My Accidental Bride

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"How dare you touch me? Gey away from me! I dont love you."she jerked his hand and pointed the broken piece of glass towards him. "You don't love me? Then why did you marry me?Where those all fake vows you took few hours ago? You lied to me and my family?"his voice became tensed as a layer of tear formed on the surface of him eyes that slowly escaped. "Its true I never loved you! I love someone else. I was forced to marry you. I will fullfill all those promises I took infront of the holy fire but never expect me to be your wife."she shouted as she broke into sobs. Her legs dangled with the sudden shriek that made her lose her balance. She dropped on to her knees and cried miserably. "You love someone else? How can you do this to me? If you're suffocating then why dont you have divorce and finish it off? Why these fake promises? Why?" his eyes became red as tears escaped his eyes. " For you're family's reputation I shall not have divorce but either will I never let you have rights on me. This is an alliance! This is a settlement. You have to live with it. Now leave! I said leave!" her voice dripped with extreme pain and sadness as she again asked him to leave. No words reached his ear. He kept walking towards the door. Her words echoed in his ears," I never loved you! I love someone else! He walked as he reached the next room. Sat on the armchair as he filled the glass wi

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The night was over as the sun rays embarking the begging of a new day evoked. Marking the begging of a new chapter in Rakshit and Drishti's life. He slept on the arm chair, as the glass of wine slipped and broke into pieces. On the other hand, she slept, sitting on her knees, hugging the bed. As the sunrays from the balcony reached her face, her sleeping state drifted her to the real world as she slowly gained consciousness. It wasn't a dream, it was reality. The red bridal gown, the heavy set of bangles, the mangalsutra around her neck, the pinch of sindoor,all shouted about her fate. She was married to him.

She got up from the floor. Her legs fumbled as she faced the mirror. Her face lost its glow, it seemed pale, dried tears, messy hair. The broken bangle, misplaced duppata and her expression less face. It was her first day and she had to look like a newly wedded wife. She went to the bathroom. Turned on the shower, quietly feeling the warm shower.

She thought," What is happening to me? Is it real? Am I really married? What about Raj? He knew I was getting married. Why didn't he do something?" she sobbed.

"Why did he let me be married to this man. Why? Why did you do it Raj?" she broke into heavy sobs, as she kneeled down.

After a 30 minute shower, she wore her sari. She got out of the bathroom when for a second she froze. It was her husband who was changing his shirt. He was topless, revealing his masculine structure along with a 8 abs that seemed attractive. For a second she looked at him but soon turned her face away. Feeling movement around him, he turned the other side,only to find her looking the other side.

"I am sorry, I thought you are already downstairs. You suffered so much because of me. You are suffering in this marriage,I wont bug you. I am leaving, you find yourself comfortable. If you want, I can sleep on the couch while you sleep on the bed. Just find youself comfortable. I will never let you face any problem,you are married to me, you are my responsibility."

Saying this he left, while the other side she was surprised and confused.
" I spat venom yesterday night. Still he is talking to me. Is he this good. Was I being mean. So what if I dont love him. I should apologise for being mean."

She ran beside him, outside the room.

"Wait! Listen to me."

He turned around, as he never expected this. For a second he was mesmerized by her spell bounding beauty but reality struck him as he reminded her words ' I don't love you.'

She ran up to him, breathing heavily,as she lost her balance and fell on the floor. Her angle twisted, as she winced in pain. He ran up to her.

" What happened to you? Are you all right? I will go call the doctor." Tension clearly visible on his forehead. Chills ran up and down her spine as she saw him being so caring towards her. Even after her bad behaviour. He scooped her in his arms and took her to their room. Made her sit on the bed and called the doctor. While leaving the room he said," I am sorry, I touched you."

This word unknowingly created sadness within her. Why was it so? What is happening?

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