Slow Motion Daze

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Isabella’s life is turned upside down after the sudden loss of her brother and father in a car accident. Isabella and her mother pack up to go live with her mother’s sister in Meridianville, Alabama. After the move, everything suddenly changes and she starts to become part of a world she never knew existed. This is a whirlwind tale of adventure, loss, heartbreak, and supernaturals.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I remember sitting in class listening to Mr. Schmidt go on and on about Roman history. I completely tuned it out, because I could never really get into that type of history. I mean don’t get me wrong I love medieval history and ancient Egyptian history, but that’s about it. I was just doodling into notebook, when all of a sudden the principal’s voice came over the intercom system.

“Isabella Cross, you are needed to the Principal’s office immediately. Thank you,” said Principal Brown with a nonchalant tone. I automatically perked up in my chair as Mr. Schmidt and all of my classmates looked over at me.

“Mrs. Cross, I do believe he means you,” says Mr. Schmidt with a sly grin. This guy never liked me that’s just put it simply. I grabbed my books and started to head for the door. I turned down the hallway and walked until I made it to the Principal’s office. The school secretary was there to greet me at her desk. She smiled up at me and said, “You can go in.”

I thanked her quickly and turned entering to go into the Principal’s office. Let’s just make this clear I may have gotten in trouble a little in school so I’m a little familiar with his office.

“Hey Principal Schmidt, I heard you needed me to come and see you. Is everything okay?” I said looking towards him as he gestured for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk. I complied and sat down crossing my legs.

“Mrs. Cross, I am afraid to inform you that your father and brother were in a car accident. Your mother is on her way right now and I do not have any other information for you. I told your mom that you would be here when she gets here though, so please just stay seated she should be here in a few minutes,” said Principal Brown.

My mind was all over the place thinking are they okay? How bad was this accident? I had just texted my brother before my last class. Him and dad were going fishing like they try to do once a week. My brother is in college, but he has no classes on Friday’s, so that’s his day with dad. I kept thinking of all the possibilities while I chewed on my nails and the principal excused himself. He probably didn’t want to be around my awkward silence any longer.

I kept staring at the pictures on his desk and waiting for my mom to come through the door. I just needed to know they would be okay. The way the Principal was able to just say all of it without even a hint of sympathy maybe that meant they were okay. At least, that’s what I’ll choose to believe until my
Mom tells me what happened.

I see my mom coming towards the office looking like a complete wreck, if I’m being honest. She looked like she had been crying and her hair was a mess, plus she was wearing her gym clothes still. My mom would normally never be seen in public like this, so I stood up and met her at the door to the office. I welcomed her with a hug as she gladly excepted it.

“Mom, what happened? Are Derek and Dad okay? How bad was the accident?” I asked her as I kept holding her and then my mom pulled away.

She looked me in my eyes and said,”Honey, the accident was horrible. “ She started motioning for us to sit on the bench outside of the principals office. I moved with her to the bench as she continued saying,”It had started raining where they were fishing, so they were heading back early. Your brother was driving and he lost control of the car due to the weather or something.” She stopped and took a deep breath, then she took my hand in hers. “Derek died on impact, sweetie.”

I started sobbing and said,”No, but what about dad? Is he okay? Please, tell me we didn’t lose them both. What are we going to do mom?” I was bawling as my mom held me closer to her.

She ran her hand threw my hair and said, “Your father is in the hospital and the doctors say it doesn’t look good. So we need to go back to the hospital and be there with your dad, okay?” She kisses the top of my head.

I stood up and held my hand out to her. I said, “Okay let’s go see about dad then.” I knew that I had to be brave for her it was the least I could do. I knew that if I broke down now then we both would and we can’t do that right now.

~Flash Forward to the Hospital~

We sat at the hospital for what felt like hours waiting for an update on my dad. My mother and I both were crying now as she started making calls to our family members. Everything fell apart when the doctors came out. They pulled my mom to the side leaving me waiting to know what was going on.

My mom came back over to me and said,”They lost your father and now we’ve lost them both.” I watched as she broke down and I froze. I held out my arms and held her. It was like I just broke on the inside. How could something like this happen in one day? I lost my brother who was my best friend and the person always there to protect me. I lost my father who was my hero. Everything would be forever changed after that day...
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