Hazardous Lovers

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A five teen-year-old freshman girl named Lily Stone she met someone that could change her life to something light to dark. Jake Baker was a Jr in high school (3rd year) he wasn't an average bad boy in the outside he is but he had a hold different personal. The relationship that she never felt before a bad boy that sweet and nice for how long? Or how long can as they grow more and more toxic!

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Chapter 1

"The first day of high school I said"she sighed and walks through the school doors. When Lily walked into the school with excitement!

I look at my School schedule while walking then I bumped into this guy! "I said am sorry for bumping into you!" He looked at me and smiled when he walked away?

I was confused if he was mad at me or was he calm about it? I didn't pay anything attention to him at all. I went into my class a few minutes later the teacher told us what we need to know about the freshman year and there were no classes then I have seen that same guy that I bumped into today also he's late to class.

"Why are you late? Jake Baker! The teacher yelled" he looked at her then looked at me. He sat down next to me I was confused also my heart was beating fast! He looked at me again and said
" Hey, you okay? Your blushing red Jake said to me " I grab one of my books then I covered up my face. I was hoping that the bell just rings already! I felt like he was still looking at Me! Well was he? The bell ringed I ran out of the classroom to my locker.

While passed it was lunch I was eating by myself until this girl walked up to me. " Hey are you eating alone can I join you she asked ". I told her that I didn't mind if she eats with me so she sat down next to me. We started to talk until lunch was over started to walk to our lockers until I saw him. Again!

" Oh hey you never told me your name? And who's this? Jack said ". I said my name was Lily and my friend was named Sarah". It's was quite in the hallway nobody was talking until he looked at me. I quickly looked away! I started to blush bright red!

Sarah looked at me then she looked at him. "well I think that I should get going, have fun lovebirds!" Sarah said. I was mad and embarrassed! As Sarah was skipping down the hallway. Jake looked at me like he wanted me to explain something. "So that friend of yours, what do Sarah mean by lovebirds?" Jake asked me. Well, I don't know what she means...? embarrassing I said. Are you lying to me? Jake said statistically. He grabs me by hand slammed me into the front of my locker with his hands on two different sides of me. It felt like he was going to kiss me when he pinned me against my locker. "Can we finish this later.?" I said nervously. "Sure we can but, be real with me when we talk about this later okay?" Jake said.

Jake walked me to class it was embarrassing seeing all the other students looking at me as walking together when we got into a crowded area. He immediately holds my hand somewhat tightly but also gentle at the same time. When we got to my classroom he didn't let go of my hand? " Hey, Jake can you let go? Please?!" I said to Jake. He looks at me while let's go slowly of my hand when we heard laughing. Jake look at the classroom door there were students look at me and him together smiling at each other. Jake was okay with this I was not okay with people looking at me and taking pictures of us. Come on students, please sit down which means you to Lily and jake.
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