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The Widower Next Door

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Marie Finley knows what she should and shouldn't do. She should have spent her mother's last days with her. She shouldn't have kneed her boss. She should have a degree. She shouldn't have accepted the job of a nanny to the rich billionaire kids next door. She shouldn't have fallen in love with him.

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Marie wiped her sweaty hands on her Jeans and desperately licked her dry lips to moisten them. She really needed the money this job is going to offer her.

She would not have heard of the job if the ridiculously beautiful sprawling bungalow had been anywhere but near her house.

It is actually her saving grace and now, she and the fifteen other candidates are sharing the same body jitters. The atmosphere is tense and the silence is choking.

She opened her palm and stared at the little paper with a number scribbled in it. The paper is crinkled are the edges from her squeezing it too tight.

She occupied herself with staring at the faces of the other contestants and the interior of the waiting room.

The other applicants are making or retouching their makeup and practicing their postures and their seductive eyes.

Seductive eyes my foot.

A lady exit the white office demarcated from the waiting room by thick transparent glass with a downcast expression and Marie feel her heart lift a little that the woman failed to get the job.

Her heart plunge down after, how can she compete with the sophisticated women here applying for the same job of a nanny.

Marie glanced past the glass barrier to meet the dark eyes of Daniel Moore, CEO of Moore group of companies. The sexy man that is devoted his life to taking good care of his children after his wife died in her sleep.

Okay Marie, stop being stalker ish.

"012." The CEO said and Marie suppressed the urge to shiver.

Her gaze landed on the paper in her hand to see 012 is her number. Marie stood up and entered the office.

She groaned lowly. She hadn't even gotten the job and she is already messing up.

She looked up to see Daniel staring at her.

"Please take a seat Miss," He trailed off, waiting for her to tell her name.

"Marie." She blurted and he raised an amused brow. His lips tugged into a smirk and red colored Marie's cheeks.
"I doubt Marie is your surname or your father's name." He said and her cheeks burned red further.

The way he said her name made Marie's body respond in ways she haven't experienced before but want more of.

"No," She corrected herself, "It's Finley. Miss Finley." He nodded and loosened the black tie around his neck.

"Do you have any prior experience in being a nanny?" Daniel asked and Marie cracked her brain. She comsidered lying to improve her chances to get the job but her father did not teach her to lie.
He used to say a lie may last a thousand years but one day the truth will catch up to it and by that time, it will be fatal.

She sat straighter, "No, but I assure you will be extremely satisfied if you give me this job."
He chuckled, "Extremely satisfied? Is that so?"

Marie felt the stares of the other candidates burn into her back like heated steel. She could feel her confidence diminish slowly. She is staying longer than the previous ones before her.

"Yes sir, I believe in my capabilities." Marie replied and a door opened with a bang.

"Mike! Bella! Wait!" A male voice called and Marie twisted to the side to look.
The door to the waiting room is open and sauntering toward the office is a boy of ten or eleven and a girl that would probably be five or six years younger with a tired looking man on their tail.

The little girl's eyes were red and Marie knows for sure she had been crying previously.

Daniel's face softened and he smiled. Not a smirk but a full genuine smile and Marie found her lip lifting too even though it is not directed to her.

"Bella." Daniel called and Bella jumped into his lap like he is some type of personal chair. Daniel did not seem to mind it, he adjusted her to be more comfortable.

When Bella is settled enough to do anything, she glared at her brother hotly. He glared back.

"Mike refused to let me get my nails painted and he also threatened Paul to stay away from me because I told Paul I liked him." She explained, "I reported him to Mom."
Daniel nods understandably while Marie's jaw fell.

I thought she died two years ago.
Marie brows furrowed. Is she missing something?

Mike rolled his eyes, "Mom's dead, stop scaring the lady with your freakiness."


Bella's attention turned to Marie with tears welling in her eyes.
"Am I that unbelievable? Mom is beside Alfredo right now." Bella cried and Marie heartstrings gave a tug.

Marie hands worked to make an origami in seconds. An experience that came with various practices with her father. An ache numbed her as she thought of the very reason she is even here in the first place.

"If you say she is here, I believe you." Marie said and Bella's quiet sobs ceased. Daniel, Mike and Alfredo all looked at her with surprise they didn't bother to hide.

Bella came down from her father's lap and approached Marie. Marie used the opportunity to give Bella the paper origami and the child studied in fascination.

"Mom said thank you." Bella appreciated and Marie smiled.

"Tell her I said she is welcome." Marie said, her mood lifting after noticing the way all the people in the room reacted to what he did.
She had always loved children and it didn't help that she is the only child of her family. It sucked big time.

Bella giggled, "I will if you promise to make me more of this paper thingy." She waved the origami excitedly before holding her pinkie out.

"I promise." Marie compromised as she coiled her pinkie and Bella's together.
"Great, another freak." Mike grumbled under his breath and Marie paid a deaf ear to it.

She looked forward to spending time with these two.

"Alfredo, dismiss the rest." Daniel commanded, the surprise still evident in his voice.

He turned to face her, "And you Marie, You are hired."

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