Siren Alpha

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Chapter Forty-Nine


Freya’s orgasm sent me spiraling through my own. She reached up for me me in a daze, and I bent down, letting her mark me too. I let a deep growl, my coyote beyond pleased at being marking his mate.

A growl I was all too familiar with rent the air.

Within seconds Dustin was on top of me, pinning me down and biting into my neck with sharp fangs.

I froze for...I don’t know how long I lay there. Warm blood flowing down my neck, pooling in the hollow of my collar bone. Even my coyote seemed to just...pause.

I was light headed when I roused. I lifted my hand to touch him.

“Don’t,” Freya said. “Don’t move.”

The pain was a dull throb that was of no concern to me. All I cared about was Dustin. He wasn't saying anything and I couldn't see his face. Was something wrong?

“Talk to him. His wolf has taken over. It’s overwhelmed with possessiveness.”

“Dustin,” I begun. “I-I...she’s our mate. I wasn’t trying to--”

“Not for me. For you,” Freya said gently.

That shocked me. He was feeling possessive over me?

Freya laughed nervously. "I think I took too long to mark you. His wolf did not like that.”

What would a wolf respond to, I thought. It was really simple once I got thinking. I leaned my head back, baring my entire neck to him.

Dustin stiffened above me, before gently pulling his teeth out of my neck.

He looked at me with wide eyes. “I’m so sorry, Riley. I don’t--”

“It’s okay,” I said. I moved us so that we weren't on top of Freya anymore and I was lying down on my back. I stroked Dustin's hair, pulling him down and kissing him.

All I tasted was copper and possession on his lips. His tongue reclaimed my mouth over and over and we were breathing heavily within seconds.

A sharp sting to my neck brought me back to the real world.

“Sorry. These bites don’t heal supernaturally.” Freya pressed a wet cotton ball to my neck. It was soaked in antiseptic and burned like a bitch.

Her neck was no longer a bloody mess and it smelled disinfected too. She tossed the swabs aside and grinned widely at us. “So,”

she started, looking down at me, “you getting fucked or not?”

Dustin burst out laughing and fell on the other side of me. “Freya, you little minx.”

“ I’m serious. I’ve read a lot about anal sex. Enough to know that I’m not letting any of you idiots do it without lube. Which is why I bought some a few weeks back.”

“You did what now?” I asked as she fished through her drawer for a small pink bottle.

“Unscented,” she said smiling. “And..after giving it much thought, I’ve decided that I’m prepping you.”

I sat upright. “Umm... no!”

Freya placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back down with her shifter strength. “Don’t be a baby. If I don’t do it, who will?”


She cocked her head to the side. “What?”

Dustin leaned in over me--tired of silently observing his barely sane mates. “Riley. We’re mates. If Freya doesn’t do it, I will.”

“Would you be more comfortable if Dustin did it?”

The “yes” was at the tip of my tongue, but then I saw my mark on her neck. It was red and blood was seeping out at some spots.


Freya had given me the most beautiful gift. Comfort when Dustin had rejected me, a second mate, a second friend, a second love.

She was more than just the girl I shared Dustin with. She was my mate.

The other third of me.

I bit my lip and and nodded.

Freya gave me a small smile and passed the bottle to Dustin.

“No!” I chocked out.

At their confused gazes, I clarified. “No. Freya I want you to do it. If you really,” --want to-- “don’t mind.”

She grinned at me and leaned down to kiss me sweetly.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

She knelt between my legs pushing my knees up.

Smooth nimble fingers rubbed against my hole and my ass clenched. Nope. Never dreamed of a girl doing that. It had always been Dustin and his strong roughened fingers.

“Relax, Omega. Okay?”

“Don't worry," Dustin mumbled.

He clasped my chin in his hands and turned my face to his, dipping in for a long hot kiss. His hand trailed down and stroked my sensitive nipples, as the other combed through my hair, masaging my scalp.

Everything relaxed till I felt....

Freya slipped a finger into me.

Such a tiny slim finger. A finger I knew Dustin was way larger than, and yet I felt so full.

Dustin distracted me further as the stretch got tighter and tighter and the burn intensified.

One finger. Then two. Then three.

Dustin kissed my eyes, my lips, my neck, my chest, my nipples, my arms. His hand slipped down and stroked my dick, rubbing the wet head, as Freya slipped in the fourth finger.

She hit something and white hot jets shot out of my cock, spilling all over my stomach and Dustin’s fingers.

“He’s ready.”

Before I knew what was happening, Dustin was hovering over me and his length was pushing at my entrance.

Freya lay down besides me, then flinched as my fingers probed her hole.

Her hand stilled mine. “Careful, Riley,” she groaned. “I’m a little sore.”

Dustin froze. I froze. “I hurt you?” I asked.

She smiled kindly. “I was a virgin,” she answered with a shrug.

She placed my hand on her waist and buried her face in

the crook of my shoulder. "Just here, please."

Dustin gave me a questioning look. He was still pressed against my entrance. I nodded.

Dustin pushed forward passed the first protesting rings of muscle. I squeezed my eyes shut, breathing deeply and pushing outwards to make his entry easier.

He groaned pressing our foreheads together. "Fuck, Riley. If I had known it would be like this, I would have done this a long time ago."



I groaned as I was enveloped in a heat hotter and tighter than anything my dick had ever felt.

I clenched my teeth as I fought off an early orgasm.

Riley moaned and went wild beneath me. Stretching and arching his back like a cat.

I only managed three thrusts and then Riley was coming, squeezing my cock till it was drained.

I closed my eyes and breathed heavily, feeling out of it. At the edges of my subconscious, I felt both Riley and Freya bite into my neck.

Finally our bond was complete.

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