Siren Alpha

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Chapter Fifty


The meeting took place at the factory.

The factory was safe ground. The factory was pack land.

Only a few humans worked there, and only in administrative duties. The rest had been relocated to a new smaller Webb Brewery factory just out of town.

This factory though, it was where my pack lived. Where it worked.

Where they were rebuilding their homes, raising their families.

The grounds mom had always put aside for expansion were now being filled with little houses and cottages. Everyone had an idea of what they wanted their house to look like. They had wandered around for so long, home was something they all craved and needed.

“They’re here,” Freya muttered.

I smirked. “That suit looks great on you,” I said.

She rolled her eyes and plopped down in one of the chairs around the large conference table. She folded her arms and glared at me.

“I put it on for the alphas not you.”

“Riley really outdid himself,” I grumbled. “I know he put you in it to torture me.” I sighed. “Let’s get this over with.”

There was something about having other alphas on your land. Something entirely different from when those alphas happened to be your mates.

This was nauseating and defensive anger boiled from deep within my gut. Freya had told me about it, but I hadn’t believed her. The second an alpha claimed land as his, put his pack on it, the soil itself bonded with him. The feeling intensified tenfold when he put his mates on it.

Ethan and Everest walked in with twelve wolves. Six alphas and their betas.

They took their seats and so did the E-twins, each next to their respectivealpha.

“So...” Everest began in my head. “Are you ready?”

“Who’s supposed to talk first?” Freya joined him.

The mind links had improved a little. I could now speak to Everest and on top of that, the four of us could have a joined channel to communicate. I couldn’t singularly speak to Ethan though, nor Freya to Everest. But the best part was that me, Freya and Riley could also mind link. Our mate bond grew stronger with each day.

“We want peace,” one alpha spoke up. Only, he addressed me.

I felt the irritation before Freya spoke up.

“State your name and pack before you address us,” Freya said icily. The black suit was really fitting for her tone. And her red hair was slicked back in a ponytail. She looked like a part of some bad ass secret organization.

“Freya...” Ethan warned in the mind link.

Not all alphas could talk to their betas the way we did, through our minds, let alone join our channels. Freya said it was because our pack was strong and soon enough we’d be able to communicate with each individual member.

That was something we couldn’t let the other packs find out about or else they would become skirmish. So even as we spoke to each other in our minds, our eyes kept straight ahead at the alphas. Some—Freya— frowning more than others.

“You let your Siren speak—”

“Watch it,” Ethan warned, all pretense of diplomacy gone.

“I am not the true alpha of the Siren pack,” I clarified. ” My mate, Freya, she’s the Siren Alpha. Riley and I are the alpha mates.” I shrugged and leaned back. Relaxing every tense muscle in my body. Tenseness communicated fear. “This meeting is for you to beg her for peace. So like Ethan said, watch it.”

That information was met with adverse reaction.

One alpha rose to her feet and stabbed a finger angrily in Freya’s direction. “Her? She’s the Siren Alpha? But you’re an alpha too.”

“I am,” I agreed.


“I was born an alpha. I have always been an alpha,” Freya said.

“Sirens don’t have alphas.”

Freya gave a terse smile. “And yet here I am.”

Ethan walked to the cabinet and pulled out the peace treaties. He gave each alpha one.

Freya raised a brow. “Sign them.”

The alphas exchanged glances with each other.

“We want something in return.”

When Freya’s only reply was a bored glare and I did not appear inclined to speak for her, the oldest alpha continued.

“We want Sirens.”

“A steady supply of them,” another one piped in.

“You’re clearly mistaken and you would have realised this had you looked over the treaties. We’re agreeing not to attack you as long as you keep your noses out of our business. We are a pack of Sirens. We have very powerful friends. Endless resources. You can’t attack us and win. You simply can’t.” She signaled for Ethan distributed the pens.

“Now....” Freya’s voice dropped a few decibels. “Sign or risk war.”

Two alphas chose war.

I would never forget their names.

Alpha Grayson.... Alpha Kiasha.

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