Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty-Eight


I was nervous. Sex had always been woven into my fate as a Siren. I knew that from the day I turned eleven. I had to be strong, but I had to submit. I had to live, to survive.

Sex was an ordeal. It wouldn’t be pleasant.

Kissing was different though. Why kiss your captive? It was not something I ever really associated with pain and horror. It was nice when I kissed my mates.

But the mate bond had to be sealed a different way. Kisses and touches were not enough. It had to be done the wolf way...the animal way.

I lay between Dustin and Riley, trying not to shake in fear and hating myself for doing it anyway.

“I love you guys,” I croaked.

Dustin cocked his head. “Okay...?”

“No like really. I love you. I feel it in my heart. I love you,” I said fiercely.

Riley grinned. “Well I'll me tomorrow if I love you.”

It eased the tension I had unwittingly created and I burst out laughing in both love and relief. He loved me too.

“Comedy does not become you, Riley,” I mocked.

“It’s about time someone else told him,” Dustin drawled shaking is head. He kissed a path up from my shoulder, nuzzling my neck, and sending shivers all over my body, until finally, he licked my ear. “I love you. Me and Riley. My wolf too. And his coyote. We love you.”

My chest expanded with warmth. “I know. Thank you.”

He shook his head and kissed me. “Never thank us for anything.”

Before I could answer back, he was kissing me deeply, our tongues and teeth clashing. His lips distracted me so that I missed Riley moving down the bed until he was slipping off my panties.

Dustin pulled away and looked down between us, at Riley.

“I’ve been really curious about this,” he said right before bending down and kissing me between my legs.

His tongue was warm, and so alive, so much different from the fingers I had become used to. So exquisite.

I moaned and angled my hips upward.

Dustin groaned and buried his nose in my neck. “That is so hot, Freya. Touch me. Please, you have to touch me.” He took my hand and placed it over his crotch. I opened his pants, clumsily pulling out his hard dick.

The next minutes passed in a blur. Dustin watched me the whole time. His gaze searing my flesh as I touched his cock, barely managing because Riley was erasing all the last threads of my sanity.

All too soon, a familiar heat built up in my abdomen as I had a nerve wrecking orgasm. Dustin sank his teeth into my neck, marking me as his mate.

Sex was good. Sex was amazing.

Dustin pulled my trembling hand from his dick and raised it above my head. “You should take Freya her first time. It’ll hurt less.”

Riley bit his lip and crawled up.

It was finally happening. My stomach fluttered in anticipation as

Riley lined himself up with my entrance and I panicked. He wasn't as small as Dustin was insinuating.

“Push in slowly, alright?” Dustin said seriously.

Riley nodded and pushed in. My walls spasmed and tightened, seeming to pull him in, even when I wanted to push him out.

“Breathe for me, minx of mine, breathe,” Dustin murmured as he undid my bra. I was mesmerized by his deft fingers. How many girls.....?

I shivered. Not tonight.

But another night, I thought as Dustin sucked a nipple into his mouth. Before I knew it I was writhing and moaning again.

Within seconds I was begging Riley to move. To claim me.....

Riley growled and inhaled the scent at my neck, licking over one spot over and over again. My wolf surfaced in response, calling to her mate in low pleading whines.

My muscles tightened and a sharp cry tore through me as Riley bit down savagely, on the other side of my neck from where Dustin had bit.

My orgasm shook me to my core and the next thing I knew was blissful darkness.

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