Dark Knights

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When Melissa Brooks moved to the city she meets Jay Knight, but when she also meets his identical twin brother Jack the attraction between them all takes a turn that none of them thought would happen.

Romance / Erotica
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

Melissa Brooks is a dance teacher for kids aged 10-18 year olds. Having just moved to the area she managed to locate a nice apartment in the centre of the city. She has made a couple of friends Lola and her brother Matt along with Bella who she met whilst waiting in a queue to get a coffee at the local cafe. They started talking about the hot guy that was serving and totally hit it off becoming fast friends. She has just finished teaching her last class for the day and was meeting up with Bella.

"Hey there girl."

"I need a drink."

"Bad day?"

"You don't want to know.... let's go to Harry's bar and get a drink and I'll tell you all about it."

Ok, how about I get us cocktails then?"

Bella gets excited "ohhh... what's the special occasion?"

Melissa can't help but smile. "Let's get that drink and I'll tell you."

Harry's bar is a favourite place for Melissa to go when she meets up with her friends. "Two Hurricanes please."

"Coming right up ladies." The barman smiles at both of them.

Bella turns to Melissa. "So tell me."

"Well you know the studio where I teach my dance classes."

"Yes, it's right next to that trendy new nightclub, what's it called?"

"Yes it's called Red Knights."

"Yes we need to go there."

"Yes definitely how about this Saturday?" Melissa had been meaning to go at some point. "Lets get Lola and Matt out as well. Anyway, as I was telling you. The studio owner is selling up, she offered me it if I want to buy it."

Even though Melissa hadn't been in the area that long, she had built up a decent amount of dance classes.

"Wow that's fantastic, are you going to take it?"

"Yes.... I've got enough in savings to buy her out. So we go out on Saturday night to celebrate."

Bella gets excited for Melissa. They sit there sipping on the drinks. Bella starts to tell Melissa all about her day.

"Well you know I work in the salon, well this new girl Susan totally dyed someone's hair, well it turned pink. It was meant to go blonde but she didn't realise the woman had a red tinge already through her hair. We had to spend the next few hours fixing it."

"Bet she didn't want to pay in the end either."


"Ahhh that would do your boss Rachel's head in. Nippy cow she is, how you stay working there I don't know."

"Yes I'm actually looking into changing employees."

The later the afternoon got the more tipsy the pair got. Melissa thought it was time to go home as she needed food. They both giggled as they got up.

Bella shouted out as she left her friend. "Yes phone you about Saturday night."

"Cool. see ya."

On the way back home Melissa decided to stop by the dance studio as she wanted to pick up her camera's that she had left. As she arrived she noticed the club next door doors were open. She had never met who owned the place. She was there to get her camera. She grabbed her case and locked up. Just as she is locking up a guy came out from the club doors. Straight away he noticed her and said hello.

Melissa stood and looked at this gorgeous guy that had just appeared. Managing to get out a hello back to him. She was sure her jaw was hanging open.

"Are you taking over the studio?" His voice was soft yet danm sexy.

"Yes I've been asked if I would like to buy it as the current owner is selling."

"That's good, means that I might get to see your pretty face around here more often."

Melissa finds herself blushing and her body heating up. She wasn't sure if it was because of the few drinks that she had had with Bella, but she was finding this guy was extremely turning her on.

"I guess. Well my friends and I were looking at coming to the club on Saturday night."

Jay watches her and thinks she's even cuter when she blushes.

"Here take my card and let me know what time you plan on coming. I'll add you to the guest list so you can just come in." Jay's eyes wander down her body to her long legs, thinking he wouldn't mind them wrapped around him.

"Wow, You sure that's so nice of you."

"No problem darling, it would be my pleasure."

Melissa was sure heart rate just rocketed the way he said that to her. "Thank you, I'm Melissa by the way."

"Jay Knight nice to meet you Melissa."

He hands her a card, as his hand touches hers, he watches as she sucked in a sharp breath. He could feel himself getting aroused by her presence. She thanks him and heads on her way back home thinking that he was so hot, also Bella and Lola were going to go crazy when she tells them they are on the guest list.

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