and Freya craved our own space.

“So.... something is going on,” Freya said as we entered our room.

Dustin turned the lock on the door with a resounding click and I shivered from my toes to the tips of my fingers. He chuckled in that rough low way of his, and came up behind me, linking our fingers. I could feel his breath; warm yet soothing, against my neck.

Freya’s brown eyes darkened and I knew she could smell my arousal as Dustin nipped my neck.

“Lately all I’ve thinking about is marking you. I keep staring at your necks, your scents intoxicate me.” He punctuated this with a long inhalation at the crook of my shoulder, before he bit down gently.

“What do you want to do?” I asked him.

“I want you to fuck me, ” he whispered.

I froze. “Fu-fuck you?” I stuttered.

I felt him smile against my neck. “Mmm hmm,” he affirmed.

My brain just thought one thing. NO. It was in the beat of my heart. NO. That wasn’t what I wanted.

I spun around and pinned Dustin to the door. I bit back a smile.

“As touched as I am that you’re willing to go all the way with me...with the not-so-straight thing, I’ve been waiting for you to be inside me for ten long years Dustin Webb, I’m not about to pass that up.” I caught a glimpse of his wolf as his eyes turned to those of his wolf.

They turned back as his bro furrowed in worry.


I turned back to see her looking completely terrified.

“Little minx?” Dustin stepped around me and walked towards her.

She laughed nervously, and took an almost imperceptible step back. Almost.

“We don’t have to do anything,” I said.

She shook her head. “No, I just... two of you.. how? I just...” Her face was flushed.

Dustin’s lips twitched and he grabbed her around the waist pulling her to him. “Darling.” He chuckled in her ear. “Not at once Minx of mine. I swear your heart will give out thinking like that. One of us for today. Okay?”

“Or not at all,” I added.

He pulled back and smiled sweetly at her, making my heart melt.

“Or not at all,” he echoed.

“No way. I’m getting marked today even if it kills me," she said.

“It wont kill you. We’d never hurt you,” Dustin said solemnly.

She smiled tentatively. “I trust you,” she whispered.

I stepped behind and she stiffened. Smirking at Dustin, I playfully dug my fingers in her ribs until she was wriggling out of Dustin’s arms and howling with laughter.

“Relax. Its just mating, no big deal,” I said, to which she laughed only louder and sunk down to her hands and knees trying to escape my tickling.

“Stop. Stop! I’ll puke.”

“Are you calm?”

“Riley!” she shrieked as I grabbed her around the waist and fell back, taking her with me,

In a split second, she wrestled out of my grip, turned over and pinned my arms above my head.

Hot breaths mingling. Freya sitting right on top of my groin, the air went from playful to hot real fast.

Dustin sat at the edge of the bed and watched as with thinly veiled interest.

“Clothes off,” he murmured.

Freya and I quickly stripped to our underwear.

If anyone had told me, a mere month ago that I would be lying under a beautiful girl that I was in love with, one that I actually wanted to mate, and start a family with, I would have called them mad.

If they had gone on to say that I would have Dustin there with me, as my mate, as her mate too, the three of us deeply and nauseatingly in love with each other, I would had them committed to a mental institution.

But here I was. This was happening. And there was no where else I

would have rather been.

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