Lascivious Contract

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series 1- Loveless Contract Series 2- Lascivious Contract You will love it if you read the 1st series... even you don't want to read it's cool... It looks brand new. Searching out herself, Nandini joined as a new marketing executive in a dying company. Her innovation and skills floated the company, but the debts pulled it to a sinking point and merged it in an international company. The change in management not only added funds but gifted a new CEO who turned to be her Ex with whom she lived in and had a baby. What happens when Mark forces her to rewrite a new contract in return for the betrayal she did in the past. He wants her to spend thirty-four days with him as a token of the pain he got in her absence. However, things turned out differently, changing their equations in their passion. Will she again give in? Will they again fall in love or the blackmail turn into a reason to make them apart?

Romance / Erotica
Megan Skyle
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Chapter 1- LIFE

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A beautiful pink bedroom. Everything seems to be perfect, but maybe incomplete. The portrait of a cute couple holding a baby added beauty to the room.

“Ian, wake up. You have school, my boy” A handsome dad called out his sleeping son. He smiled as his son turned his direction and fell asleep.

“Ian, wake up, or else I will not drop you in school. William uncle will drop you as I have an important meeting,” He growled passing a silent warning. He dug his tiny head into the pillow sleeping.

“Ok fine, daddy won’t drop you!” He added walking away. As the words left, Ian sat on the bed with a pout. He smiled, looking at his cute pout.

Mark pov,

The only reason I was living and somewhere happy it’s because of Ian. My lovely son. My oxygen. Nothing is important in my life except him. His cute pout melts my heart like a candle.

Did my baby woke up?” I whispered, kissing his cheeks. He giggled as I tickled him.

“Good morning, dad” My fours old son chuckled.

“Come on, I will get your tub ready,” I said getting down from my bed, but he held my wrist. I turned out just to look at his sad face.

“What happened, my baby” I smiled, taking him in my arms.

“Momma!” He mumbled, holding back his tears. I can give him all happiness, but his single wish is left unfulfilled for years. I failed to give him his mother. I was tired of lying or hoping. One day he will know the truth that his mom left him. I want to tell him the truth but I can’t hurt his little hurt. I don’t want my son to grow up heartless like I was. He should have hope in life. He should know loving, forgiving, accepting, caring, and crying too.

“She will come to you soon,” I added more hope. Even I’m convicting my heart saying the same. I badly miss my Nandini. I don’t know what made her take this decision. We had an exquisite life. I felt everything is perfect but scattering all our dreams she left me and our son one night.

I still remembered the dreadful morning when she went missing leaving a letter in my 11 months old baby pocket.

That night,

We had a conversation about my marriage. I wanted to make our live in relation to a legal marriage. I dreamt of making her, my wife. She denied my offer and asked me to end it here. I somehow convinced her. It felt she had accepted my proposal we had a beautiful night witnessing her love, but by morning she is nowhere in my room. The last night’s conversation forced me to check her luggage. All her jewels are lying in the wardrobe. She left with just a small with a few pairs of clothes along with her passport and certificates. I was about to run out to find her. I heard my son crying. He may also realize that his mom left us. I ran to him, taking him in my hands. My eyes fell on the paper he is holding in his tiny hands. I opened the letter to see.

“I had enough in this relation. As per your contract, anything we get in relation belongs to you, so I leaving your baby too. I want to look at my new, beautiful life. Have the best life as you want. Don’t search for me because you can’t find me and I will not return to you. “

How can she do this with me? How can she leave this infant alone?

It took me months to convince myself to believe her absence. I loved her so much, but in return; she gifted me betrayal. I still remembered the night where my son used to cry for an hour for his momma. Every night, every day, he asks for his mom. She turned me into a lifetime liar.

I had that capability to get her back. Hunt her in any corner of this world, but I just left hoping for her to realize her deeds. My dreadful memories are distracted by a hold on my wrist.

“Will momma come for my birthday?” My little baby asked with a pout.

“No, but”

“Why? Momma don’t miss me? I want momma!! Daddy... Get me, momma... All my friends have mom, then why not I have!! Why momma left me? Why momma hate me?” Ian cried, hugging my legs. Every time he cries, it breaks my heart a million times. I could give him anything and everything, but every time he cried for his mom makes me feel useless.

“She doesn’t hate you baby” I tried to convince him.

“Then why she left me? Why she never calls me?” He sobbed.

“I’m sorry, my Ian, even I want her here. Even I miss her so much.” I had broken down in tears, hugging him. She has broken me beyond repair. Every passing second without is equal to death. I should do something. We get her back. I can’t see my son crying. I want him happy at any cost. A phone call halted my pain.

“Hello” I answer the call, rifling my son’s hair.

“When you are going to take charge of the Olive group. I want you to raise the position and mark its equity high in the market.” My dad spoke out. I know nothing matters to him except profits. He knows my mental condition, but he still forces me to marry another girl. I don’t want a wife. I want a mother for my baby.

“We will fly tomorrow,” I informed.

“Why Ian? You can go alone. I don’t want any distraction,“ My dad added in anger.

“He is part of me. He will be with me 24/7 and you better never think his as a distraction. He is my son. My life.” I scoffed in a forceful tone hanging up his nasty call. I just hate him.

“Ian, we are flying to New York tomorrow night,” I informed him.

“Then no school today” He chuckled in joy. Seriously, he was crying a second before but turned as joy in seconds.

“Tomorrow night” I added smirking.

“But you said New York is far away we should go by aeroplane. Bigggg planeeee,” He giggled, jumping in joy.

“So you don’t want to bid a bye to your school friends.“ I asked, getting on my knees.

“Why? Won’t we return by Monday?” He asked with innocence.

“No, it takes few months and I will join you in a new school,” I said rubbing his palm.

“My birthday, I want to show my momma to my friends. You promised to get momma for my birthday.“ He pouted, I never had a last wish but in these two years, I had only one wish to find her. To show her all the pain we got by her selfish motive. She made every decision herself. And my poor little son is paying for that. She made his life hell with her absence. God, please once let me see her. Just once!ing here…

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