Fragmented Us

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"But that's stupid," he stated, rolling his eyes. "We aren’t broken. We’re perfectly fine." Her stormy eyes avoided his. "Trust me," she murmured. "We are." _ _ _ The only reason why Jay survived his past trauma was because of Song Jaein. It was only her. She cared for him and stayed with him; she loved him despite his uncontrollable 'nights' and suicidal acts. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before Jay's past began affecting Jaein. If the universe decided to force them apart using their hidden secrets and untold lies, would they still stay together, holding on to each other? What if their buried and forgotten memories came back, tremendously broken and even deadlier than ever? Well, there was only one answer to that: the past. _ _ _ A tragic Korean-based novel that portrays the struggles of an impossible love.

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Author's Note

Just a few things to remember for new readers.

This is a Korean-based book, meaning the story will take place in South Korea. I am nor a citizen or someone with a broad knowledge with the Korean culture, so be free to correct me if you ever noticed a mistake on my character’s traits, any places, or the Korean characters itself. I just researched and made them up with the help of Oh, Holy Google, amen. Names start with surnames first: Song Jaein, Song being the last name and Jaein being the first name. I learned this along with K-pop, lol.

This book is merely fiction. I cannot guarantee that any plot or scene happened in real life. Some of the places or schools may be real, but I assure you that NONE of this happened in real life. As I’ve said, this is purely my imagination. I just wanted to make a little bit more realistic, kinda like K-dramas.

Also, don’t steal my work. Only phrases with proper credits are allowed. Copyright infringement is a crime. I don’t want any of my readers ending up in jail, okay?

The Korean characters on the chapter title are just names. It just shows whose POV it is. You don’t need to figure them out. By merely reading, you’ll find out whose POV it was.

This book is also in Dreame and Wattpad. If you ever wanna help me earn money, go read it in those platforms too. Reading alone is very much appreciated.

Original 'Fragmented Us' is actually a Fanfiction (Flowers and Broken Hearts) in a different platform. It differs by a few (well, a lot, fine) points. Be free to check it out! Happy reading!

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