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The Extraordinary

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Jackson Reed feels unfulfilled with his life. The days are blending together without cause. He needs to find cause in his life or else he'll fade away. He doesn't know what that is until it falls into his arms. Oakley Monet never wanted to be a burden to anyone. She thought spending her life alone carrying the weight of the world was how her life would play out. She runs from her fear not intending to run right into someone's arms. He needs to adventure she is willing to bring. She needs the reassurance he will always give. Together they need the life both of them deserve to live.

Romance / Erotica
the sea
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Chapter 1


Just another day, just another club. My life feels too routined. My days are blending together. I don't even have fun finding girls anymore. I'm nursing a whiskey trying to get something out of this, but I'm going to need to drink about four more of these to do that. I sit back and listen to Easton droning away about his last conquest.

"I'm telling you, she was like a pretzel. Her legs were behind her head as she wrapped herself around me." I never saw the point in bragging about bedtime adventures, but Easton is an attention whore. He is a manwhore too, but it takes one to know one I guess.

"Aren't all women flexible," Axel chimed in, obviously annoyed because it's basically the same he said last week. Axel is on a different plane than the rest of us. He sees things and sometimes it seems like he's not all there. I think there is a good reason he shuts out the world, but a good friend supports it without knowing. So I never pushed him.

On the other side of me is Finn. He is nowhere near the page the rest of us are on. Finny is a nice guy who cares about everything. Once there was a spider was in my office and I told him to kill it. The dude grabbed a napkin and went all the way to the bottom floor to let it outside. I believe it is a blessing to see such pureness in the world. I just hope he meets someone who doesn't destroy that.

Across from me next to Easton is Colton. He can be a jerk unless you're close. Of course, he makes that almost impossible by being an asshole to everyone except close friends and family. I feel like we're all dealing with our own shit and just have different ways of coping. I don't even know what my way is though. My life is just endless days and nights. I can't even comprehend what I'm doing anymore. My body is working, but my soul isn't in it. It almost feels like I'll fade away into nothingness.

"-never heard anyone moan like that. It was crazy bro like she was probably a secret pornstar or something," I see that Easton is still going on, but I have no idea if he is talking about the same girl or not. He's probably not. "Ever think she was faking it," Colten grumbles out. I let out a laugh. Finny just smiles and shakes his head. Of course, Axel isn't paying attention. It must be a maze in that guy's head.

Easton scoffs, "We all know that the ladies don't fake it when they are with me. My powers are too strong."

"People who abuse their powers get them taken away," Finn says. Easton still looks offended that we would even question his whorish abilities. It's a little weird to think that he is proud of that.

"I feel like it's not fun finding women anymore," I say and all heads turn to me. I'm a slight manwhore definitely not as much as Easton, but I'm known to get around. "You ok bro," Easton asks with a suspicious look on his face.

"I don't know. I feel like I want change in my life."

"You know what you need, dude. You need to get laid. Get some spunk back into your life. I mean how long has it been since you got tail. I don't recall you leaving with someone the last few times, but I was a little occupied," Easton says efficiently getting on my nerves. Never go to him for advice.

Axel finally decides to join the conversation, "We're growing up and it's normal for people to mature out of their old ways."

"Oh come on we're only 25. If I get tied down at 25 my legend status will perish," Easton is a stupid child. Our words are going in one ear and out the other.

"I need to let loose. I'll be back," Colten says, probably going outside for a smoke.

"Good idea, I'm heading to the dance floor. Any of you suckers want to join me," Easton questions. Finny stands up with him because he is a good friend. He wouldn't let Easton go alone even though he hates dancing. Finny never liked strangers rubbing up against him and vice versa. I sit back with Axel who throws back another shot.

"So man you good," I check. He seems a bit more absent than usual.

"Yeah, it's just the times. Have you looked at the date recently." Oh no is it really almost May eighth. I pull out my phone and notice that it's the sixth. I never knew what happened to him on that day, but every year he breaks down and isolates himself away from everyone else. I give him space because every time I try to help him on that day he gets hostile. I tried talking to him about it and he said that he just needs a day away from everything. I run a hand through my brown hair. "I can help if you want. Maybe stop by with some breakfast. I assume you already canceled everything you had on that day," I say.

He looks at me and smiles. It's a sad one though. I like to think there is a bit of happiness in it because he knows that he has people who care. "I'm all good. I think it would be best if I was left alone."

"Ok if that's what you want, but you know you can always call me."

"Yeah I know thanks for that man." He pats me on the back and goes to order more shots. I take this tome to peer around the club. The atmosphere is smoky as the strobe lights flash around. I lean back and watch people blend together on the dance floor. I see Easton grinding against some brunette who is basically wearing a bikini. Finny is dancing nearby trying to avoid this girl who looks like a prostitute. I should probably go and help him.

I stand up and start walking over to the dance floor. I am about to reach Finn when I catch a glimpse of a neon pink dress. I don't know why, but I'm drawn to it. The boldness stands out and calls out to what I've been searching for. I look over at Finny to see that he has gone back to the table probably noticing Axel sitting alone if he didn't leave yet. I turn back to the pink dress, but she's not there. I look around. It's hard to miss. I see her in the corner stumbling trying to get away from a guy.

Hell no, what jerk would do that. I stalk over to where they are and yank him off her. I throw him to the floor, "Hands off man."

"Sorry bro I didn't know she was yours." He gets up and walks away. I look back at pink dress and notice she's one minutes away from falling over and sleeping there. I put my hands around her waist and pull her to my chest. She has nice curves and a cute waist. I wouldn't want her to fall over. A warm feeling washes over me that I haven't felt in a long time.

She leans into my chest and starts rubbing against me. Her hands snake around my neck, but I can't move. I don't want to take advantage of her and giving into her movements cloud my mind. Haziness already floats around the edges, but I don't know if it's from the drinks or the fact that an angel is pressed up against me. Her scent is surrounding me. I'm too lost in it to describe it.

She pulls me down and starts to drunkenly whisper, "You feel so good. Help me get away. Help me forget just for a day. I don't want to go to far though. Men try to do that. Do you think they change the meaning of the word no without telling us. Only some people know, but I don't know." That made me mad. How many men have tried to come on to her even after she says no. I feel a wetness on my chest. I look down to see her crying. Why is she crying? What happened? Who do I have to punch? I'll worry about that later when she is sober enough to actually meet me.

I rest my hands on her cheeks and wipe away her tears. I look into her eyes. "It's ok, no need to cry. I'll protect you."

I pull her into my chest and put my hand on the back of her head. My other hand circles her waist. I rock slowly back and forth trying to sooth her. I rest my head on top of hers and inhale her scent again. My hand starts stroking her blonde hair. It's so soft and silky. I could stay here all night, but I feel her shaking. She is starting to slouch down and I can feel her body shutting down. I'll bring her back to my house and talk to her in the morning. I can find out her name and maybe ask her out. I definitely want to see and get to know her after tonight. It's not even what she did. It's the feelings I get around her.

I look around to see where the guys and if they would care if I left. Easton is nowhere to be seen. That's not surprising. I'm sure Colten disappeared somewhere. He's too crabby to stick around here for long. Axel and Finny look like they're about ready to leave and won't be surprised if they have to leave without me.

I scoop pink dress into my arms and head out the door. She's about to pass out in my arms, so I tighten my hold and cradle her against me. She is out like a light. I reach my car, but I have no idea how to open it with her in my arms. I place her on her feet with my arm around her as she slumps against me. I pull the keys out of my pocket and unlock it. I place her across the backseats and shut the door. I walk around and get into the drivers seat. I peer back at her and see her snuggled into the seat. She had her purse with her so I didn't have to go look at it. She looks so precious. I cannot wait until morning to get to know her. I want to know her name. I bet it's beautiful just like her. I'm not sure why I care so much. She just seems different.

I stop at my building and park in the garage. I hop out and open the back door. She looks so peaceful. I want to bottle it up and hold onto it forever. I carefully lift her out of the car. She whimpers a bit and snuggles into my chest. I hold her closer to me basking in the warmth her body emanates. I walk over to the elevator and press the top floor. It takes a bit to get there seeing as it's on the 75th floor. The elevator dings and open into my penthouse.

It an open floor plan with amazing marble floors and floor to ceiling windows. The lights turn on as I walk in. I lay the angel down on the couch and head to the kitchen. I throw my jacket on a chair and rest my elbow on the counter. I put my face in my hands and sit there for a few minutes. Why the hell do I feel like this? What am I feeling? The warmth that spreads through me when she is near. I don't know what it is.

After I calm down and decide I'm going to deal with my feelings later, I grab a glass of water. I quickly gulped it down so I feel more sober and steady. Then I head to the couch. I sit on the coffee table facing the couch. I move the hair out of her face and stroke her cheek. I find a certain fulfillment sitting here watching her sleep. I could do it for hours. I memorize as much of her face as I can. She is so beautiful. I didn't really get a good look at her eyes in the club. It was smoky and the lighting was crazy. She had them closed before I could see the color. I want to know the color of her eyes so badly.

"Tell me your name. Tell me your interests. Tell me why you seem like the answer," I whisper out. I lean down and place my forehead on hers just feeling her presence. In that moment everything is calm. The world has slowed. We are the center of the universe.

I slip my hands underneath her and lift her up. I walk up the stairs and down to my room. I open the door and walk over to the bed. I slip off her heels and place her under the duvet making sure she is comfortable. For a second I consider changing her out of the dress, but I can't do that. I can't violate her like that. I mean I don't even know her name. Oh how I wish I knew her name. I throw her purse on the nightstand. Should I look through it to find out her name? No, I want to hear it from her mouth. Feel the joy of finally knowing it after it comes from her.

I tuck her under the covers, trying to cocoon her warmth. After I finish. I head to the shower. I quickly hop in attempting to take the quickest shower ever. I smelled like alcohol and I wanted to smell good for her in the morning. I get out and dry off, throwing on a pair of boxers. I should put on a shirt, but something inside doesn't allow me to. I'm proud of my body. I work hard to build up muscle and it shows. I walk out to the bed and notice how she has made herself comfortable. I smile and get under the covers debating whether I should snuggle with her or not. Would she be ok with that. My body wins the war as I pull her to my chest. I put my face in her neck and inhale. I feel so cozy and at ease. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning.
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