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All is well after the great battle between the werewolves/lycans and faes. The Alpha King of Phanteon, King Aero and his luna, Queen Serena, now work to rebuild their two kingdoms and lead their people to a glorious future. They had it all planned out; however, what if problems start to arise? Like, say, old secrets dug out from the grave and some new additions to their family? How could this power couple cope then? All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020 THIS STORY IS COPYRIGHTED UNDER THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES. JMFELIC HAS AUTHORIZED INKITT TO PUBLISH THIS STORY ON THEIR APP/SITE. BEWARE! ANYONE WHO PLAGIARIZES THIS BOOK WILL FACE CONSEQUENCES!

Romance / Other
J.M. Felic
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Back against the wall of the throne room, I grunted. The fly of my pants was unzipped to the very end, allowing my erection to spring free. Sweat had collected on my temple realizing just how much I was in a precarious situation.

This woman, dangerously close to me, had already established a tight grip on my cock and probably even established claim on it with how greedily confident her hand felt.

I wanted to push her back, drive her away, but some twisted force inside stopped me from doing just that. Maybe it was my wolf or my lycan identities. Yes, probably. They sure were enjoying this moment more than they should.

“Fuck you,” I lashed, glaring down at her.

She simply chuckled and started pumping my shaft.

I was howling like a sex-starved animal deep inside.

Which I was.

I couldn’t deny it.

Fuck you, I said. I meant it to fend her off, but if I was completely honest with myself, yes, I wanted to take her. To throw her on the floor and fuck her werewolf-style the whole night long.

I was damn a hairsbreadth away from doing just that.

“You sure are very colorful with your words, Your Ma.jes.ty,” she stated, chuckling briefly.

I felt humiliated by this. Under this woman’s mercy, I was turning putty and I hated it.

“What? Fuck me?” she asked, looking up at me whilst squeezing my shaft, “you mean to fuck me?”

“Urghh...” I grunted again, relishing at the sensation she was giving me.

“Am I going to take that as a yes?” she stated with a sly grin on her face.

“You.are.a.witch... Or a...a fae. Only witches and faes have...this much sexual...appeal,” I pointed out in broken breaths.

“Oh really?” she scoffed. “Are you sure I’m not a succubus demon or a mermaid? They exude the same you know.”

Her pumps became harder and faster while I, despite how much I hated this development, enjoyed the feel of her hand around my cock. Shit. I couldn’t possibly stop her anymore. I was on the verge of release.

“Fuck... woman. Fu—ck!” And I did get my release.

An explosive one.

The white cream splashed around her hands and onto my royal suit. The smell of sem*en permeated around us immediately. The fact that she was able to get an orgasm out of me should have disgusted me but it didn’t. In fact, I fucking loved it.

“Oh my king,” she leaned forward and slowly whispered in my ear, “Love me or hate me, I’m already on your mind. I win. You lose.”

My jaw tensed. A sharp breath escaped from my nostrils.

She had to say that. She really had to say that.

Without hesitation, I grabbed her elbows and pulled her close to me.

“I don’t mind losing if it’s with you, woman,” I said, finally ripping those words out from my stubborn subconscious mind.


My eyes flew open at the sound of birds chirping nearby. I was disoriented at first, but as my surroundings became clearer I realized I was back in my chamber, on my bed in fact, and not in that blasted throne room where a woman just dominated me.


I hate being dominated. I’m the Alpha King after all.

But, on the brighter side of things, this woman in my dream wasn’t just any woman.

It was Serena.

My true mate, my official queen, and my luna.

And this was no dream. I was in reality; a reality I had come to enjoy and love.

With a grin, I slowly turned to face her. She was still sleeping so peacefully beside me; so beautiful and so perfect. And she was mine. Entirely mine.

Still feeling hot and bothered by my erotic dream, my cock grew in size and poked her waist.

She may be sleeping soundly now but not for long. I aim to be the dominant this morning, give us both a few orgasms before I attend the leaders’ meeting in Agotta.


Hello, my dear readers!

I am just showing you the first touches of The Alpha King’s Claim Book 2. ^_^

Let’s see if you noticed what I did right here. Clue: Serena’s words are from the Book 1 blurb. *winks*

I will post the chapters here when I have at least 20 chapters on my draft, but this will be a few weeks after I post it on my Patreon page (patreon.com/authorjmfelic). Updates about this will be posted on my Facebook Group, JMFelic Awesome Readers and my FB page, Author JMFelic. ^_^

The webcomic of The Alpha King’s Claim is now available to read on Webtoon, Tapas and Mangatoon! Check it out if you want to see the story and our beloved characters in full color.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the series.

Thank you and take care always.



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