The love ache

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"I failed when i gave a try to forget him"

Romance / Poetry
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Chapter.1 - DAWN

Its a mid spring early morning in india were the roads are adorned by the blossom shades, on the way to railway station. Since the platform was not crowded, its easy to spot the ultramarine blue colored dupatta flapping and a deep black colored hair blowing, in wind. She looked gorgeous in ultramarine anarkali with her glowing radiant fair pink skin tone, which imitates the appearance of star in the darkest hours of night. Her oxidised jhumka's are fortunate enough to constantly keeps touching her side neck. A mole on the center of her right cheek will remaind us the heavenly combo of a campfire and forest night. Her "eyes" resembles a whirlpool in an ocean were its not easy for someone to escape from drowning in her eyes. She is captivating, affable, goregeous, beautiful soul and yes named NAINA.

She completed her junior college and now waiting for a train in the railway station with her parents to go far from her hometown for her higher studies. Few minutes later naina's friends named kani, pooja , priya were accompanied by their parents and came there As per her expectation, train came at the right time, they all stepped inside the Ac coach. After a long journey they reached their destination. They all rented hotel rooms, freshened up, had dinner and went out like a light.

Next day morning, these girls and their parents reached the institution. naina and her friends got enrolled in their dream institution. By evening, the dean of that institute arranged a meeting for all the freshers and their parents. These four family's are ahead of time to the venue. Their parents are talking with each other and these girls are excited about their collage life and discussing about it.

Meanwhile naina took a glance on her left side, a guy fit in black shirt, royal blue colored pant, fair skinned, well trimmed hair, light beard style and owned a smile on his face looking smart and handsome entered into the hall along with his friend. He came and checked the arrangements for the meeting which is gonna start within few minutes. Naina and her friends are commenting that he was looking like a movie star, this is the first time for them to encounter this stop and stare situation. They left out with this question, who is he? and They did'nt see him again after the meeting.

The dean begins his speech with promising words to make the students life meaningful, it went for an hour and got over. After the meeting parents went to the hostel and accommodated their children.

Naina had a lots of advice which is dumped inside her ears because she have to take care of her self this time. Her favourite advice form her parents was "your character is the signature of your life" i hope you will make a good one. Beyond the advice, she got to know that the time to wave bye to her parents was not so long. She usually won't cry in front of her parents anyway, because she know that it will hurt them more. But this time she can't control her tears. It was so painful for her to stay in a hostel for the first time in her life without her parents.

Naina huged her parents tight and brokedown with tears, her teary eyed parents kissed her forehead and consoled her, she let them inside the bus. Naina's friends started crying and waved bye to their parents with lots of love. Naina looked at her parents with a tear filled eyes, smile in her lips, waved bye with heavy heart which showed a unconditional love for them. That night was horrible for them, it passed by consoling each other.

The Next day, dean asked everyone to gather in a common place and informed that, there is a week left to start your course, we can plan a trip. He analysed the mental health of the students and comprehend that they are in home sick. Get ready for the trip tomorrow, dean said enthusiastically. All teenagers were excited because its their first ever trip with their batchmates .

Its 5am, all freshers are getting ready for the trip, naina and her friends are in room no.13, they heard a knocking sound.

NAINA : come in please, the door is open already.

A old lady named sivagami, aged 57 came inside the room, introduced herself as warden and remind them to have their breakfast. She impressed this girls with her polite and sweet behaviour. All 150 students are ready now to get inside the bus for a trip.

DEAN : its a one day trip, you are going to see a famous places near, and will be returning by 7pm today. I am happy to announce that we are gonna have our tours often on upcoming days. since its getting late for me to reach airport i take a leave now from you all and meet you all soon within a week. wardens please take a good care of our students with your team.


Shobi is also a warden and she has a team of peoples to take care of the freshers.

All boys and girls introduced among each other and begins the day with full of joy. They all went to the famous places near. the view was full of greenery with many sculptures where Naina and her friends are buying a sugar candy and walking on the greenery, the place was peaceful. students seemed happy all around. Its so hard for them to mingle with eachother, since its their first trip but the day went so well. Students got back to their bus, since its getting late. Now all three buses are filled with students, warden and team.

SHOBI :we have 40 minutes to reach our hostel, its getting dark outside, so come on boys and girls dance for a song and end the day with more fun.

Since its first time for the freshers to have a trip like this, only few of them danced first, then shobi pulled hands of many and everyone in the bus danced, laughed and enjoyed the day with full fun. Today the students encountered a new, energitic, tallented, funfilled, beautiful world. All teenagers are so happy that night. Once they reached the hostel, boys and girls are exchanging their crush list with their friends and started describing about their crushes that late night.

POOJA: 6 days more to start our course, guys how do u feel about it? I dont know how iam gonna sustain.

PRIYA: yeah! i feel the same.

KANI: priya we came to know you because we are all from the same place and we are so happy to welcome you in our circle, my self and naina became friends with pooja before 2 years during our 11 th grade, so happy that you are here. The only reason iam here now is because of naina, iam here because she came here, i feel so lucky to have her as my best friend in my life, pooja you told me that you became a fan of her character! But do you know what she was more than that, she will do anything to make her loved one's happy, i dont even worry about any of my problem i had and gonna have in feature the reason behind this is the same her, she will have solutions for every problem, if she cant slove it she will not let me suffer alone, she will always look after me, whenever i see her around i feel blessed inside.

$$ Meanwhile Knocking sound heard ! guys open the door please !

PRIYA : naina where were you been for half an hour ?

NAINA asked, why babe do you missed me ? And winked with a smile.

NAINA : I Went to meet our warden to inform her about our bath room heater which is not working !

(The room was filled with silence, naina looked at kani's eyes were filled with tears )

NAINA: is something wrong ? What happened

KANI : you were been through my ups and downs, you supported me, i want to be with you till the end! You are the best naina .

NAINA : So iam the topic for past half an hour! Jokes apart, I love you babe !and Iam really feeling fortunate to have three of you as my best friends

( Even though naina had a strong friendship bond with kani for 6 years, she wont express it out infront of them because she does'nt want the other two people to feel left out emotionally, naina is the one who loves friendship, likes to be true to her friends and make anything for her loved ones )

POOJA : love you naina !

PRIYA : you are so down to earth, kind, good hearted human being naina, its so peaceful to be around you.

KANI : I know you for past 6 years naina, you have a strong self control towards your actions and emotions. Which is not easy for us.

NAINA: The most valuable relationship in the world which we get through our behaviour, character, crazyness and beyond this all, who you are and that is friendship. i want you girls to know that whatever it may be you dont need to face it alone. Okay we are so emotional now, lets change the topic ! Iam really so happy today, dean was the reason behind this, he was the one who comprehend the mental health of the students and recognized that we need to come out of our home sick and planned for a trip like this. Beyond this its a new experience to get into the circle filled with youngsters like us and i hope our collage life will leave a beautiful impression in our life. I can admit that the dawn of our life is gonna be more beautiful, the only thing that we have to do, to make our dream come true is the consistency, perseverance and hard work .

POOJA : will that happen naina?

Naina's beautiful eyes looked three of her friends with pure love and affection, naina huged them and replied we will make it happen my girls !

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