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THIS IS A BOYXBOY, GAY STORY! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T READ IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! A lot of fluff and sweetness ahead!!! 弘 Sebastian King is lonely. He wishes to find his true mate that will change the colour of his dark blue eyes. He ran from his family at a young age and started a new life with his grandfather who recently passed away. He lives alone in the house his grandfather left him and hopes to find his mate to fill the hole in his life. When senior year starts and Asher Stray starts at his new school he hopes to finally find his true mate to change his bright green eyes. He's been bullied all his life for having such bright eyes and wishes that his mate will accept him and all his flaws. When they meet sparks fly, eye colours change and they immediately fall in love. Will Sebastian be able to keep his true mate safe from his family? Or will Asher get hurt in the crossfire?

Romance / Fantasy
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In this world, there were babies born with a multitude of eye colors, not just your standard blue, grey, brown, and green. There were pinks and purples, fuschias and sapphires, bright oranges, and softened teals. A person's eyes could be any color you could imagine, and there were even more variations once they found their true mate

You see, having a certain shade at birth really didn't mean much, except perhaps in certain circles, it meant you would make a good match some day. But other than that, there wasn't anything inherently special about it yet, not until you met your true mate. Once that special person walked into your life, the two naturally given colors combined into a new shared shade.

Sebastian King was lonely. It's always been that way. His family, the King's were a very well known and influential family. They owned most of the businesses in his home town. They may seem to be perfect on the outside but on the inside it was terrible.

He hated living there. His mother was a two faced gold digger that only married his father for money. They weren't even true mates. His dad has bright red eyes whereas his mother has dull brown eyes. She was a compulsive liar and was so manipulative that she could sell you ice in winter.

His dad was a cold hearted son of a bitch. He cared about nothing and no one and only had Sebastian so that he had someone to take over his emipire when he was dead or dying. They we're perfect for each other. Both of them were conniving son's of bitches. He loathed his parents.

So Sebastian's childhood was nonexistent. Where other kids received presents on their birthdays he got business books and a tutor. He spent every Christmas alone. He was basically brought into the world to be a pawn in his dads game and when he found out his parents true intentions at the age of 14 he ran away.

He ran to the only place he knew. To his grandfather.

His grandfather was a amazing man and Sebastian didn't understand how such an amazing, caring person could have such a heartless son as Bill King.

His grandfather, Henry King, was the one who started the King's Corporation.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer he handed the business over to Sebastian's dad Bill who now owns everything.

His grandfather took him in with open arms and from then on out it was them against the world. They moved to California to get a fresh start and Sebastian started high school at Shorewood High (Or SW for short.)

There he made tons of friends because of his eye colour. He had a deep dark blue colour that was very striking. He didn't like having this eye colour because it brought so much attention to him. His best friends name is Bethany (Beth for short) Creak who was one of the lucky people to have found their true mate. Her mates name is Chelsea Don and their both girls. They both now have a beautiful orange eye colour. (Red and yellow mixed). He adores both of them so much. (But he won't tell them that.)

He decided from a young age that he would never be with anyone other than his true mate. He wanted to be connected to them and live then no matter what. He didn't want to have a toxic relationship like his parents do. He wanted to live his mate unconditionally and never let them go.

In their world there was no such thing as 'gay' or 'lesbian' or 'heterosexual' if you found your mate he/she, you were meant to be together. Whether it's two guys, two girls or a guy and girl couple.

So at least there wasn't any discrimination against same sex couples in general.

Sebastian decided that even if he would have to wait forever, he wasnt going to be with anyone other than his true mate and when he put his mind to something , so it would stay.

Sadly Henry died last year from the cancer that spread to his heart. Sebastian had just turned 18 and now he owns all of his grandfathers things. He inherited enough money to keep him going for the next few years so he doesn't have to worry about that and Henry left him the house. Which was a two story white house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There was a spacious living room and dining room connected to a big kitchen with a marble counter top.

The saddest thing about Henry's funeral was the fact that his parents didn't even show up. Over the years they didn't even look for Sebastian.

It's been a few months since the funeral and Sebastian has tried to move forward in his life. He keeps good grades to become a surgeon. He doesn't want anything to do with businesses and he's happy with the path he has chosen.

He's in a comfortable spot in his life all he needs now is a body to hold onto at night and a mate to kiss.

He feels lonely in that big house alone.

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