Obscured Revised(Book 2)

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Chapter 3: Big Bad Wolves

He laid there peacefully sleeping and I was freaking out. He’d done what he came here for and now all I wanted was for him to leave. I didn’t want to cuddle. I didn’t want him touching me anymore. I just wanted to be alone and finally get the rest I deserved. The sex was okay, but it wasn’t spending the night and changing all of my plans good.

I was getting irritated.

He always seemed to end up wanting more than I was willing to give. Feeding me a bunch of bullshit lines over how I was just hurt and acting out on it. He seemed confident when he said he could fix the parts of me someone had obviously broken, but he had no idea. He didn’t know the kind of past I was running from. He didn’t know that someone had already tried and only ended up hurting me further. He didn’t know that I was disgusting and wasn’t worthy of the kind of love I craved.

I deserved to be alone and for now that was how I wanted it.

I still couldn’t believe he’d come back after what I’d done, but maybe he knew he deserved it too. His lip was busted, but that didn’t stop him from eating me out. The black eye I’d given him was still prominent even in the dark. A part of me felt bad for unleashing so much fury on him, but a much bigger part no longer felt the need to scream.

Violence wasn’t the answer, but if it kept me sane for just a little longer it was worth it.

Phoenix Jeremiah.

Six foot five. Olive skin. Long blond hair. Mostly wears it in a ponytail. Apparently a twin. A bit possessive. A little controlling. Reminded me a little too much of Dave sometimes, but not in the good way. I saw him go from calm to a crazed jealous freak in seconds.

On the good days he was so sweet, shy and easy enough to talk to. His tall stature came in handy when we’d go shopping together. Or on those rare occasions where the book I wanted at the bookstore was just a little too high on the shelves. A part of me, which hurts to admit, believed that I could recreate those memories I had with Dave and put Phoenix in his spot. I believed that it would help me not miss Dave so much, but I was wrong. He also had muscles, smaller than Dave’s, but still bigger than most of the guys in our year on campus and he definitely knew when to use them. The sex with him was wild and uncaring and definitely took my mind off of things. It was one of the few times that I didn’t compare the two. One of the few times where I didn’t feel the need too.

Something along the line changed though. The more we hung out and hooked up the more he began to change. An ex-hookup of mine tried to warn him how I was. Told him not to get too close to me and he just spazzed. You could hear all the commotion across the parking lot. He was yelling at him that he didn’t know what he was talking about while throwing punch after punch.

It was clear that he was filled with rage, but he contained it so easily I found myself constantly wondering when he would finally blow. Every time that he did, I never saw it coming. It was random and it scared the life out of me. On many occasions I found myself wondering if his canister of rage would blow up at me. I mean after all it wouldn’t be like I didn’t deserve it.

I deserved it and so much more.

Right now, sitting across from Dave, both of us continuously staring off into space and barely touching our food, I wondered the same thing. Would this beast of a man do to me what he did to her out of rage? Or am I safe with him no matter how pissed he gets? Why? What makes me different from her? What makes me the one he needs to protect from himself and not anyone else?

Dave’s p.o.v.

Persephone Jeremiah.

Such a small, innocent little being. A sweetheart always worrying about everyone else before herself.

Someone who didn’t understand to simply stay away from the bad guy. She was always too trusting. She was easy going and very confident in who she was. They warned her, they consistently tried to warn her to just stay away from the big bad wolf, but she just hadn’t listened.

She’d gotten hurt because of it. She got hurt because of me. I couldn’t control myself, I had really hit rock bottom and had it not been for all the summer school, night classes and online classes, I would’ve been two years behind my class.

As much as I wanted to believe that I was changed, I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed beating the shit out of Phoenix. I wasn’t stupid, I put two and two together. The reason for my jealousy and why I enjoyed it so much was sitting across from me staring at me as I stared at her. I’d give anything to know what she was thinking right now. Maybe she would finally see me for the monster that I am and make it that much easier to stay away from her. Or maybe she’d surprise me and reveal that she was an even bigger monster than I would ever believe she was capable of.

“So did you know everything before I told you and you were only humoring me as some kind of payback?” I spat finally ripping into half of my taco. I barely tasted the food I had put into my mouth as I felt my anger building again. I was pissed at the thought of her being with someone else, but I finally understood why she got so mad when she thought I’d been lying to her. It wasn’t a good feeling.

“Fuck you. I didn’t even know you two knew each other. Let alone the fact that he had a sister. He was just a quick fuck for me. I didn’t get close to him. I know how to distance myself now.” she snapped back as I clenched my fist. I didn’t want what I already knew confirmed. I just wanted to blame someone for something. “Oh, does little David not like the fact that he wasn’t the only one inside me? Like you said earlier, I had to find someone else that made me scream their name whilst I dug my nails into their back. I had to mark someone else while you were getting marked. We both were fucking other people get over it. Besides, I’m clearly not the person you thought I was.”

“You’re right, you’re a bitch.” I growled throwing my plate of food on her as she gasped. I smirked feeling good to have gotten that out of my system.

“What the fuck?! You are such a childish, lying, betraying, arrogant, woman abusing, egomaniac, narcissistic MURDERER!” She had thrown both her food and drink at me while she yelled. The words hadn’t shocked me, and from the looks of it she meant them. “I’m done Dave. So done this time. I go to anger management too you asshole, but I would never take it out on you. I have my own shit to deal with. Call me when you learn to get your shit together.” she snapped before getting up and leaving. I just sat there as more and more I realized we were a perfect match. I was right in some part. Her needing anger management meant she had a monster inside of her too. A part of me was intrigued and wanted to meet that little monster more than anything.

Slowly a smile formed as I looked down at myself covered in food. Even a year later and in the midst of an argument, we still dressed alike. She didn’t hesitate to give it right back to me as hard as I’d given it to her. I was more in love than I’d ever been before.

I wasn’t the lone wolf anymore, I had one right next door and she was just as big and bad as I was. She still wore the sign of our marking around her wrist as mine hung around my neck. We were perfect for each other.

Maria’s p.o.v.

The sun was beating down on my neck as I ran home. I desperately needed another shower. I was sticky and there was food in places it shouldn’t be in. After today, I didn’t know when I’d ever eat a taco again. I was so mad I could hurt someone. How dare he dump his food on me? How dare he talk to me like that? How dare he treat me like that? I wasn’t the one he was upset with. I wasn’t the issue here.

All I did was have sex, which I’m allowed to do. I’m not his girl. We aren’t together and never was and that was a choice he made. I was all in at first, but he ruined that. I can go and fuck whoever I wanted and didn’t need his permission or approval. He wasn’t thinking about me when he was out here fucking other girls. I didn’t cross his mind once. I got messages from people I didn’t even know knew my name, let alone who I was telling me all about him and his excursions.

I had girls bragging about how he found better and didn’t need me bringing him down anymore. It was like we were still in high school. They would send me pictures. One girl actually sent me a video of the two of them. It broke me. Had me in my room crying the entire weekend, but never did I do to him what he’d just done to me. Never had I been so accusatory and jealous before. I had people still bothering me because of him and not once was I like that towards him.

Dave was an ass. He wasn’t my Mickey.

My Mickey wouldn’t treat me like that.

Then again, it reminded me of all the food fights we’d have. How we’d laugh and call each other obscenities the entire time. It reminded me of an easier time. Before secrets, lies and deceit. Before tales of mothers who bribes and ex-friends who tried to ruin your life and drug you. A time where I was blissfully unaware of the reality of the shit-storm heading my way and could just enjoy the time with my best-friend; my Mickey.

All of that was over now and I wasn’t going to let anyone walk over me now. No matter how much of an effect that they had on me.

… … … … … … … … …

It had taken me nearly an hour to run home and I definitely was regretting it a hundred percent. It probably would have been longer had I not had to outrun those dogs for a few blocks here and there. For an hour I had been baking in the aftermath of having steak tacos thrown in my face. Thankfully he hadn’t put any spicy taco sauce on it yet, otherwise he would have driven me home with a bloody face.

I sighed happily smiling to myself now that I could finally take that much needed shower, but as my porch came into view more clearly I groaned seeing someone sitting there. Someone else that I didn’t want to be bothered with right now.

Phoenix Jeremiah.

“What the hell happened to you?” he frowned, standing up as I approached the porch.

“You. What the hell were you thinking Nix?” I snapped.

“How in hell was I supposed to know the two of you would be together? I didn’t know where he moved too, and it’s not like you’ve ever disclosed anything about yourself.”

“None of that matters. People usually say hello to their new neighbors and not with their fist.” I snapped. Maybe he did talk to me more than I realized, I just never listened.

“Look, I don’t know what the guy told you, but he isn’t any good. You deserve better than that asshat, but it’s not my story to tell. We already had beef-”

“And you just used me to reignite it Nix. Look at me! I’m covered in his fucking food!”

“How is that my fault?” he shouted in disbelief.

“Because of you hitting him! It was your fault! You didn’t have to attack him and get your ass handed to you! You didn’t have to make it about me! If you really wanted to fight him, you could’ve left me out of it altogether. Before you say anything else, I already know. He told me everything. You made him think I was deceiving him-” I sighed cutting myself off and rubbing my temples as Dave pulled into his driveway. “Just get out of here Nix, you’ve caused enough drama for the day.” I rolled my eyes as I walked off and closed the door behind me. I didn’t need this.

… … … … … … … …

Mickey: Can I come over? I just want to talk.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Please.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Come on sweetheart.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Can you at least say something else besides no?

Minnie: Fine.

Mickey: So I can come over?

Minnie: Hell no.

Mickey: Okay I walked right into that one.

Minnie: Yes you did.

I laughed as I sat my phone back down. I was still pissed that he threw food at me, but the more I thought about it the more I began to understand. When I found out that he had indeed been fucking Clarissa, I fucked him one last time and disappeared for a year. Then I came back and realized I fucked his nemesis. It was perfect karma. In his position I would have lost control too, but I wouldn’t have wasted perfectly good food.

That was just stupid. Besides, I already did it once and I still hated myself for wasting the food.

Mickey: Open the window.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Please.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: I’ll scream I love you.

Minnie: You wouldn’t dare.

Mickey: Oh pretty girl, it’s like you don’t know me at all anymore.

Minnie: You are already on a ladder leaning against my window texting. How much of a daredevil do you want to be? I will come push you if that’s the case.

Mickey: Fine. I’m sorry about the food. I shouldn’t have gotten jealous. I shouldn’t have thrown food. It was childish, petty and immature. I overreacted.

Minnie: You can come up now. The window is open.

I waited until I could hear the sound of the window sliding open before turning my lamp on so he wouldn’t trip.

“Why are you in the dark?” He asked the minute he was through the window.

“Trying to be mad at you, but for some reason I can’t.” I laughed shrugging as I scooted over in the bed.

“Because of the food?” he asked as I nodded. “Why not?”

“I keep thinking of that day in the pool.” I blushed. “But mainly I can’t stop thinking about the day that I found out about the money. When I threw that breakfast at your face after you worked all morning to make it. Now I feel bad about getting mad at you earlier since you only gave me a taste of my own medicine.” I laughed trying to ignore how his body heat felt against mine.

He smelled good. It was intoxicating.

“I remember that night.” he whispered. “I wish we could go back there.”

“I do too, but without the whole John thing happening.” I admitted in just as low a whisper as he had. The room went silent as I closed my eyes trying to go back to that night when everything was still barely complicated; and the worse thing I knew was that he’d been paid to be my friend. The night before the memories started to come back.

I felt as the bed shifted a bit before his lips were on mine slowly, tenderly and passionately. I brought my arms up so that my fingers could entangle themselves in his hair as he moved between my legs. The moment was so quiet and filled with emotion and I was completely lost within it. It was a perfect moment for intimacy and this time I don’t think we’d be able to stop ourselves from going further.

“I want you Minnie.” he breathed separating his lips from mine momentarily as his lower half grinded into mine.

“I want you too.” I whimpered. He wasted no time as my shirt disappeared. This was what I needed after everything for sure.

His hands were everywhere and nowhere all at once. He was caressing my skin slowly sending electric tingles throughout my body, but he wasn’t going anywhere near the places that I wanted him at. I loved that he was trying to take it slow and show me how he felt, but I was different now. Slow and steamy sex just wasn’t for me anymore.

I needed a wild ride.

I needed the type of foreplay that made pornstars blush.

I needed him to treat me like the slut I was.

To take his anger out on me in a healthy way that would only cause more pleasure from the amount of pain. As the pain increased so would the pleasure, but he was blinded by rose colored glasses. He only saw the Maria who was afraid to stand up for herself. He only saw the damaged girl that I was when we first met.

Taking control I tossed my leg over his waist until I was perfectly aligned with him never taking my lips off of his. The second the tip of his wide mushroom head began parting my lips to kiss my wet canal I was moaning in his mouth. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I slowly inserted the monster I was no longer used to inside me.

Fuck he felt so good against my walls.

Sitting up and separating our liplock, I started bouncing slowly while rolling my hips. If I was going to get the kind of fucking I wanted I needed to adjust and fast. As if catching on he placed his hands under my ass and lifted me up before pulling me down helping me to ride his long veiny wide dick like it was something I did non-stop.

I was moaning loud, practically screaming, not caring if my father had actually left or not. I grabbed his hands, removing them from my ass and placing them onto my breast. He got the hint as he began tweaking and twisting at my nipples before getting frustrated and flipping us over.

“If you wanted to be nasty that’s all you had to say.” he grinned before suckling on my breast. I groaned as my back arched up off the bed. I could feel his fingers entering me going at a steady rhythm as I lost sense of where I was for a minute. Stimulation to my nipples and any part of my pussy had always been a high for me. Sometimes it was better than the actual sex itself and I was surprised that he’d remembered as much.

“Fuck yes, right there.” I moaned as he began fingering me harder. Just as I began to think that this couldn’t get any better, he slipped a third finger into my ass. I screamed as my orgasm hit me unexpected and I actually squirted right in his face. My body was a spasming mess as my back arched up off the bed and I kept jerking. I was shocked as I panted heavily already feeling myself getting tired. Not once had I ever come so hard and so quickly before.

“Don’t quit on me yet Minnie.” he whispered seductively as he bent back down and began licking my juices clean.

Dave’s p.o.v.

She was holding onto me tight as she slept. She had definitely worn me out with the best sex I’ve ever had, but there was just too much on my mind for me to be able to sleep properly.

A part of me felt like I had been given another chance to make things right.

I couldn’t do it with Natalie, but I had the obligation to take up the chance with Persephone. It was the least that I could do and it was the last thing standing in the way of things being perfect with Maria.

She looked far more beautiful than words can describe cuddled up in my arms. Her curly hair was wild and noticeably longer. I couldn’t help myself when I grabbed a handful of it as I slammed myself into her repeatedly from behind. Her caramel skin looked more beautiful than ever basked in her after sex glow. Even her lips, her plump and juicy looking lips beckoned to me like a cold glass of lemonade of a sunny day. She was more goddess-like than I remembered and I couldn’t believe that I was forced to wait so long before I could taste her again. She was more beautiful than I could explained

I was completely enthralled with who she was.

Completely obsessed with how she made me feel.

Completely hooked with what she could make me feel sexually.

Completely, utterly and irrevocably in love with her.

She deserved the perfect gentleman. Someone who dealt with his past instead of running away from it. Someone who could be exactly what she needed when she needed him. Someone who could bring back the quiet Maria, without suffocating who she was now. Someone who knew how to let her be both. Someone who could see her entirely for who she was, is and could be.

She was still hurting.

Everyday she was screaming out for help.

She pushed me away because she knew even after all of this time I would still see who she really was.

I would still see her perfectly.

Together we’d become big bad wolves and I couldn’t wait for her to realize it also. Until then I was going to do whatever I would have to in order to give her that perfect guy that she deserves. If it couldn’t be me, I would try my hardest to make sure I helped her find him.

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