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The Widower Next Door

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Marie swiftly unlocked her door and dashed to the kitchen to cook for her father. Whenever she went to the hospital to visit, he never failed to mention the blandness of them meals.

Her mother taught her to cook before she lost the battle to a cancerous tumor in her brain. It was too close to the vital parts in her brain for it to be removed by operation.

Marie regretted she couldn't spend her mother's last days with her because she was working to make ends meet. She couldn't blame anyone but fates.

It's not her family's fault they were poor and broke. It's not her family fault that her father turning blind and wouldn't be able to support her. It is not their fault that she did not go to college.

She prepared the chicken soup and pored it into a flask to keep it hot. She saved some in the freezer before rushing to the hospital.

Thankfully, the hospital is not far from her house and she didn't need to use a bus to travel there.
If it is even far, she wouldn't be able to board a bus because all the money from her job as a waitress in a cozy coffee shop facing her street goes to her father's bills at the hospital.

She reached the hospital and greeted the nurses she met along the way to her father's ward. Her father's face lit up when she entered the ward.

"I brought food." Marie announced as she opened the flask, letting the steam rise gracefully.

Her father inhaled, "Ah, chicken soup. You know, a woman's way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You have found your way to my heart." Her father said as he collected the flask from her and began eating.

"I know Father. I know." Marie replied before glancing at the clock and gasped.
"I will see you later." Marie said and ran out of the hospital to the coffee shop.

Heavy pants left her as she bent over to catch her breathe. After Marie is certain she had enough oxygen circulation in her body, she entered into the coffee shop and went into the tiny worker room that housed the thin metal lockers.

She met her fellow waitress, Deena. They both have afternoon shift together. The long hand of the clock reached 12 and Marie retrieved her yellow and cream striped uniform from her locker.
Deena turned to her, "Boss called for you in his office. Told me to tell you immediately you arrive." Deena went back to wearing her uniform.

"Do you know why he is calling for me?" Marie asked as she dropped the uniform on a wooden chair.

Marie entered the small office and faced the man sitting behind the worn out desk.

"Sir you called for me?" Marie prompted and eyes the man warily. She normally don't get called here with the exception of her occasional tardiness.

The harsh florescent lights reflected tauntingly against the man's bald head and she shivered when he smiled.

Her boss stood up and walked past the huge table to her.

He licked his lips, "You know you are beautiful?"
Marie tilted her head to the side and analysed the situation.
"I would like to say I am average sir." Marie replied and he nodded.

He laughed, "Beautiful and humble, I like that." Marie stilled, she didn't particularly like the road their conversation is heading.

"Sir, please tell me why I was called?" Marie questioned and the man smiled again. She resists the urge to flinch.

"Marie," He paused, "Have you ever thought of me and you. As a couple?" He is leaning a little too close and she took a step back.
She can never ever think of her and Mr. Garrett as a one night stand and to think of them being a couple is sending her to her early grave.

The only person she can try relationship with would be Daniel. Sexy, handsome, caring Daniel.

Stop thinking about your boss like that.

Not to brag but she is way out of Mr. Garrett's league. His bald head and disgustingly yellow teeth did not help matters.

"What is your answer?" Mr. Garrett asked impatiently and Marie took another step back.
She steeled herself, "I'm sorry, no. You and I can never be a thing."

Red rushed into his face and his eyes darkened.

"You whore! Either you warm my bed or lose your job!" He said with a vein standing proudly on his forehead.

Marie let her resignation show on her face and Mr. Garrett mouth twitched. She almost laughed as she catwalked to him and he happily placed his hands on her hips.

Oh Goodness, I must remember wash away his pervertness.

Her leg raised and her knee made contact with his baby maker. A grunt fell from his lips as he grabbed himself to stifle the pain.

"You bitch!" He growled and muttered a few more choice words.

Marie flipped her dark brown hair over her shoulder the way she saw the heroines from television do and put a hand on her cocked hip.

"Take your job and shove it where the sun doesn't shine." She hissed and gave him a kick for good measure.


Marie went straight to the bathroom to shower and wash away Mr. Garrett's dirty paws off her body.

She discarded her clothes and stepped into the shower and took her sponge and soap. She scrubbed her body before turning on the hot water shower, she let out sigh as her muscles relax.

She mentally prepared the outfit she is going wear tomorrow to start her nanny job.

The anticipation of seeing Mike, Bella and Daniel filled her with a tingling feeling. Daniel's face floated behind her closed eyelids and she could feel her body responding diligently like Daniel is the puppet master and her body is the puppet or the marionette.

Marie inhaled and exhaled.

Tomorrow is going to interesting indeed.

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