It Happened On The Cruise

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Singles cruises are meant to help heal the broken hearted....not cause more problems....right? That's what one would think anyway. "Go on a cruise they with like people who just had their heart broken...the best part...all the free fuckin booze..." what could happen...right?

Romance / Drama
Theresa Lambe
4.9 29 reviews
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Chapter 1

Go on a singles cruise, they say; it will get you out of your head, they said. Well excuse me, but have you ever been on one? Neither had I and had it been my money, I wouldn’t have booked it, TRUST ME!

The concept is okay, I guess. Be with like people, people who just got their heartbroken and always want to cry, or the type of people who take advantage of those broken-hearted. Wow, thank you friends for setting me up for this! I do have to say, the best part? All the free fuckin’ booze! My ass was gonna stay drunk and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, that also meant that I had to be very careful not to go overboard. Have you ever been drunk on something that sways? Yeah, best of fuckin’ luck! Now, this was not my first cruise, just the first with free alcohol. Not a very good idea, I thought, at least in the concept that your ass could fall overboard or get seriously hurt from being too God damn drunk.

“To my friends,” I said as I raised my glass in a silent toast and took a sip; although, it was short-lived as I felt someone bump me from behind. I turned around and was about to let loose the anger I was holding onto when I locked eyes with the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes that I had ever seen.

“I am so sorry!”

“I…uh…it’s okay,” I stammered.

“I was trying to avoid being hit…” he got cut off as I saw something white fly out and hit him on the head.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” Instinctively, my hand flew out and lightly touched the spot the ball had hit.

“God damn it, yes. That’s what I was trying to avoid.”

“Looks like you failed,” I told him, giving him a small grin.

“Ya think?” He rubbed his head and waved his free hand at my drink. “Did I spill it on you?”

“Oh no, don’t worry. I was almost done with it anyway.”

“So, have you not heard the group playing?”

“Yeah…no. I’m very wrapped up in my thoughts and trying to get myself drunk.” I was going to be honest, no bull shit right now.

“Family put you up to this?” this good-looking stranger asked.
“No, my three best friends. Thought it would be good for me. Although, if everyone here,” I said, waving my hand to encompass the ship, “starts wanting to toast marshmallows and sing, I’m taking my ass overboard.” He laughed as he looked around.

“I think I agree with you. This is not my scene at all.”

“Let me guess, the family put you up to it?” I asked.

“Yeah. I told them I was okay…”

“But they insisted. At least you aren’t the one type to take advantage.”

“Oh my God, it’s the first day and I think I had five women hit on me, two gave me their numbers, and mind you, cell service sucks. Oh, and one followed me to my room!” I spit out my drink to try to keep from laughing, although, it ended up more on him than off on the side, but you can thank the wind for that one!

“That…was…not…I’m…sorry!” I tried wiping it off and he gave me a pointed look. “Just not your night?”

“I guess not. I’m Howie, by the way,” he offered.

“Theresa, but feel free to call me Resa.”

“I like Theresa.”

“Thank you. So, it sounds like you have had quite an adventure. And to think, you still have seven days.”

“Are you gonna tell me that you haven’t?” I leaned against the railing and thought about the last few hours and shook my head.

“I’ve been drinking, so honestly, I have ignored everyone. You are pretty much the first person I talked to. Well, not pretty much, you are, in fact, the only person I’ve talked to.”

“You know, getting drunk sounds good.”

“Doesn’t it? I felt the best part of the cruise was the free drinks.”

“You mean, you don’t want to hook up with all these desperate men?” I rolled my eyes and lightly shoved him. Or, rather, tried to. I totally misjudged and twisted on my heel, falling face down onto the deck.

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